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Monday, April 18, 2011

Korean Haul: Innisfree, Laneige, Nature Republic, Vov Castledew, Hanskin

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This is wayyy to much to use in a week :P

Let's begin with the samples, or as they call it in South Korea, "service"?
OMG! They SO generous with samples, I was actually delirious with joy sorting them out :D

Note: I believe I would have MORE Laneige samples had I purchased the Laneige bases in Aritaum as with the eye makeup :p
The Laneige bases were purchased in a duty-free outlet, thus instead of a shit-load of samples, I got a cash rebate...Oh well...Still an awesome deal ^_^

Samples OVERLOAD! ^_^ NOT that I mind HA!


This was the whole reason I went to South Korea *jk jk*

In all honesty, I've never been much of a fan of SkinFood, The Face Shop, Etude House, etc.
Usually just stroll pass these outlets in the mall without much interest, or just browse around when I need a staple (Skinfood Salmon Dark Circle Concealer Cream, TFS Plus +1 Lip Care, random stuff...)

Yes, everything (Korean brands) there is a lot less expensive, but if I have NO interest in using them... =_=
Contrary to popular believe, I'm no hoarder...

Also, I went with a tour group and I knew I won't have the pleasure of browsing around all the Korean brands there. I was on a VERY tight itinery.

Thus, I had 2 specific brands in mind: Innisfree and Laneige. The REST, I decided, only if I had extra time.

Lo & behold, I hauled big time.

The reason for Innisfree?

I'm a huge fan of mineral makeup, and my HG Laura Mercier Mineral Powder foundation doesn't quite match me at the moment.

I also love its Concept and Ingredients Philosophy:


Thus, I ended up with almost the whole range of its Mineral Makeup products and 2 of its BESTSELLERS ^_^


Top to Bottom, Left to Right:

Green Tea Seed Serum (Note: A Value Set with 4 Vital Essential K Masks (Pomegranate)) - BESTSELLER
A moisturizing & nourishing serum with organic green tea seeds from Jeju to fill the skin with suppleness and clarity.

Olive Real Power Cream - BESTSELLER
A moisturizing cream' with nutritious organic olives to fill in the skin with moisture for radiance.

Mineral Melting Foundation SPF32 in Shade 5 (the darkest shade T_T)
--> the brand's "IT" product of the moment. LOVING IT - will review later if it breaks me out!
--> If I could buy only ONE beauty product, THIS would be IT! <3
A solid foundation that instantly beautifies your skin with Jeju organic green tea water (in lieu of distilled water) and Jeju natural minerals that smoothly melt on the skin.
Note: The foundation came in a Value Set with a Vital Essential K Mask (Pomegranate), a Natural Essential Mask (Honey) AND a Green Tea Mineral Mist!
What a deal! ^_^
A mild ethanol-free mist with organic green tea water for instant moisturization. 

Suncare BB Powder
A portable sun powder to apply over makeup

Duo-fibre Foundation Brush
Looks remarkably similar to the MAC 130 Short Duo Fibre Brush, no? :p
I just HAD to get it LOL

Mineral Powder Pact in Shade #23
A natural pact that contains 86% natural ingredients to comfort the skin.
Mineral Creamy Pact in Shade #23
A super moist pact that applies like a cream and smoothly spreads for flawless coverage of blemishes

Mineral Water Foundation in Shade #23
A moisture foundation that applies as lightly as water for perfect coverage of the skin.

Mineral Powder in in Shade #2
A loose powder that contains 95% natural ingredients to comfort the skin.

Mineral Shimmering Powder
A shimmering powder that contains natural mineral pearl powder from Jeju for glamorous radiance and brightness.



Woah! Any fan of Laneige need to stock up there because the prices, after discounts and tax-refunds, are significantly less expensive than Malaysia's!

I regret not getting more of the point makeup, because these eyeshadows are awesome <3 <3 <3 - not the least bit shimmery - more of a sheen/slight frost which I adore ^_^

I'm a huge fan of Snow Crystal Dual Foundation, and it was one of the first liquid foundations I tried years back. Sad to say, the colour match is a little off now T_T
Still liking the Sliding Pact EX Snow Crystal... :)

Top to Bottom, Left to Right (apologies for the blurry pic):

Water Supreme Foundation SPF 15 PA+ in Shade #23
Snow BB Cream SPF 41 PA++
Containing a triple action formula that whitens, protects your skin with SPF41 and comes with anti-aging properties, this lightweight BB cream instantly hydrates the skin with Liquid Crystal Essence, an ingredient that acts as a natural skin barrier to create a long-lasting moisturizing effect on the skin.

Skin feels fresh and moist immediately after application.

Snow Radiant Eyes in 01 Gold Gradation
Multi Professional Shadow in 09  
Snow Radiant Eyes in 05 Pink Gradation


CastleDew Vov, HanSkin, Maybelline

I got these from Olive Young, which is a drug store dealing with various items from health supplements to drugs, cosmetics and cosmetic accessories. It also offers health products, foods, and sundry goods.

Due to time constraint, I had to zoom around within 30 minutes and grab what caught my eye!
So tragic because I really wanted to see what their drugstores had to offer T_T

Anyway, I got these:

Top to Bottom, Left to Right (apologies for the blurry pic):

HanSkin Hyaluron Moisture BB SPF 20 PA++ (Click Click!!!)
Its texture is akin to gel - a wobbly gel, if you will - reminiscent of my favourite liquid foundation, Make Up For Ever Face & Body.
Apparently, it's basically a tinted Hyaluronic acid cream ^_^
"Hyaluron Moisture BB Cream is rich in hyaluronic acid that provides moisture and firmness to the skin by preventing moisture loss."
Maybelline Pure Liquid Mineral Healthy Natural Liquid Foundation in Shade OC3
I was curious. Nuff said...
Too bad the Maybelline BB Mousse wasn't available yet T_T

CastleDew Diacut Eyes (9 Colors) - Multi Type - in M601 (Platina Shinism)

CastleDew Diacut Eyes (9 Colors) - Baked Type - in BE901 (Planet Diamond)


Nature Republic, MAC

I was (still am, actually, LOL) REALLY pissed off that by the time I made this trip, the SpokesPerson for Nature Republic was RAIN no more *sobs*
because I...
...just wanted some merchandise...
...with HIM on them...

Yes, that's the truth, so there! HA!

(Did I mention that he performed at MALAYSIA's Formulae One after-event while I WAS IN SOUTH KOREA!??! The @%#$# irony of it!)

Anyway, JYJ ain't so bad since I've always liked YooChun/Micky (sweet smile) and YunHo/U-Know (best dancer of DBSK)...
Somehow JaeJoong/Hero does nothing for me :P...
Maybe it's because he's prettier than me? ~_^

I had several minutes to kill, so why not?
I got ONE BB, the PhotoShot 3D Mousse BB SPF 30 PA++ Shade #2,
and was promptly rewarded with a handful of samples LOL

Last but not least, MAC.

I deem these as "grudge-buys" because one of the shopping destinations was Yeoju Premium Outlet, \
and there . was . a . Cosmetic . Company . Store.
I've always envied the CCO/CCS hauls in YouTube so I geared up to haul big time there...
Like, seriously big time...

OMG! I came out of the Cosmetic Company Store AND Yeoju Premium Outlet with only 2 MAC items!
(*and it's only because I . REFUSED . TO . LEAVE . EMPTY HANDED! ~_~*)
- MAC "To The Beach" bronzing powder in "Golden"
- MAC "Tartan Tale" eye shadow in "Enviably Fun"
Did the math, after the touted 20%-70% discount, MAC (along with most non-Korean brands - cosmetics, apparel, etc) were not much cheaper.

Hhmmm...I can only ASSUME anything non-Korean are sold at a premium at retail...

By the way, EVISU jeans are (almost) dirt-cheap in South Korea!
Similar in price with Levis in Malaysia ^_^ 

Thanks for reading! <3


  1. omg amazinggg!!! those castledew things are GORGEOUS!!! and that NR mousse bb cream looks so cool! I've been dying to try NR products! GREAT HAUL! can wait to see how they all are! xooxoxxoxo

  2. Great haul!! I'm heading to Korea end of the month and you've just given me some new ideas on what to buy =)

  3. I have heard about the green tea serum from innisfree from a korean guru, it is suppose to be very very good. Please do a reivew on it suelynn! Also the palette you got from olive young (the 9 color one) is extremely similar to a palette my mom got me from korea, I actually wonder whether it's the same one, haha^0^~

  4. yes yes yes totally thrilled you picked up stuff from Innisfree and Nature Republic (even tho I do love Skinfood xD)! I dunno...but I felt that stuff at Olive Young was so pricey for some reason, I think it's because I kept checking out the Japanese/imported brands ><

  5. My mum has good skin. So I just briefly took one of her SKII (http://www.geocities.jp/hongkong_skii/index_e.htm) to use, which I assume is a moisturizer. It's good man I tell you! She gave me a small bottle of eye cream before but the effects weren't that great and I stopped using. But my mum's moisturizer is good! I can feel it reacting once I applied it

  6. WOW!!!

    Where do I start?

    I really like the few things that I have tried from Innisfree. I really would like to try their green tea stuff because it sounds amazing.

    Ah the VOV shadows!! I have the shadow on the right and I STILL love it.

  7. omg those are amazing! I love the look of the castledew items!! they remind me of JS stuff. <3 I wanna see what you think of all the Laneige and Innisfree items too! awesome haul =D

  8. that is A LOT of goodies!!! now i feel like going to korea and shop shop and shop lol aaaah laneige!

  9. What a haul!! I've never seen the CastleDew Diacut Eyes (9 Colors) palettes before and they look so pretty. Can't wait for your review on these :)

  10. THAT. is a MASSIVE haul!! Amazing!! I love massive hauls :)
    The eyeshadow palettes look amazing!! I've always wanted to try more Laneige products and innisfree :) yay for you!!

  11. AMAZING HAUL! I'm quite jelly!! I really want to check out skinfood and laneige!!

  12. Thanks for sharing:) Innisfree is new to me! Please update with your review of those products!

  13. O man sooo many goodies!!! Oooo a mousse BB! I love the innisfree packaging

  14. What an amazing haul! So many goodies and samples! I'm so envious of you Sue Lynn, I've always wanted to go shopping in Korea, lol. I can't wait to see what you think of Innisfree. That brush really does look like the 130! And I have that VOV Diacut palette too! I love the pigment on it - its not super frosty at all<3

  15. lovely haul. though i don't use korean cosmetics. the vov shadows look really cute!

  16. Can't wait for you Innisfree reviews =D

    AMAZING haul~
    LOL at rain irony=p

  17. Oh! Look at your Castledew palettes! I've always wanted to try their eyeshadows! Please review them when you get a chance! ^_^ I can't believe I haven't discovered your blog earlier... you are so thorough w/your reviews! :)

  18. waahh isn't korea the best for samples? i was so happy when they were always stuffing my bags with them hehe great stuff you got i should have paid more attention to innisfree and nature republic when i was there! too many cosmetics to choose from haha i want to go back!

  19. Thanks for the info! Can't wait to be there next month!

  20. Nice! I also love Innisfree :) Can you tell how is the Mineral Creamy Pact in comparison with the Mineral Powder Pact?

    I've done a review on the Mineral Powder Pact and now wondering if the Mineral Creamy Pact is somehow better :)


  21. envious, I really like haul like to read/see haul posts like yours :)


  22. Such a huge korean cosmetics haul! So jealous!
    Everything is so much more expensive online :(