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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Rock & Republic Contrived Pressed Blushes

Rock & Republic ("R&R") jeans? That's, oh-so-passe! Anybody worth her YouTube-Beauty-Guru-Stalking would know that R&R's Contrived Blushes are all the rage now...ESPECIALLY after being discounted 50% at HauteLook some time back and the R&R website (with $0.99 US shipping to boot) at the time of posting this review.

Moi, a poor Malaysian, a zillion miles away, as usual, got my grubby paws on these babies via Ryan (sgDrugstore)! My cosmetic mule has come through again for me ^_^ And he managed to grab them at 50% off *muahahaha*

Anyway, cosmetics from fashion houses *coughs Calvin Klein, Giorgio Armani, Dolce & Gabbana, Burberry, etc* always have me doubtful of their quality (and their premium prices). And a jeans, albeit premium jeans, brand? ~_~...However, jump (OK - more like a giant leap) on the bandwagon I did, ONLY because it was 50% off...Retail price, it's pricier than my high-ends...No thank you!


For my curious readers... ^_^

It's not THAT huge. Only the cardboard packaging is...Fear not... ;)
And it does NOT weight a tonne. MAC's Hello Kitty Couture Pressed Powder, although slightly smaller and slimmer, is actually heavier! Wanna knock someone out? Use the HK instead of the R&R ^_~


Shucks! Admit it! All the raves about the packaging got to us (OK-me!), right!?!? So "edgy", so "classy", so "chic", etc, the list is endless.
The Uber Greatness, you've probably heard over & over again like a broken record in YouTube Land and Beauty Blogger communities.
Yes, I agree that it is rather edgy to look at. And quite solid in construction.

Why not read some Not-So-Great things?
- For the full retail price of USD 40, I.Expect.A.Velvet.Pouch. Nobody in the right mind is going to tote the blush compact around in its huge cardboard cylinder, and the blingy compact is not exactly scratch-proof. Protection, yo! No Glove, No Love *get your mind outta the gutter!*
- 2nd reason - The blush compact has an in-built magnetic closure - magnetic force is all that holds it close. No clasp, no lock, no clickety-click thingee, nada. And the strength of the magnet, IMO, is none to strong. If you carry a whole lot of stuff in your makeup pouch, it might just bust open. So, I would definitely store it in a little baggie of some kind to avoid mishaps.


{{ Sue Lynn, why on earth are you mentioning this? It's just a blush...~_~ }}
 It's merely a heads-up because I've YET to see/read anybody mentioning this:
1st Listed Ingredient: Talc
Talc? tAlC? TALC? If so, how could everybody rave about its "divine" (I'm quoting somebody-I don't find it "divine") texture? Isn't talc chalky?
2nd Listed Ingredient: Squalene
Well, it could be due to Squalene. Nothing new and ground-breaking: just a moisturising ingredient in skincare and cosmetic products, liquids especially. However, I've never seen it listed this high in a powder product, but then....I'm no chemist..

ALSO, Google "SQUALENE" and "SQUALENE SIDE EFFECTS" for more info...
Bear in mind that in case your skin reacts negatively to these ingredients, you might want to apply sparingly initially.
{{ Note: I've not used these on my cheeks just yet because I'm on a new skin regime. I don't want to risk a new product at this point of time. }}


- The texture varies.
   Foreplay and Bedroom, which are mattes, feel chalkier and more powdery than Lust, which contains finely milled gold shimmer. However, overall, I would say they're still decent. You know how some MAC blushes are hits while some are total misses? Well, R&R are comparable to MAC's hit blushes.
- Blends easily and does not feel gritty. In fact, Lust with its shimmer, feels silkier than the mattes.


L-R: Foreplay, Bedroom, Lust
- The colour range is not huge like Inglot or even MAC, but there is a colour or two for most preferences and skintones. In my case, my favourite blushes are from the neutral/nude family, so ForePlay was created for me :P
- The colour pay-off is very good - a little too good for my comfort! I prefer reasonably-pigmented blushes which are goof-proof and impossible to over-apply. You need a very light hand with these R&Rs.

L-R: Foreplay, Bedroom, Lust
4 out of 5
Most importantly, were these blushes worth the hype?
At the usual retail price of USD40 a pop, a definite "NO" from me.
For that price, I could get better blushes from high-end brands. These are not spectacular in terms of colour or texture, nor are they un-dupe-able. No blush is un-dupe-able!
Spot the "depotting" hole!

However, IF you manage to grab them at a huge discount, say 50% (or more!) and you're a packaging fanatic, by all means, just get ONE because I believe it CAN be depotted (although I haven't tried) and reused.
Spot the tiny hold at the top? That's usually where depotters get a kick out of sticking a sharp pointy object to dislodge the product pan! ^_^

**R&R Exhibition Pressed Powder in Suede to come later**

FTC Disclaimer: These Rock & Republic products were self-purchased. I was NOT paid to write this post, I am not affiliated in any way with the company, my opinions are my own and always honest.


  1. R&R stuff is awesome! Though the site restocked the 50% off code is not working anymore :( I tried "rockcosmetics"

  2. SueLynn,

    I have to say I LOVE this phrase :

    Protection, yo! No Glove, No Love *get your mind outta the gutter!*

    And YES, my mind WAS in the gutter 'for a while'. :D

    I have not even touched my R&R Blush yet. They're not losing their 'virginity' anytime soon....yet.


  3. I love that you're honest and actually listed the ingredients! ^_^ and at 50% off - not too shabby of a product! ^_^

  4. I love the opening to this entry, so funny! I still haven't gotten my hands on any R&R blushes- which would you say are your top 3 favorites?

  5. "no blush is un-dupable" DAMN RIGHT! lol. so i'll just skip on these unless i'm feeling rich lol. i don't have the patience to wait for packages/parcels especially when it's quite pricey even after 50% off. seriously, your reviews are the bomb diggity yo ahahh!