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Saturday, April 23, 2011

Review: Innisfree Mineral Melting Foundation SPF 32 PA++

In my Korean Haul post, I mentioned Innisfree was THE brand I wanted to try.

Note: For reasons WHY, please refer to the Korean Haul post. Thank you!

Note 2: ALL product images are from HERE:

My apologies, for as usual, I forgot to take pictures of the product BEFORE use,
and trust me, the TEXTURE of this product, plus my constant sanitisation,
has mutilated the product beyond recognition - INCREDIBLY  disgusting.
Thank you, EunStar5!

Yoona (SNSD) : Current spokesperson for Innisfree plugging this product

I LOVE mineral base makeup.
However, even I have to admit loose mineral makeup ("MMU") can be very messy.

My HG Laura Mercier Mineral Powder comes in a pressed version, but I'm not too keen on its ingredients.
Also, I've never seen MMU in liquid, cream nor gel form, which would make life oh-so-much-easier...Sighs...

Thus, when I saw Innisfree's latest Mineral Melting Foundation, I KNEW I'd have to try it.

On with the review!

I like the packaging - minimal, no frills, sturdy plastic, zen-like? :)
Basic beige with the dark brown font.
Very reminiscent of my blog's colour scheme as a matter of fact.

The most important part of a gel-creme foundation's packaging:
- the inner lid, though not completely air-tight,
does snap shut and is sufficient to keep the product moist and usable for quite some time.

Photo Credits: http://blog.naver.com/eunstar5?Redirect=Log&logNo=20125244526
Photo Credits: http://blog.naver.com/eunstar5?Redirect=Log&logNo=20125244526

Photo Credits: http://blog.naver.com/eunstar5?Redirect=Log&logNo=20125244526
Photo Credits: http://blog.naver.com/eunstar5?Redirect=Log&logNo=20125244526

Tis' odd BLUE circle is actually the UNDERSIDE of the sponge applicator provided.

It's important to note that this sponge applicator's texture is UNLIKE most others with larger "holes"/"pores"/"you-know-what-I mean".

THIS is MUCH more velvety,
and the  "holes"/"pores"/"you-know-what-I mean" are teeny-tiny.

I assume this is a deliberate decision on Innisfree's part
because you need VERY very VeRy LITTLE product for a natural finish;

BLUE because...it'd be easier to see EXACTLY how much product you picked up,
which is KEY to its application.

The reasons why I REALLY wanted to try Innisfree's Mineral bases:

And Innisfree sources its minerals from Jeju Island, and in lieu of distilled water, Jeju organic green tea water is used.

This foundation comes in 5 shades:
#1 Pink Beige,  #2 Light Beige,  #3 Natural Beige,  #4 True Beige and  #5 Deep Beige.

My shade (I'm around NC25-NC30).....is.....wait for it.....#5 Deep Beige! :O
Even then, it's still a tad light.
However, I can still pull it off with a light layer because unlike most Korean bases,
#5 Deep Beige is neutral: not YELLOW enough for me, but hey! at least it's not PINK ;)
EDITED 27 April 2011: I need to add that it matches my NC25-ish FACE pretty well, but not my NC30-ish NECK. Oh yea, I'm a freak of nature =_=

Not perfect, but for its glowy finish <3, I'm willing to work a little harder applying it :P

Obviously, if they came out with a YELLOW-er #6, I'd jump for joy! ^_^

I'll be the first to admit that it took me *ahem* quite a few attempts to achieve the Coverage and Finish I craved.

And it's all because of it's texture.

As you can see from the photo below, it is EXTREMELY soft and moist.
...Take note that THIS photo was taken in Korea...
...It's even softer here in Malaysia with the heat and humidity...

The consistency reminds me of the dreaded super-soft (and thankfully discontinued MAC Cream Blushes - replaced by the glorious CremeBlends) and NYX Rouge Cream Blushes.

Remember: "A little bit goes a long way"
And the WAY you apply it will determine whether this product is a Hit-or-Miss ~_~ 
Apologies if I sound like a broken record...

Photo Credits: http://blog.naver.com/eunstar5?Redirect=Log&logNo=20125244526
Photo Credits: http://blog.naver.com/eunstar5?Redirect=Log&logNo=20125244526
Photo Credits: http://blog.naver.com/eunstar5?Redirect=Log&logNo=20125244526
Note the sponge applicator's texture: How fine and tiny "holes"/"pores"/"you-know-what-I mean" are!

Depends on the application method:

So, my application Hits & Misses:

Total FAIL :( *cakey-face alert!*
I try to use my fingers for non-powder bases whenever possible because I hate washing brushes :P
Travelling is easier without brushes too.

However, no matter how hard I tried, my fingers exert too much pressure and pick up more product than necessary.
And then, the moment the overloaded fingers land on my skin, blending it out into a sheer layer is almost impossible!

Used my MAC 187, Sigma SS187, Innisfree MAC 130 dupe.
The product seems to "sit" on my skin.

Not bad, not bad at all...
I just need to remember to dip it VERY lightly to get a thin, even coating on the bristles' tips.
Brush head's surface area is large enough to spread out product thinly.
I use this method when my sponge applicator's dirty.

Sponge applicator that came with the product:
For ONCE :P, I highly recommend that you use the provided sponge applicator.
Its fine texture and colour ensures that you do not accidentally pick up too much product.

How I Apply A Light Glowy Layer:
- ever so lightly, with barely any pressure, dab sponge applicator onto product surface. Make sure it is evenly coated with a light layer of product.
- dab sponge on face, again, very lightly.
- blend with short patting motions.
- repeat on other sections of your face.

Generic sponge applicators:
Not being a snob, but I need to buy a pack which is similar in texture to the PROVIDED sponge applicator.
Fine-textured sponge applicators wouuld ensure similar results.

The pack I currently have doesn't work too well, and yes, it DOES make a difference!

Does not seem to set and stays sticky for what seems forever - HATE! Setting powder definitely needed.

Finish is super GLOWY - LOVE! ^_^

It's the kind of glow you would get if you applied MAC Mineralize Foundation over MAC Strobe Liquid/Cream with a duo-fibre brush.

A demo of this routine by FuzKittie can be found HERE.

Not spectacular, but this is because I choose not to use primers on a daily basis.

I blot twice a day (9am-5pm), but that happens with most of my glowy bases.
If I set it with loose powder, just once a day.

A trade-off I'm willing to make :)

I LOVE it.

If you want to use this, you'd better appreciate the herbal-ness because the scent stays for quite a while!
To each her own - you may hate it, but I really prefer this over sickening flowery-sweet fragrances.

RATING: 4 out of 5  {LOVE}
My Biggest Pet Peeve:
Compacts are highly unsanitary. Yes, I can scoop out the product, etc. But really...It's too much of a hassle :(

I really need to mention AGAIN that due to my constant sanitisation,
my product has been mutilated beyond recognition - looks like a very icky pan of cream *accckkk*

If only this could be produced in a tube? Hmmmmm...

Also, application would be easier if it's more liquidy and comes in a pump bottle? (Another) hhhmmmm...

Thanks for Reading! <3


  1. oi...your review confused me~ I'm so curious about the "melting" makeup trend I'm seeing and I need a new foundation but this i HATE compacts b/c its unsanitary like you said :( Esp since I'm prone to breakouts if so much a single dirty finger touches my face. Hmmm....

  2. I am really interested in trying Innisfree :) Have you tired any of their skincare worth mentioning? Any suggestions?? Any help would be amazing ^.^


  3. i'm not crazy with sanitation of my make up, but the idea of dust particles going in a creamy foundation , mixing into it as i'm picking it up to apply on my face is a little unsettling...
    but lovely review nonetheless =]

  4. It's pretty liquidy for a creme foundation! How's the coverage level when you apply it with the ELF Studio brush?

    If I were to go for this foundation, which shade would you recommend for me?

  5. I love the texture, it reminds me of the NYX cream blushes^0^~ great review suelynn~~

  6. This sounds wonderful. The texture looks so creamy and sheer but still buildable :) Glad you like it! I'm curious now!

  7. Sounds like a nice product, but ah convenient, yet unsanitary. Shame that even the darkest shade is still light a tad light. I'm surprised that they even carry so many shades - I was expecting at least 3, lol. I liked it when Moon Geun Young was the spokesmodel. Thank you for the review. (:

  8. Gosh I love the packaging! So clean and pure looking! You've successfully piqued my interest in Innisfree~

  9. this looks really nice! i love the blue sponge and the foundation seems creamy and light. thanks so much for the review.

  10. I'm really interested in trying this out now! I just start going crazy for innisfree make up/skincare so I want to try a lot of their products. I just order their new mineral sun waterproof bb cream so I'm excited about that. I want to try this out but I was surprised that you are a shade #5?! I used to use missha #23 but even that was still a bit light on me...so I was wondering what shade I was? Great review! :)

  11. Etude House also got the same packaging as this..it is in moist collagen line..got the same sponge applicator too..
    anyway,can i know if you apply this on face,would you feel heavy on skin??coz the etude house's one did that to me...

  12. made me wonder about the mineral foundation from maybelline, we don't have that here in Manila, but i wanna try this from innisfree ^_^

  13. Hiya! They actually did release a mneral liquid foundation after this foundation pact :)

  14. Hun, it's not "BLUE because...it'd be easier to see EXACTLY how much product you picked up, which is KEY to its application" but it's because it contains rubicell..

    1. It's just my opinion, Cynthia ^_^

      And yes, quite possibly
      it IS a rubicell foundation sponge.

      However, not ALL rubicell foundation sponges are BLUE.
      They come in various colours, hun...