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Saturday, May 21, 2011

From UK With Love...

A short commemorative post about my First...Ever...Purchase of Hand-Made jewelry...online...
For real - my FIRST EVER! ^_^

And to think that it all started with Japan's earthquake in March...

Yasumi of "Worship at the House of Blues" threw herself into making and selling shiny "fings" to raise funds for the cause...
And succeed she did - raised quite a bit of moolah for Japan!

I wanted to support the cause because I know it's VERY close to her heart,
and knowing her impeccable taste and standards,
I knew her pieces would not fall far from perfection...

Thus I purchased the Swarovski heart pendants along with the "Rights of Admission Reserved: A NeckLace"...
(Note: When she says "Swarovski", she means "Swarovski...
Extremely specific about the specifications of each piece so you know exactly what you're paying for )

Soon after, she dedicated a blog to her "fings": The WorshipBlues Emporium,
...which I stalk obsessively...
...for she makes a VERY limited quantity of each piece....
...and she loves posting new items when I'm asleep...T_T

When a piece is gone, it's gone...Forever...

The eagle landed last week...

[Top: Japan Donation Drive Pieces]                    [Bottom: "Right of Admission Reserved: A Necklace"]

My apologies for the poor camera quality and my lack of skill - photography has never been my strength.
The photo does absolutely no justice to the pieces...

Note how my Swarovski hearts are strung/pierced/set (term?)
- Pink in the middle, Clear and Aqua on the right / left.

Especially the "Rights of Admission Reserved: A NeckLace" -> CLICK for its page!

To those who are curious as to why I rarely purchase pricey handmade items:

I love unique pieces...
If I were to pay a princely sum, the piece should reflect its price...

I love the way Yasumi strings together several seemingly odd charms,
transforming them into a statement piece which conveys a thousand words... <3

The treasures of the heart must be kept precious.
My new collection advocates discernment when it comes to matters of the heart.
Right of admission is very strictly reserved:
"Love" taken from the heart of the matter. "Door knob" lifted from an opulent doll house.


Thanks for reading <3


  1. Lovely,My favourute is the Swarovski heart pendany it's so pretty

  2. beautiful jewelry! congrats on snagging these babies up! im so with you on the posting while sleeping part. hahaha! <3

    your modeling pic is lovely babe, your skin looks amazing!!! :)

  3. I LOVE her jewelry but I always miss out :( her stuff sells out so fast! I really like the necklace you got, the little door plate is so unique.

  4. You have made this grumpy old curator a very happy old cow today. Thank you so much for this post. The necklace looks beautiful on you xx I love it when I get to see fings on people. xx

  5. Words cannot express how beautiful and unique I find the "Rights of Admission Reserved: A NeckLace" necklace; it reminds me of something right out of Alice in Wonderland! :)

  6. The necklace is so pretty...I follow Yasumi's blog too and she really does put alot of heart and effort into making unique pieces of jewellery...