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Wednesday, November 9, 2011

[CLOSED] Blog Anniversary Give-Away

Hi my lovelies,

My Blog turns 1.25 years (as in 15 months) old this month
from the day of my first Blog Post last year
on Saturday 24 July 2010!

Thus, I'm organising a mini-GiveAway to celebrate this *ahem* momentous occasion ^_^

I was about to do an epic ramble

However, I'm realistic enough to know
most of you would jump to the Give-Away part,
totally ignoring it ^_~

I'll just save my gushing for another day <3


1) Must be a SUBSCRIBER to my YouTube Channel
2) Must be a public FOLLOWER of THIS Blog
3) It would be nice if you [optional] FOLLOW me on Twitter @HelloSueLynn
    (for immediate Updates and such) 
4) ONE entry per subscriber
6) Parents' permission if you are under 16.
7) Winners will be chose by me - no random number generator this time!


** PRIZE **

There will be ONE (1) winner,
who will receive the 3-item gift pack.

The Actual Products - yes, I need to amp up my photography skillzzzz =_=

Comment here in this Blog Post the following:

[1] Your FOLLOWER name to my Blog

[2] Your SUBCRIBER name to my YouTube Channel
[3] WHAT is your Favourite "Book" or "Dance Genre" or "Food" (you can choose #1, #2, #3, or ALL 3! - up to you ^_^) and WHY?

Be CREATIVE with your answer because it will INCREASE your chances of winning!

So, a sample entry would look like this:

[1] Blog Follower Name: Sue Lynn

[2] YouTube Subscriber Name: SueLynn76

[3] Food: What could be more comforting than piping hot kimchi jjigae on a chilly night? With rice, noodles, anything goes. Kimchi jjigae isDA bomb :D

21 NOVEMBER 2011, 12.00 am Tuesday (MYT) (UTC/GMT + 8 hours)

Good Luck!<3


  1. 1) Blog Follower name : queerpinkfish
    2) Youtube subscriber name : queerpinkfish
    3) Book : The Power by Rhonda Byrne as it reminds me to love and be grateful for anything and everything each time I forget. 'The Power' makes me happy~

  2. 1- Blog: Jennifer Huang (following via GFC)
    2- YouTube: mscabbagex
    3- I don't have a favourite dance(y'mean moves right? Coz I'm one of those retarded ppl who look super awkward when I try to dance). Favourite book would be HARRY POTTER! It's like my generation's "dream" life as our naive minds didn't know that magic doesn't exist.. or does it ;DD we can all pretend it does if it doesnt! Favourite food.. this is a hard one.. i LOVE, like literally LOVE lots of different kinds of food. no kidding, I'm amazed I'm not obese with my eating habit :O As of this month, my favourite food is MEAT. BIG JUICY SUCCULENT PIECES OF COOKED MEAT. You can make a lot of things with meat.. meatballs, meat patties.. I could marry meat, that's how much i love eating it XD hahahaha

    4- Twitter: Kerrbeee

    Thanks for such a generous giveaway , Happy Bloganniversary to you & this lovely blog (THANK YOU FOR STILL BLOGGING!! I was scared you were going to stop when you had that huge announcement before T___T)Happy Halloween aswell AND Good luck to everyone who enters~

  3. [1] Blog Follower Name: Rie Pham
    [2] YouTube Subscriber Name: rieishere
    [3] Food: Sake sashimi-- I love salmon and I love it raw. Amazing nutritional value with Omega 3. It's good for your health and skin too!!
    [4] Twitter: rieshere

    ** Thanks for this giveaway and congrats on having such a successful blog / youtube channel!! **

  4. 1)Blog follower name: camilla
    2)youtube subcriber name: camilla0monique
    3)food: i like japanese food and lots of dessert, book: bob ong books, dance genre: i like rnb and pop....
    4) twitter: @herxobsession

  5. [1] Blog Follower Name: Therese

    [2] YouTube Subscriber Name: tezzapoo

    [3] Book: Lolita by Vladimir Nabokov - while the subject of the book is a little psychologically disturbing, it is so beautifully written that somehow you are not too disgusted whilst reading it. Amazing!

  6. [1] Blog Follower Name: vernz_08

    [2] YouTube Subscriber Name: verniess

    [3] Food: Cheesy food. Love food with cheese
    especially pizza!!! Lasagna did a good
    job too as the cheese in it satisfy my taste bud (=

  7. [1] XiaXia
    [2] MsNyappy
    [3] My favorite dance genre is Ballet because I've been doing it since the age of 4 and it's just become an important part of me. I feel incomplete without it. (:

  8. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  9. 1. Blog follower name: Chelcie Morris
    2. Youtube subscriber name: ChelcieMorris
    3. Food: I love food, so there is no absolute favourite for me. I'm a fatty, so I'll eat anything, EXCEPT brussel sprouts! They're awful, they make you fart. :\
    I remember when I went out with my sister and her dad for dinner, he stocked up on brussel sprouts, swede and cabbage. At night he climbed into bed with us, and started farting! OMG the smell was horrible. x.x
    4. Twitter: PopGoesTheSun

  10. (1) Blog follower name: freakyfluffyfishy
    (2) Youtube subscriber name: freakyfluffyfishy
    (3) Food: I' m in Melbourne, Australia where the weather's finally getting warmer and we're recovering from the drought. This means sweet smelling mangoes are in season! I love eating mango slices in chilled tapioca + coconut juice!

  11. blog/gfc name: anne
    yt name: jhoheart74
    my fave books are the harry potter series. I love them because they make feel like a Kid again believing in magic and fairytale like stories. I also enjoy imagining the scenic scenes in the story.

  12. blog youtube AND twitter: xoxojessiebear

    my favorite books are harry potter! <3 them. my favorite foods are always carbs >.< even though im trying to diet. bagels and cream cheese, pasta, you name it, i nom it.

  13. woww!! love the eyeshadow palette!! super OL friendly XD and the packaging is so pretty =3...plus stereo rose<3333


    all books by Jayne ann krentz (including 2 other pseudonyms, amanda quick and jayne caslte XD) as i love her style of writing plus she combines romance with detective work! <33) her books are one of the first i read when i "upgraded" from young adults section to fiction area XD i'm all about reading books with lovely endings and no angst as the reality is tough enough.hence most of what i read are romance novels ^^

    i love japanese food!! as its one of the food i can eat frequently would not get sick of.would love to find a good & affordable japanese buffet as it is not widely available here compared to korean bbq/western crusine.(was chatting about this with my friend today!)

    thank you for having this giveaway!! xoxo

  14. Blog follower name: makeupandlife (lisa)
    Youtube name: bebedo8
    Twitter name:makepandlife

    Answer: My favorite food must be the delicious Japanese food, mouth watering sushi and chicken ramen noodles on a cold night works magic for my stomach ^__^

    Sushi all the way!

    lisa x

    WHAT is your Favourite "Book" or "Dance Genre" or "Food" (you can choose #1, #2, #3, or ALL 3! - up to you ^_^) and WHY?

  15. [1] Your FOLLOWER name to my Blog: luiyuming
    [2] Your SUBCRIBER name to my YouTube Channel: beautyboxonline
    [3] WHAT is your Favourite "Book" or "Dance Genre" or "Food" (you can choose #1, #2, #3, or ALL 3! - up to you ^_^) and WHY? #1 Fave book: What I Talk About When I Talk About Running by Haruki Murakami. I admire him as a writer so to see a biographical snapshot of this book on how his running is connected to his writing was just fascinating and inspiring. I love writing and running, too.

  16. [1] Your FOLLOWER name to my Blog: Maria Maria Maria
    [2] Your SUBSRIBER name to my YouTube Channel: marussia1981
    {3} Food - italian!!!!!!!!!!!! always and forever!!!! i do not cook in general - totally useless person int he kitchen, but this year i finally made "gnocchi" myself, from 0. Now i pretend to be a real chef and impress everyone by saying that "i can prepare home made gnocchi right as a real italian mamma does" :)
    if you do not know how to cook them, i cab teach you))) hahahaha)))))))))

    and congratulations with blog anniversary!!!!

  17. This comment has been removed by the author.

  18. [1] My FOLLOWER name is Arrianna
    [2] My SUBCRIBER name to your YouTube Channel is YoungBee808
    [3] WHAT is your Favourite "Book" or "Dance Genre" or "Food" and WHY?
    Hmmm PHO soup! because it's delicious XD I have no other reason. My fav book right now is Coetzze's Disgrace (and the Master of Petersburg - it's hard to decide). I love how he can write about well ordinary stuff and everyday life and the drama of it in a pasionate way. Dance genre - as long as there's music I love everything :D

    Thanks for such great giveway :)

  19. [1] Blog Follower Name: María
    [2] YouTube Subscriber Name: Mimelo13
    [3] Twitter Follower Name: @Mimelo13
    [4] Book: My favourite book is "Outlander", by Diana Gabaldon, I just love romance novels like this one, it's amazing ^^
    Dance Genre: I absolutely love dancing, almost any kind of dance, but if i had to choose, i would say my favourite one is ballet, not to actually see it because it really bores me, but I really enjoy dancing, it's really girly and feminine, i love latin dance too, it's really sensual and fun but sadly i've never try it yet, hopefully I'll try it before the end of this year ^0^
    Food: I love fried chicken with plain steamed rice and some veggies, it's delicious, and easy to do hehe I love any kind of fruits too, they're healthy and refreshing; and of course, I also love chocolate, even though it is not that good for us =P
    Finally, i just have to say thank you so so much for this great giveaway and for starting to do videos for youtube again ^w^

  20. [1] Blog Follower Name: Fakhra Rafique

    [2] YouTube Subscriber Name: Fakhra07

    [3] Food: i love all food except junkkies, i dont iike it at all. Dance: particular love classical "Kathak" (can do little bit as wel) i feel that it give a piece of mind and give flexibility in body and personality. soul and mind got relaxed. other than, love to read articles, blogs, any piece of paper with contain any knowledge, as these info may updated me about whats going on in this world, and how ppl are taking things in their own point of view.

    Twitter: @Fakhra07

    Thank you so much for such lovely goodies,
    Good luck to all \m/

  21. [1] Natalia Dajczer
    [2] NatePessoa
    [3] Mac&Cheese nothing better in the world then pasta with cheddar sauce yummm *Q*

  22. Hi Sue Lynn!

    I just wanted to share that my new favorite food is payaya salad! Had my first in Thailand.

    Anyways, please don't enter me in the giveaway. I have too much to go through right now and it'll last me 50 years! I tweeted you about a collaboration on this giveaway or the next one. Let me know if you want to or not.

    ^_^ Take care! ~ Carol

  23. 1) subbed to your youtube - steffiex516
    2) follow this blog - Stefanie Gladden
    - I also follow you on twitter - steffers516

    My favorite food is spaghetti or chinese food. im a big fan of pepper steak & pork fried rice. i could eat it everyday!! My favorite book is the Harry Potter series. Especially The Deathly Hallows. ive read them ever since i was a kid and Ive seen all the movies. I think its such an amazing story. My favorite dance genre would be salsa. My girls and I like to go to a salsa club in town and its so much fun. I absolutely love it!

    thanks for the chance!

  24. Blog Follower Name: northernstar

    [2] YouTube Subscriber Name: northernstarlite

    [3] Food: My favourite food is Beef Noodles. It's hot and tasty with thick gravym crunchy beansprouts and a tinge of sourness from the salted veggies and of course the juicy beef/beefballs. Typing this makes me crave for it again. *gulps saliva*

  25. [1] Blog Follower Name: nevonne

    [2] YouTube Subscriber Name: foxyvixen19

    [3] Food:

    why i love sushi:

    s=simply prepared
    u=utterly delicious
    s=sensationally scrumptious
    h=heavenly tasting
    i=inticing flavors!

    with sushi, the flavors are endless in possibilities of creations you can make, it can be sweet, sour, spicy, or savory, its super easy to make (even for the novice like me), and its just the most delicous thing on earth! XD

    \ ( ^ _ ^ ) /
    thanks for creating the contest and have a happy blog anniversery of 1.25 years!! =]

  26. 1.) GFC = tiffyama
    2.) Youtube = tiffyama
    3.) I love Japanese seaweed. Growing up, I loved eating Japanese snacks that my grandma would give to me, such as "senbei" and "nori". Ever since, those two have been my all time favorite snack! And the combination of nori AND senbei....LOVE. I was in heaven the first time I visited Japan. Oh man...I want some now. heh heh.

    I've read a good share of books during my college/university career as an English major, and the both that still stands out to me is Syvia Plath's "The Bell Jar." I don't know why, but I felt very intrigued by the story and her overall writing style. It'd be a book I'd like to read again.

    And as for favorite dance genre, I'll be kind of cliche and say the overall "hip hop" style. I find it fascinating how dancers dance. I, myself, can't dance for beans, so I really admire those who can. It's quite inspiring really. While I enjoy writing to express myself, others use their bodies to express movement through dance. It's an interesting balance.

    (BTW, thank you for this giveaway and happy anni to your bloggy!)

  27. Blog follower name: Grace Liu /CRUNCHOCO
    youtube subscriber name: grace86322
    food: my all time favorite food is Japanese Chirashi bowl~ <3

  28. [1] Blog Follower Name: Anthea

    [2] YouTube Subscriber Name: jennivier

    [3] Food: E for Egg!

    Now before I sound like a 3 year old (though there is nothing wrong with being 3, they rock and are totally adorable), eggs are my favourite, but it's limited to chicken eggs. I like it fried, hard-boiled, soft-boiled, anything goes except raw. My mother used to say (still does) that if she were to leave me with a babysitter when I was young, the new found nanny would only need to stock up on eggs and I'll probably be a very chirpy 3 year old.
    So there you go, seeing an omelette on the table brightens my day. And thank goodness, as extreme as that sounds, my love for eggs does not border on obsession.

    Thank you for your generosity in giving us all a chance to win a makeup giveaway, this is my first time participating in one :)

  29. 1. Blog Follower : misstania08
    2. You tube name : misstania08

    I love everything which includes fish and seafood
    ! I am a super fan of Mussels and Prawns especially and i like them with Pasta !! This is my holy grail food ! :-)

    Thanks So much for the opportunity , I really appreciate it !

    Kind Regards


  30. GFC: Sweet As Honey Blog
    Email: sweetashoneyblog@gmail.com
    YouTube: dhperloff

    I love Pasta. I could eat pasta for every meal and be happy for the rest of my life.

  31. Blogger follower : jcloh86
    Youtube subsriber : jcloh86
    Favourite : Book - charmed. Haha.. I always wanted to have sister and the ability to do good. BTW, my all time favorite is Sailormoon. does that count?? its comicBOOK after all. Still got the word book.

  32. Blogger follower : k@t
    Youtube subsriber : reverparis
    Favourite : Book - dream of the red chamber. I read this book when i was still a teenager because it was so famous in china. (not by obligation). I was really attached later once i began. sometimes i think life is like a drama, never know the changes after... (i mean i am not a pessimist person, but sometimes a good book makes me think of ourselves..

  33. Blog Follower Name: Slowbrogal
    YouTube Subscriber Name: slowbrogal

    Favorite: Food!! Chocolates~~~ My comfort food. Whenever I am depress, sad, angry or even happy I'll eat Chocolate. Without them, I couldn't live till today.

  34. youtube: piranahasocks
    blog: piranhasocks

    favorite: right now i'm loving the Game of Thrones series (which recently got made into a tv show). it's a really great read (politics, some action, and not too much mushy romance) so i'm trying to get ahead in the books before the series catches up, then i'll watch it when it's all out! and if i'm reading.. there's bound to be potato chips nearby. too good to resist! >__<

  35. 1 Blog Follower Name: Su
    2 YouTube Subscriber Name: Sumsel
    3 My favorite book is 'The Art of Loving' by Erich Fromm. Although he is a psychoanalyst and social philosopher it is not too hard to read! He discusses love and its different aspects. It contains so many worldly wisdoms and there are a lot of things that i agree with. Sometimes i sit there and think by myself "YES!! Why do only a few people realize this?". While reading i love drinking tea and eating my favourite food: sweets, all kind of sweets! I love chocolate, licorice, (christmas) cookies, ice cream and so on ^^ But since i don't want to gain weight i dance! My favourite dance genre is Salsa and K-Pop! Although i also love rock music, these genres always make me dance and feel great! Maybe you could try it? Thank you for this giveaway <3

  36. [1] Fannie D
    [2] adnnie
    [3] My favorite book is Silk by Alessandro Baricco. It's short poetic novel about love and obsession. Each time I read it I come to a different conclusion about what love can mean. My favorite dance genre would probably be Latin Dancing. I can't do it but have always been fascinated by it. I love the vibe of the music and the sexy moves. I can't help but be happy when I hear the music, even if I can't cha cha to save my life. It's impossible for me to choose one favorite food. I love it all. I'm adventurous when it comes to different cuisines but more than ever I'm trying to make better food choices opting for food that comes from sustainable sources and that impact the environment as little as possible. I'm also trying not to consume food products from endangered species. I don't preach my food choices and I'm not a vegetarian, but no bird's nest or shark fin for me.

  37. [1] Blog Follower Name: Zofiana

    [2] YouTube Subscriber Name: elcia22

    [3] Food: ice cream. Never mind summer or winter I love it all year.

  38. 1)blog follower name: daniela dodel
    2)youtube subscriber name: sexyfoshfock
    3)food: ravioli with any sauce, I ♥ pasta

    thank you so so much for the giveaway!
    dani ♥♥

  39. [1] Blog Follower Name: drknjil

    [2] YouTube Subscriber Name: drknjil

    [3] Book: Harry Potter series is the best fantasy world created, and growing up with it was one of the best experience of my life.

  40. Blog Follower Name: yeszy (Yesmean Luk)

    Youtube Subscriber Name: yeszy09

    Book: I love Pride and Prejudice, I know everyone will probably say they love that but my copy of the book is soooo worn from all the times I've read it. I want my Mr Darcy!

    Dance Genre: So long as it has a good beat and its lively, I'm down to "get jiggy with it" ;)

    Food: Food is my favourite 4 letter word (love is a close second), my favourite food does depend on a daily basis. If its a cold day out, I'd say it'd be a nice steaming hot bowl of mushroom, celery or minestrone soup or a big bowl of rich cheesy pasta! OR some noodle soup :)

  41. Congratulations on your blog and youtube! And thank you for this giveaway! <3

    [1] Blog Follower Name: Light Love
    [2] YouTube Subscriber Name: koreacherryblossom10
    [3] Book: Currently, I am ready "Eat, Pray, Love" I actually am enjoying the book a lot! It's a very girl-to-girl kind of book, and I love it! "Free Food for Millionaires" is also a very good book; a book filled with complications. It's so realistic, love!

    Dance Genre: Kpop that's for sure! I mean, who doesn't love Kpop?! And the dances are always so cute and it looks awesome cause it's all uniformed!

    Food: Oh gosh, I basically just love food in general. But I feel like rice and soy sauce is my favorite. It's so simple, yet so good. There are so many other amazing foods out there: sushi, bibimbap, ddubokki, sobudu jigae, korean bbq, pho, etc. But I mean, who doesn't love rice and soy sauce? <3

  42. Amazing giveaway, I want to win these!!

    [1] Blog Follower Name: spider girl

    [2] YouTube Subscriber Name: techspidergirl

    [3] Food: I love pasta! And I mean all kind of pasta, don't know why but it's my fave kind of meal!

    techiespidergurl at gmail dot com

  43. And yes I forgot to mention, I'm also following you on Twitter :)



  44. [1] Blog Follower Name: Marge

    [2] YouTube Subscriber Name: hathor2

    [3] Food: my favorite food is spicy lamb kebab with biryani rice, i think can eat that all day, every day for the rest of my days. if i would get stuck on an island but get delivered persian food and only had to choose 1meal it would be this. i love how juicy the lamb can get but crispy on the outside. the combination of textures from crispy going to tender is i bite through is something i haven't found in any other food. and it's spicy so there would be another factor to tie up the lamb flavor with the juices and the textures. the long grain biryani provides additional texture but simmers down the spice just a notch by absorbing the juices and spice but when you bite through it you still a sort of explosion of flavor from the lamb but the earthy comforting taste of the rice.
    i wash it down with lassi. a sweet yogurt shake. the tangy sweetness not only relaxes and soothes your mouth and tongue from the spice it also replaces any oils about to get gamy with a citrusy taste, a perfect wash down of the sumptuous meal ;-)
    i just had this last night...i iZ very satiated ^_^

  45. [1] Blog Follower Name: sugarcoatedx3
    [2] Youtube Subscriber name: areweinneverland
    [3] Favorite Book: The Tom Ford book is a book I find myself reading over and over again. Flipping through the pages and looking at all the wonderful photos of him throughout his career. Tom Ford in my opinion has changed fashion and runway and I really admire him and his talents.

  46. 1. Blog Follower: cleung341
    2. YT Sub: onetimejames
    3. Fave book: I would have to say it is and always will be Joy Luck Club by Amy Tan. I remember reading this book in highschool and not thinking much about it bc I HAD to read it. I read it again many years laterand interestingly enough it was like reading the book for the first time. I could def realate to the book, me being Chinese, living in SF and also being first generation ABC. Oh the relationships that Chinese girls have with their mothers... could totally relate.

  47. 1. Blog Follower Name: Sherri-Gae scott
    2. Youtube Subscriber Name: beautynscience2010
    3. Fav food: Bacon, it literally makes everything better, as a breakfast food or in more savory dishes such as Mac and cheese, au gratins, roasted polenta, mashed potatoes. Just everything, I love it so much I even use bacon salt when I'm out of bacon :)

    Great giveaway btw

  48. 1. Blog Follower: cafii
    2. Youtube Subscriber Name: cafii
    3. Favorite dance genre: HIP HOP! feels great when you're in the groove!

  49. 1. Blog Follower: JellyDust
    2. Youtube Subscriber Name: JellyDust1
    3. Book: Divergent by Veronica Roth because it's so interesting, it's a must read!! It captivates you from the first few pages.. Love it!

  50. 1. Blog Follower: stephaniejc
    2. Youtube Subscriber Name: dreamlandlover
    3. Book: The Picture of Dorian Gray is one of my favourites. It's a haunting classic and an interesting approach on 'narcissism'.
    Dance Genre: Anything on dance, dance revolution!
    Food: I love Japanese food. Udon is my comfort food and I love Chinese dim sum too. Alfredo pasta has a soft spot in my heart and some days all I need is some good old mac & cheese!

    Thanks for doing this giveaway!

  51. [1] Blog Follower Name: lollipopgraceE

    [2] YouTube Subscriber Name: lollipopgraceE

    [3] Dance Genre: Dubstep! I am always amazed by the epicness of dubstep routines (i.e. Mike song's "jig" routine). I emailed a dubstep dance video to my 64 year old dad and he replied, "Ok I will learn those cool moves" :D

    Food: Depends on the situation! For comfort food (aka when I need to stuff my face after screwing something or something screwing me up), poutine is unbeatable! For crappy-weather food, especially involving huge amounts of rain, I find myself always craving Pho~ Food is kind of hard to choose a favorite because I honestly have a different "favorite food" for every situation! My favorite food to eat when I go out, that I will never get sick of is Sashimi. I used to think they tasted slimy, but now the only ones I don't love is uni and shrimp. IMO uni tastes like someone scraped off some weird discharge a sea animal left behind at the bottom of the ocean and put it on a plate, whereas shrimp tastes like a unsticky slug.

    Thanks for the amazing giveaway! That is one big shebang :")

  52. Congratulations on your 15th month anniversary! :D

    Hey I was reading the beginning bit :P I await your full thank you speech sometime in the future! Hahaha..

    [1] Blog Follower Name: Jian

    [2] YouTube Subscriber Name: jychen1

    [3] Food: I have so many favourite foods that I actually spent a good couple of minutes thinking about it. At the moment (right this second) is a big steaming bowl of handmade ramen in a perfectly balanced miso soup base, with plenty of crisp fresh veggies; a juicy shiitake mushroom or two; a slice or two of succulent and tender char-siu pork; and egg halves.

    There is really nothing more satisfying slurping all the noodles up, fishing the leftover veggies out, and then drinking the hot soup straight from the lip of the bowl. Not very lady-like or civilised, but faffing about with a spoon makes the soup cold! Hahahaha...

    Ok I've made myself so hungry from typing this. T__T Wahhhh

  53. Congrats on your 15 month anniversary!

    [1] Blog Follower Name: C/ carmmao

    [2] YouTube Subscriber Name: Carmmao

    [3] Food: I love anything with either rice or shrimp. I love rice so much I can just eat it plain and still be satisfied!For shrimp, I like it plain and simple in a stir fry with garlic and scallions. I actually want some now too, lol.

  54. NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!! I pressed the wrong button and have to rewrite this... again! >_<

    [1] My follower name is Ayane

    [2] My youtube sub name is Kawaiikai00

    [3a] My fave book is Les Misarables, we read in in school senior year and i loved it! Jean ValJean is so amazing! Even his name is cool!

    [3b] My fave dance genre is korean girl group dances. (I didnt entirely underdtand this question) my fave is 2ne1, they r the best (they even have a song that says so)

    [3c] My fave food is Japanese and Korean food, Japanese food is my comfort food i could eat it all day. My fave faves are sashimi tuna (even though its expansive and i never get to have any) and kimchi.

    ALSO ur my fave youtuber because u've actually replied to my comments (more then once!) and that means alot. It made me really happy ^_^ im really glad that even though u were having some problems ur still there! Welcome back and
    happy 1.25 years birthday to your blog!

  55. My follower name is anihsu1
    My YouTube sub name is anihsu1 (using google sign in) or 4321ani1234 regular sign in
    My favorite food: I'm a huge foodie. I love pretty much anything "Asian" but I also love anything cheesy, I.e. Mac n cheese or pizza. Right now I'm trying to lose 10 lbs so we're trying out smoothies. My favorite smoothie has spinach, frozen blueberries, cocoa powder, medjool dates, flax seeds. It looks gross, sounds kinda gross but is the Mose delicious smoothie I've ever had.
    Thanks for doing this giveaway!

  56. [1] Blog Follower Name: Ashley Jin Kim

    [2] YouTube Subscriber Name: Ramyun

    [3] Food: I love love love hot korean stews. My favorite would have to be Pork Bone Stew because the soup is delicious, hot, spicey, and it's amazing on the coldest days of the year. It is amazing with rice, glass noodles, and/or pickled radish. If you have a cold, this will clear your sinuses real fast.

  57. [1] Blog Follower Name: Sadia Chowdhury
    [2] Youtube Name: SadiaChowdhury
    Twitter Name : SadiaIChowdhury and Ms_Flames
    Facebook : Sadia Ismail Chowdhury

    [3] Food - I love all kinds of food but I definitely have a sweet tooth...I always crave for something sweet all the time! I guess that's what makes me hyper and happy. Even studies showed that people who consume sugar are generally happier (even if that increases their chances of diabetes). Of course we girl know it better...chocolate helps a great deal during those time of the months. So yeah, I EAT MY WAY TO HAPPINESS! :D Damn, I need to get my hands on Krispy Kreme donuts soon!

    Book - I prefer reading books that teach you something about life or teach you an important skill of life. In addition, I also love reading Chick Flicks as a means to relax. C'mon, who doesn't love those classic books such as "Size Doesn't Matter" and "He's Just Not That into You"? Even if they have a happy ending at the end, books (not only chick flicks) end up teaching you an important lesson of life - that no matter how terrible you life seems now, it will get better at the end.

    Dance - Well, Dance is incomplete without music even that means tapping your feet to generate music. To me, music is as important as Oxygen is to life. Just the way Oxygen is necessary to LIFE....Music is necessary to LIVE. I enjoy all kinds of music...from hard rock to trance, from pop to jazz. Seriously, I am sure you will never find anyone in this world who hates music...they might hate a certain KIND of music but never music itself. Music is there everywhere...from the little breaths that babies take to the chirping of the birds at night. Its as if nature is reminding us to stop and start living life.

    So to conclude....I would like to re-instate my point about taking a little break from life once in a while and just try to relax...learn a new skill to improve yourself...try something new...appreciate whats around you....and finally try to ENJOY LIFE and according to me, the best medium to do all these is through learning from books, savoring every taste of food and of course breathing music. Then you will realize how your life magically turns for better.

    Finally, I would like to thank you for doing this awesome giveaway!

    Best of luck to the others as well! :D

    PS - Sorry for the long post!

  58. Hi!!

    Blog Follower name: bambaki83

    YT name: bambaki83

    Food: my grandsmother´s food is the best of the world.


  59. Hey Suelynn!

    1] Blog Follower Name: jeanchristie

    [2] YouTube Subscriber Name: jeanchristieYT

    [3] Favourite Book: Its actually a series by Julia Quinn, Bridgerton series set back in old London. Its so witty and funny that when people think I'm crazy because I start laughing/chuckling out aloud while staring at the book while walking on the streets -____-"

    Food: I love the hakka/nyonya cooking passed down by my late grandma :) I like other foods too but no restaurants can ever cook like her! reminiscing on her passing anniversary heh.

    twitter: @jeanchristieYT , am following :)


  60. 1] Blog Follower Name: Funker-Deli-co

    2] YouTube Subscriber Name: lazypig22

    3] Twitter:@meesamisa

    4] Food: of course is the spicy soondubu(tofu) jjigae JANG ! in a hot pot filled with tofu and seafood, spicy soup with a bowl of rice, i just can't get enough of it, you sweat while eating DAEBAK !

    I love to sing KPOP and my fav band is BIG BANG !! [ok ya so random :) ]

  61. Blog follower name: wc
    Youtube subscriber name: kookiez72
    Favorite food: SO MANY! Love chobani greek yogurt and mochi :)

  62. Blog: Tina
    Youtube: ladykaedeXXI
    Food: I love Sushi, because they are so much fun to make! It's fun to make cute shapes/animals, to have an awesome lunch!

    My favorite Dance Genre is KPop! because the dancers are so bubbly and beautiful!

  63. Blog: misskayylee
    youtube: misskayylee

    I'm going to answer all three if you don't mind me! (: My favorite book, the book that comes to mind, is Ella Enchanted. I'll never forget the day that I picked it up in 4th grade. Enchanting, mystical, it was the other version of Cinderella's life. I'd always check it out when I'm upset. Now a days, I whenever I think about reading a book, Ella Enchanted always ends up on my list to re-read!

    I love KPOP. I don't necessarily like every single band/artist but I appreciate the boy boys and girl bands, reminds me back in the 90s when we had those too. I like the fashion, dancing, and music in general. It started with DBSK and will never stop! Big Bang and 2NE1 are now my all time favorites!

    Food! I love food, haha. My favorite would have to be hotpot during the winter. The family would get together and eat with one another. I like family bonding time and also bonding with friends. Its always fun when its done at a friend's house! Plus, I just found out the spices that my boyfriend's family uses for it! Its so delicious! And totally healthy with greens and seafood! (:

  64. Blog user name: msamiee
    YouTube user name: msamiee
    My favorite food: who wouldn't LOVE food right? I don't have a favorite food, I live to eat almost anything! It's nice to try different culture foods! It's amazing how they all have uniques tastes to them!

  65. [1] FOLLOWER: jaysofeen
    [2] SUBSCRIBER: GlaciouslyJC
    [3] I love the food that my mother makes! I swear my mother is the best cook in the world!! Who wouln't LOVE a home cooked meal when you come home from a long day of school/ work?!

  66. 1) Blog Follower name : shimmerpole
    2) Youtube subscriber name : shimmerpole
    3) Book : The Millenium Trilogy by Stieg Larsson! I finished the entire series in 2 weeks! Full of suspense and adventures, it is sorta mind boggling but the characters are depicted with extreme precision. Every chapter leaves me wanting more! If you're into crime/thriller/suspense, you have to read the series. I hope they do a good job on the movie adaptation though, but I doubt it is possible to capture every single detail in the book. I love Lisbeth!
    Dance genre: Anything pop and rap! I own all the dance games for the Wii and dance at least once a week! I love anything fast that moves to the beat!
    Food: Anything with cheese and or egg! I love eggs because they are so versatile! My all time favourite is hard boiled egg! I love tea eggs too! The more crack the better! Cheese is cheese, it is awesome. 'Nuff said.

    Thank you for your giveaway! And I love the picture tutorials on your YT channel.

  67. Thank you for the lovely giveaway! I love how informational your tutorials are! So grateful for how much work you put into making them.
    1) Blog Follower Name: Chloe
    2) YouTube Subscriber Name: xKINGBOO
    3) My absolute favourite book would have to be The Little Prince by Antoine de Saint-Exupery. Despite it being a children's book in genre, its philosophical components-- in my opinion-- are much more deeper to mature audiences. The questions of life and its value are inset, with the perspective of children and grown-ups clashing into play. It is a book with adult understanding hidden beneath the disguise of childhood folly. The Little Prince brings about sad truths of the world through a beautiful, touching tale. I am so close to shedding tears every time I read it. Thank you for reading this post, I hope your holiday is wonderful~

  68. Such a great giveaway! Extremely generous! Happy anniversary! ^_^ I love your blog and reviews :)

    [1] Blog Follower Name: baeyunjung

    [2] YouTube Subscriber Name: mkarger6

    [3] Food:My favorite food is soondubu! it is great for anytime and i love the soft tofu with the spicy soup! I think it is definitely a must have for everyone! and my other favorite is kimchi pajeon! great for snacks or even parties, and even if you add some tofu it is amazing! LOVE LOVE LOVE <3

  69. [1] EJ

    [2] MsEvoi

    [3] Book:'zen mind, beginner's mind'. To find your true nature and be happy. We all wonna be happy, but are we ready to work for it...

  70. 1) Blog Follower Name: Just another ordinary blog
    2) Youtube subscriber name: Jes2miracle
    3) Food: My favourite food will be soups.Be it anykind from lotus soup or what we used to called ABC soup that has carrot, potato,tomato and meat in it. Love to mix them together with rice. It's like full with satisfaction and feels warm at home.

    Thanks for doing this giveaway :)

  71. Thanks for such a great giveaway.

    [1] Blog Follower Name: EiLeeN
    [2] YouTube Subscriber Name: 88eileen
    [3] Favorite Food: Penang Laksa. I had my first taste for Penang Laksa when I had my college life in Penang. It is really tasty. The ingredients for Penang Laksa included fish, chilies, cucumber, onions, pineapple, mint leaves, assam jawa, 'bunga kantan', etc.. Usually the aunty will add a spoon of black prawn paste into it. But whenever I ordered for it, I'll asked the aunty not to put pineapple, chilies and black prawn paste. It is still very delicious to eat. I really love it very much coz it suits my taste and there's no where to find outside of Penang, especially in Sarawak Malaysia. It is both tasty and cheap. But one thing to consider if wanna eat Penang Laksa. The smell will 'stick' to our clothes for the whole day!! Somehow, it is still my favorite! <3


  72. Hey Babe!!

    I follow you on Twitter, YouTube, Facebook!!

    My favorite book would have to be Sex and Sunset!! The very first line got me hooked..."I here voices in running water"....I was pulled in...it's a halarious book start to finish :)

    Thanks for hosting this amazing giveaway...you are amazing my friend!!

    Julie AKA Pdxbeautiful

  73. [1] Blog Follower Name: emmybear411

    [2] YouTube Subscriber Name: emmybear411

    [3] Food: I do not think anything in the world is better than cheese pizza I could literally eat it every meal everyday or my whole life nom nom nom yummy lol:)!!!

    [4] Twitter: @emmybear411

    THANK YOU:D!!!

  74. GFC: Ciara M
    Email: ciara-leanne@live.ie
    Youtube: CiaraLeanneM
    Twitter: @CiaraLMurphy
    My favourite book would have to be Breaking Dawn from the Twilight Saga. Just because it completely pulls you in and you can't wait to see what happens next (: Amazing books.