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Tuesday, November 2, 2010

October Loot & Short Reviews

MAC Venomous Villains Beauty Powder in Her Own Devices
- Another nude/neutral blush added to my stash. I do notice that the ickier-looking the blush, the more natural it looks on me. By icky, I mean blushes which lean more towards muddy-lo0king beigey-pinks/beigey-peaches rather straight-up pinks/peaches/corals. Hhmm..

MAC Venomous Villains Beauty Powder in Oh So Fair
- The reason I got this is because I missed out on the MAC Beauty Powder in Shell Pearl from the "Give Me Liberty of London" collection. But now, I'm ACTUALLY glad I "missed the boat", so to speak, because THIS is way more pigmented than Shell Pearl :P

MAC Venomous Villains Eyeshadow in Sweet Joy
- I already have this in the MAC Intriguing Scarlet palette, and *gasps* it actually has a dent in it. Great neutral - LOVE!

MAC Venomous Villains Nail Lacquers in
~ Bad Fairy
~ Formidable!
~ Mean & Green
- Duochrome (in this case, triple/quadruple-chrome?!?!?) nail polishes is my weakness. I'm not a fan of nail art, so anything which looks unusual with just a coat or two is a must-have! :D I'm one happy girl here *muahahaha*

MAC Pigment in Vanilla
- 'Nuff said. AND in the old packaging! Yessh!

NARS Bronzer in Laguna
- This is probably my first TRUE bronzer. And by that, I mean my other bronzers could usually double-up as blushers. Laguna, NOPE. If anything, I need to avoid the apples of my cheeks because I could end up looking...dirty...
Great for contouring and sculpting a pair of fake supermodel cheekbones, but then, I look more gaunt than I'd like at the moment...So, NO contouring in that area for sure. And with the shimmer (finely-milled as they are), I can't use this to contour my nose. However, I'll figure out some way to use this :P

Marc Jacobs Cucumber
- I mentioned in my Favourite Fragrances  post that I've been lemming for this for ages (years, literally). Finally got my grubby paws on it via Evil-Bay at a very good price.
And at a ginormous 300 mls - this baby is going to last me 3 lifetimes - not that I'm complaining, since I adore the scent and it's a 2008/2009 Limited Edition ~_^

Lancome Teint Miracle in O-03
- This is quite possibly my HG liquid foundation. Been using it for the past 2 weeks mixed with moisturiser  at a 1: 1 ratio (DIY tinted moisturiser) and I absolutely adore the glow, the oil-control and most of all, the colour match. If you care to glance through my Profile, you'll notice I have shades which match my Face OR my Neck, rarely both.
Somehow O-03 manages to transcend both shades and matches me OVERALL perfectly. Granted it could be a tad yellower, but really...I.AM.SO.OVER the Face OR Neck business ~_~
Edited 23 November 2010: Bumped up to BO-02, which works just as well - more brightening if anything :D

Laura Mercier Loose Powder in Translucent
- travel-size for...ermmm...travelling purposes LOL

Laura Mercier Illuminating Powder Quad in Mocha Spice
- YET another nude/neutral blush, but this time round, I wanted something higher-end. Blush colours from this spectrum are rather difficult to come by in the HE range.
Most of which I own from this rather neglected spectrum is from MAC (Tenderling, Perfect Cheek, Personal Style, etc). Obviously, when I caught sight of this, it's a must-have! YAY!

Cargo Blu-Ray High Definition Pressed Powder
- Haven't tried this on my face yet, but from swatching, the texture feels absolutely horrendous. Powdery, chalky, blerrghhh...Gosh! Cargo? HD? :O Surely you kid...

N.Y.C. Blushable Creme Stick (Plaza Pink)
N.Y.C. Blushable Creme Stick (South Street Shell)
- I'm on the fence with these. They're nice, blend well and most importantly, leave a non-tacky finish (unlike the cursed Stila Convertibles and NYX Cream Blushes).
However, my SkinFoods and Canmakes achieve the same, albeit at a slightly higher price point.

N.Y.C. Smooth Skin Bronzing Face Powder (Sunny)
- Another true bronzer, but the texture of this is far inferior compared to NARS Laguna. Gritty, but since the colour-payoff is pretty weak, it's fool-proof. It's virtually impossible to overdo. Oh! And it's matte, if that's any consolation. I still can't see what all the hype is about though...

N.Y.C. Lip Sliders Tinted Lip Balm (Sugar Coated)
- Something in this causes my lips to sting (similar to the old formulation of Revlon Super Lustrous Lipglosses). Highly over-rated, methinks. Allergy aside, this MAC BoyBait wannabe's colour pay-off and texture are nothing to shout about.

SkinFood Salmon Darkcircle Concealer Cream in 01
- Hello HG Undereye Concealer. I'm a frenzied woman most mornings preparing for work. And I get very impatient with the whole "dab-roll" rigmarole. Thus, I skip undereye concealing eventhough I know it makes a world of a difference.
And voila! This lil' baby makes the tedious task a breeze! LOVE!
Connie's full review is here!

And that's it...For now...UNTIL my Sephora F&F 2010 goodies arrive, that is...

*kisses to my angel in the States*


  1. I got the NYC Creme Stick to in South S.S too but somehow my bro said it looked dirty on me. :'(
    And the NYC Tinted Lip Balm does works on me.

    Ahh..I wanted to get the MAC Beauty Powder, but I'm too slow and it went OOS. =(

    I've read the raved on Skinfood concealer. Now you make me wanted it..

  2. you know - i've been reading more and more good reviews on NYC products. it's definitely more affordable for me LOL

    can't wait to see your F&F haul!!!

    I have a quick question - I currently don't have a skincare routine (outside of just washing my face with soap day/night and moisturizer after washing). I wanted to start a simple skincare routine to help replenish color in my face and remove cirles/bags under the eye. I have normal skin and rarely get breakouts. What would you recommend for me?

  3. ooh, quite a haul you got there! Hope the Cargo powder would apply better than it swatches.

  4. Wow.. You make me REALLY hate waiting for my orders.
    MAC cosmetics are like 1½ to 3 times the price in Denmark as they are in the US. It sucks.. so I most likely won't be getting any : / at least not for now.. I got a purse I rather wanna spend a crazy amount of money on. Haha!

  5. I wish blogspot would let you have the option to put "like" buttons next to each product entry because you're too funny and I want to "like" them all! ^_^ Lancome looks mighty interesting though!

    @Calia Maybe you can add a serum? Estee Lauder is promoting "Advanced Night Repair Synchronized Recovery Complex" which repairs damage to your skin caused by pollution and stress.

  6. I have that issue with face vs neck color lol. I didn't notice it until recently too! I always thought that cause I slathered on sunblock over everything that I would be fine. No.. :( My face is darker than my neck and I hate it!

    I should try that Skinfood concealer.. I'm sick of people at the office commenting on how tired I look lol.

    Thanks for sharing! Great haul. ^^

  7. Wonderful haul my dear! I like the NYC bronzer because of how natural it looks.

    Oh So Fair! I wanted that so bad, but since I have Shell Pearl, I skipped it. Do you know if there's a difference between the VV version and the Tartan version of Oh So Fair?

  8. Great haul! n high five for getting all three VV polishes! Actually now that I think about it, my obsession with nails started with those darn duo chrome polishes xD
    I like using laguna to contour my cheeks cos I have fat chubby cheeks and only with use of bronzer can I make like I got cheekbones xD
    Look forward to your Sephora haul!

  9. @slowbrogal Did you apply too much of the South S.S? Or maybe use it as a bronzer? :) Oh You gotta try the SkinFood concealer...It's not that pricey :)

    @calia Hiya! I agree - some NYC products are good-value for the price :) As for the skin routine, I was trying out a new skincare, but it didn't quite work out, so I'm taking a break and reverted back to my old routine (in YouTube). However, it's for adult-acne and VERY drying. I don't think you need such a harsh regime? I'll give that brand another try in several weeks.

  10. @Connie Hmmm...Tried it with my duo-fibre...A light hand definitely made a difference, but it's still nowhere near HD LOL

    @나니 Ooohhh...MAC is hiked up here in Malaysia too! And we can't even get to buy stuff in pro-pans! BOO!!! I really can't understand why T_T

  11. @Jess TQ TQ! Your hauls are awesome tooooo ^_^

    @Kusanagi Awww shucks HAHHAHAH Thanks! You made my day! But some may find my reviews too long...Sighs...Can't please everyone ^_~

  12. @reene Hiya, Thanks for dropping by! You MUST try the concealer! Gosh! I'm plugging the product so much HAHAHA I think my face is lighter due to years of benzoyl peroxide usage. My skin routine is geared toward adult-acne, and if benzoyl peroxide bleaches cloth.... T_T

  13. @hanidee Hiya, Thanks for dropping by! I bumped into you via EeVon HAHAH Great blog! Hhhmmm...I do like the NYC's colour...It's only the texture I gripped about...But then, since I apply it on my face with a brush, I shouldn't be so finicky abt the texture? LOL

  14. @M.A.C.nunu Hiya! Hey! If I have your talent for bling nails and such, I wouldn't need to hoard such nail polishes LOL I need "interesting" nails with the least skill & work, that's all...I think my cheeks look a lil gaunt at the moment. However, I've been using Laguna across my forehead, jaw and chin to shorten my long face HAHHAH