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Saturday, July 24, 2010

Yes, I Finally Succumbed...

If you are reading this post, you have most probably watched my YouTube video announcing the existence of this blog. Welcome!

Yes, I finally succumbed and jumped on the blogging bandwagon, more so out out of necessity than other factors.

In case you have not noticed, I have been somewhat lagging in uploading YouTube videos, "Picture Tutorials", "Quick Tips", "Hauls", "Fashion", regardless. Reason being, I work full-time, and work lately has been more taxing, traveling more than usual. Which means, the last thing I want to do during my downtime is to turn on the computer and "work" on a tutorial. Thus, this blog would be a, "buffer", if you will, between Videos.

Not to mention, I can also post SUPER EASY Picture Tutorials here without the hassle of Windows Movie Maker!!!

Another reason is I have been dying to review some products (some of which has been HIGHLY requested, I kid you not **clears throat** e.g. LUNASOL PALETTES, etc), which I cannot seem to compress into the 10 minute time limit due to my incessant babbling, not to mention decent pictures of the products and swatches.

I have recently received some products to review as well (YAY!), and I may do them here and/or YouTube.

Did I mention that 90% of the time are NOT Good-Hair/Face days? And after filming, I would just delete the footage? At least now I can hide behind paragraphs of text regardless of how I look LOL

Last but not least, there are times when I feel that certain trivial matters are too minute to be made into a Video, say, a short announcement which I can type out here in a matter of minutes rather than churn out a "short" video and jump through the YouTube hoops uploading it.

And so, here I am...A blogger, added to my extra-curricular portfolio...

Speaking of short announcements, I am well aware of my promise of a Give-away and/or Contest when I hit 3,030 subscribers.

I gave you my word, and I will deliver - never fear. It is just that I did not anticipate hitting that number so "soon" (yes, I will be the first to admit my subscriber base does NOT grow exponentially like some Super YouTube Gurus).

I have most of my prizes ready because they do not take much thought (since most of them are my HG products which I want to share with you), but I have received word that 2 parties may want to sponsor additional prizes ^_^ Hey, it is YOUR gain, readers and viewers! So, kindly be patient.

I shall sign off now. Hopefully this introduction to my blog and its upcoming posts will be an incentive for you to be a FOLLOWER.

Sue Lynn


  1. Finally u're on blog!! Ur videos all very nice~~:D

    I'm first to comment!! Welcome to the world of blogging.


  2. Yayyyy! Looking forward to your posts! :D

  3. Horray!
    This is gonna be great! I just followed.
    Come check out mine if you have a minute ^-^"

    Much love,

  4. Yay!! I can't wait to read your informative reviews, thoughts, etc! ^_^

  5. nice reviews. Just followed your blog.

    You can check mine if you get a chance.

  6. @Cyn LOL - such a small community, and to think we used to "bump" into each other at Ryan's place. Love your layout - so clean & chic *followed*

    @eevon Oh yea...Coming along, coming along :P

    @Bunnie Gosh Youmake vids too? I Subbed! And Followed too!

  7. @Carol Yup yup :D - I think I shall begin a Lunasol palette series...Oh, and more on Nude Cosmetics...

    @Fuzzo Yeshhhh, your nagging finally did it LOL

    @yi Allo! Fellow M'sian? Thanks for droping by!