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Thursday, June 2, 2011

Review: Innisfree Green Tea Seed Serum

If you've read my Korean Haul Post, it's blatantly obvious that I went there with 2 (beauty-related) specific brands in mind:
- Innisfree
- Laneige
- other bits & bobs if I had the time.

And I DID pretty well, actually ^_^
Managed to purchase almost every Innisfree item I was lemming for...
EXCEPT the Innisfree Green Tea BB Cream in shade #2 T_T
Nevermind that...
Let us dwell more on one of Innisfree's BestSelling Items:

Image from www.innisfree.co.kr

I went to Korea with a tour group; thus, I knew I won't have the pleasure of browsing around all the Korean brands there. I was on a VERY tight itinerary.

The reason for Innisfree:
~~ Its Concept and Ingredients Philosophy:


And below, is the product blurb for its infamous "Green Tea Seed Serum" ^_^
Image from www.innisfree.co.kr
Image from www.innisfree.co.kr
Image from www.innisfree.co.kr
Image from www.innisfree.co.kr
Image from www.innisfree.co.kr

VERRRRY impressive, right?
And I was lucky enough to score the Value Pack! *muahahahaha*

However, therein lies the million-dollar question:
"Does the Green Tea Seed Serum live up to my (almost)-sky-high expectations?"

I really can't come up with anything else that hasn't already been mentioned in the product blurbs ^_~
The 4 main Active Ingredients and their respective skincare benefits...

However, since the packaging's in Korean,
it's impossible for me to ascertain if it contains comodegenic ingredients... :(

Very liquid, borderline watery, gel.

I use 1-2 pumps, depending on how parched my skin is.
Either way, it absorbs VERY easily, unlike certain serums (*coughs Hada-Labo*),
which just seem to "sit" on the skins surface...
Doing nothing but annoy me with their stickiness =_= 

Surprisingly, the scent is not as "Green-Tea-ish" as one would expect...
Considering it's a green-tea serum and all.. :/

However, it's not offensive to my olfactory sense and is still predominatly botanical.
Just bear in mind that there IS an unexpected hint of fruity-sweetness.

If you've been following me on FaceBook,
you would know by now that I'm in the midst of revamping my skincare routine...
In my 3rd attempt in 6 years to wean my skin off Benzoyl Peroxide...
And I'm on the lookout for a light but effective moisturising serum...

This serum was the 1st I reached for.

I used this Day & Night, either mixed with or after Cellnique Skin Action Gel Plus.
(this should not be confused with the MUCH-MILDER Cellnique Skin Action Sebum Gel).

It was a pleasure to find my skin softer, plumper and well, plain well-fed immediately upon application.

The downside is after 2-3 hours, some oilies begin to break through and I look a little shiny...
Not oily or greasy, but definitely shinier that I'd like :/

My skin certainly doesn't mind a little extra love at Night, albeit the slight oiliness;
For Day, I would rather NOT, thank you very much!

Now, I apply this ONLY at Night,
alternating with Oxy Oil-Control Moisturiser (old packaging - comes in a nifty pump bottle now),
(Yup - still trying to figure out which serum works best for me ^_^)

Something to note:
I have oily, acne-prone skin.
Considering I don't find this overtly-greasy,
I don't think this would benefit anybody with very dry skin.
It'd be too lightweight to do dry skin much good.

By the way, I'm quitting the (X/5) Rating system for skincare products.

I firmly believe "One Man's Meat Is Another Man's Poison"
so even if I deem something a total success/failure,
you might find otherwise.

Give this a try if you can get your hands on it!

For its reasonable price, I believe it's relatively effective as a lightweight moisturising serum.

I've tried some PRICIER products which does LESS =_=

Thanks for reading <3


  1. This was sounding excellent until you said that is possibly no good for me and my dry skin. I am Loving innisfree x

  2. Nice post! i love innisfree >.<
    Im pretty sure this serum can suit all skin types.. its a serum! so if u do have dry skin just apply a very moisturising cream after the serum.
    but serums r meant to absorb into the skin so its not really meant to feel greasy as well. =)

  3. You got me intrigued....I tend to overlook Korean brands except for bb creams because....I don't know much about them so thanks for sharing...I love anything natural and green tea!

  4. Oooh! I'm a sucker for green tea products. I love green tea anything! :-) I've been wanting to spend money, but every time I open up e wallet and see what little cash I have left, I am soooooo saddened that my budget means drugstore items. I'm wondering how drugstore glycerin + green tea water + a drop of jojoba oil would work. Sounds like a good DIY project. I may test it out and post it on my blog. Will let you know. If it doesn't work out, I may plop down money and start the search for this serum wherever and however I can get it. *har har har!* ^_-

  5. thanks for the detailed review, I'm gonna put this on my wishlist already ^^ gonna buy it next month =D

  6. You can find it at www.mikanjan.com along with other Innisfree stuff.

  7. i just b0ught the wh0le set 0f green tea prducts..
    but i think the scent is t00 much!! it truly d00e s n0t smeell like green tea
    it is 0rganic but why d0es it have s0 str0ng scent that makes it feel unnatural..
    actually everythng w0rks well except f0r the scent that i think is t00 much f0r my skin
    just kinda scared if all that fragrance abs0rbs int0 the skin :S

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