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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

[CLOSED] GiveAway: 6,000 YouTube Subscribers and 450 Blog Followers


Thank you for dropping by.

Well, 6,1XX...And to think that I was literally whooping with joy when I hit 150 when I first started!
6K is rather overwhelming...In a good way, of course ^_^

I hope everybody will support my magazine-sharing transition in FaceBook.
As my subscriber count increases and YouTube's stand on published materials remains iffy, I think it's better to be safe than sorry...
I would literally cry my eyes out if my earlier videos were deleted T_T

However, I do harbour ambitions of making live videos...So... *fingers crossed* ^_~

In the meantime, after the previous Give-Away at 3,030 subscribers,
it's time again to give back to everybody whose supported me from Day One *hugs & kisses*

I appreciate EACH and EVERYONE!
My subcriber count increases at a snail's pace, but on the bright side, I could actually keep track of my "regulars", so to speak.


Clear Stock Pics...                    

My Lousy Pics...                       

The Prize Stash

The Loot:
(Top to Bottom, Left to Right)
- Jill Stuart Mix Compact Blush #13 Milky Strawberry
- Esprique Precious Dual Gradation Eyes D-3
- Innisfree Mineral Melting Foundation #5
- Innisfree Mineral Water Foundation #23
- Laura Mercier Tinted Moisturiser Nude
- Koji Dolly Wink Liqud EyeLiner Deep Black
- Urban Decay Primer Potion
- Dior Addict High Color Lipstick #534 Pink Thrill
- Koji EyeLash Curler #73
- Maybelline Hello Kitty Volum' Express Mascara


  1. I can't read the text in your form... and I really want to enter, the prizes are soooooo tempting, even though I know i wont have much of a lucky draw luck....

  2. Congrats SueLynn!!! ^_^ Always rooting for you!!!

  3. @Cutie
    Oh dear...How odd...OK - put your answers here in the Comments then ^_^

    Thank you, Calia! *muaks, lil stalker* - I know you from Day One :D

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  5. i have passed my entry. ohhh i love your prizes as well as your channel! more power!

  6. Awesome giveaway I have submitted the form now keeping my fingers crossed.
    I posted on twitter here:
    I have mentioned this link in the form but I posted it on my facebook wall too I did not leave the link in the form because there was only one box so here is the link to facebook wall:
    I have shared it with everyone so you don't need to add me as a friend.

  7. Congrats Sue Lynn! You are AMAZING! :)

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  9. and I forgot to say, congrats with reaching 6k!!!! that's a milestone! I hope I will get there someday, somehow...

  10. oh wow such a fabulous giveaway - good luck everyone xxx

  11. @Diana

    Just fill in all the Fields just below the gigantic "6,000 YouTube Subscribers & 450 Blog Followers GiveAway" and then click SUBMIT!

    Easy-peasy... :)

  12. Congrats!!!! ^^ That's really a big step, getting this far!! I wish you all the success in the future!!

  13. hey congrats..and i entered the GA..its awesome
    i also tweeted it http://twitter.com/#!/bintaslam/status/72074367206555648 the link to my fb wall share is in the form...thaks for the oppurtunity.

  14. @Diana
    How odd...OK - put your answers here in the Comments then ^_^

  15. @Sue Lynn
    Great! But i need to know what the questions are..

    btw...I can see the form when i refresh but after a few seconds it disappears!

  16. SueLynn76 is an awesome blogger and youtuber who does awesome reviews and beautiful tutorials!

    I have liked you in facebook and posted about the giveaway! (Diana Liu)

    Blogger name: Diana Liu (google)

    I followed you on twitter..(same name as before)

    My email: hollisterrox0@gmail.com
    country of residence: USA

    p.s. i think this is what the questions on the form were

  17. Thanks so much for having this giveaway, I filled out the form! :-)