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Saturday, September 24, 2011

Review: Suqqu Blend Color Eyeshadow EX-04 Toukaede (Fall 2011)

Another Suqqu?
Yeap - so I got another Suqqu.
For one thing, I was rather disappointed with 03 Matsukasa
(*waves to Reene - the taupe (upper left colour) doesn't really agree with my warm undertones :/ *).

Also, I'd only seen ONE rather blurry swatch of Toukaede at that point of time,
and considering the astronomical $$$ to be plonked down, I preferred to wait ^_^

Gosh - the wait was so worth it for I Absolutely ADORE This Palette!

EX-04 Toukaede,

How Do I Love Thee? Let Me Count The Ways <3



Similar to 07 Komorebi, colour pay-off is 5 outta 5 for a Japanese palette.

Swatches galore... ^_^

The Colour Pay-Off for every shade is fantastic.


Shimmer particles in Japanese palettes have ALWAYS been a problem for me.

Eventhough I adore the softer colours in Asian palettes,
their attempt to compensate the soft colours by packing in shimmer (bordering glitter!?!?) particles
makes some palettes not work-appropriate.
And don't even get me started on fall-out... (Hello, Jill Stuart eyeshadows!)

Left to Right, Top to Bottom:
Colour A:
The shimmer particles here are just a tad larger compared to Colour B.
Nevertheless, they're still very fine and not at all gritty.
Also, I do think it's nice to have a slightly different finish to Colour B
just to amp-up the colour-combo/looks options...
*ahem - considering the $$$ factor, no?*
Nevertheless, I'm sucker for light golds, so...LOVE LOVE LOVE!

Colour B:
Shimmer particles - SUPER sUpEr super fine.
Feels very smooth.
A pleasure to apply... <3 <3 <3
And yes, unlike the taupe in 03 Matsukasa,
this warm shimmery slightly-bronzey peach compliments my skintone so well... *swoons*

Colour C:
Most matte eyeshadows have a sinister reputation of being
chalky, powdery and a bitch to blend.
NOT this beautiful dark, rich, burgundi-ish warm brown.
I really like how the brown has a hint of burgundy - makes the palette all the more outstanding.
A soft, creamy, "almost-emolient", matte powder.

Colour D:
Texture similar to Colour C


Left to Right, Top to Bottom:
Colour A:
A pale, shimmery, warm light gold ^_^
Like Colour B, the finely-milled shimmer imparts an iridescent sheen with slightly visible shimmer.

Colour B:
Due to the super-fine shimmer particles,
SLIGHT irisdecent sheeny slightly-bronzey peach!
No tin-man-like "metallic/frosty eyes" kind of effect.

Colour C:
Many true matte shades can end up looking flat and dull
due to the formulation - powdery, chalky consistency.
Since the texture of Suqqu's mattes are somewhat more "emolient",
it gives off this...inexplicable subtle "glow".

Colour D:
Finish similar to Colour C.

I think quite a few people have recommended 03 Matsukasa
as the ultimate starter Suqqu eyeshadow palette.

In MY opinion, if you are anything like me,
~ warm, yellow undertones ~
the taupe on the upper left could possibly end up looking... muddy T_T

On the other hand, EX-04 Toukaede is perfection on me ^_^

And that's my 2 cents worth ^_^

Thanks for reading! <3


  1. i really do love the colours of the palette! They're quiet warm :) x

  2. Yes, I am so glad that you got UTTER PERFECTION! This (and No. 8) is my fave Suqqu palette!

  3. Oohh such earthy colors! Perfect for the fall. :)

  4. the colors are beautiful!!!

    I've been loving berries, wines and rusty red shades lately =]

  5. Have been reading your blog!

    Now you are making me lemming for a Suqqu palette, particularly this one. The colours are awesome, especially the burgundy one.

    Looks like the next time I make a trip down to London, I'll have to visit Selfridges! :)

  6. pretty pigmented for a jap product!
    New follower here :) loving your blog. :3


  7. I absolutely adore colour C and the texture sounds amazing!!!

  8. Omg you have no idea how much I want some suqqu eyeshadows! But they don't sell it in America!!!!

  9. such lovely shades :)


  10. Wow! You got another Suqqu! So what are you gonna do with the 03 Matsukasa palette? Gift/sell it to your loyal admirers? ;-)