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Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Review: EverMiracle EM Mask Sheet Whitening Essence

- Functions:
  Active Ingredients:
   ~ Vitamin C, tocopheryl acetate and green tea extract:
       protects and keeps the skin healthy
   ~ Collagen
      replaces rough and dry skin with elastic and transparent skin
   ~ Phytoncide and EM oil
      makes lively and healthy skin through refreshment of nature


Unlike any other masks I've ever used, which usually comes in a single sheet...
the EM mask is divided into two parts:
- one for the upper part of the face; and
- one for the lower part.

I'm not finicky about the shape of masks,
or masks in general because they are not crucial to MY skin routine.

However, I guess logical deduction leads me to the conclusion that
since not all faces are shaped and sized alike,
a 2-part adjustable mask might be more versatile ^_~

This also doesn't have ear hooks or a chin-piece to give the extra lifting-effect.
I guess since this is not a mask which touts firming as its main purpose,
that's negligible.

I've read/heard of masks which are too tissue-like, flimsy and tears
even before making contact with its destination (i.e. the face)... :O
However, I've ALSO heard of masks which are so "stiff"
that they don't adhere to a face's every nook and cranny... :O :O

I can say that this mask didn't tear upon removal from the packaging,
and I didn't have to handle it like a pricey Lalique vase.

The cotton fibre feels rather sturdy - no risk of tearing for sure,
( tried to tear it after use and failed +_+)
and the mask as a whole adheres pretty well to my face, even around my ginormous nostrils +_+

This mask is SUPER saturated in essence.

After removing the mask from its pouch,
there's still sufficient left over to apply all over my neck and decolletage!

Very generous ^_^

Quite light. Not too sticky nor heavy.
I'd say it's quite similar to the infamous Hada Labo HA Lotion.

"HOW IT FELT ON MY FACE" (For the lack of better words :P)
Initially I felt...nothing...Just like a piece of wet cloth on my face..
Just cool & refreshing...

After a minute or so, when my skin has absorbed some essence,
I began to feel a slight tightening.
VERY slight though and it it didn't sting, so I wasn't unduly worried.
In fact, it occured to me the tightening may even plump up my laugh lines :D

I chose to focus on the cool & refreshing effect instead... ^_^

After whipping off the mask,
my face kinda felt sticky and greasy...
I was very tempted to wash off the residue essence!

However, I had to run to the kitchen to get something done,
and by the time I returned to the bedroom, VOILA!
Essence completely absorbed :D, so there was no wastage
by washing it off.

Can't put my finger on it. A little sweet, but not fruity-sweet...
In fact, it's quite faint for a sheet mask.
Definitely not as yummy as My Beauty Diary, Sexy Look and FaceQ masks though... :/

I heard from a face sheet mask connoisseur that a mask
should have an IMMEDIATE positive effect on your face.

Thus, a mask shouldn't need to be used long term for its effects to be seen.

Thus, I assume that the MOMENT I whip off the mask,
my face should be a vision to behold: "Woah! Lookit moi mug - Awesomeness" ^_~

Well, my face was a LOT more moisturised - bouncy, dewey... *boing boing*
As for the Whitening/Brightening effect,
it wasn't as dramatic nor did it last like the Silk Whitia Anti-Oxidant mask ($$$)

But for it's price, it's pretty decent :)

Thanks for reading! <3

FTC Disclaimer: The EverMiracle mask was sent to me for review purposes on my Blog and/or my YouTube Channel. I was NOT paid to write this post, I am not affiliated in any way with the company, my opinions are my own and always honest. 


  1. the mask sounds good, but doesn't make me want to try it right away...

    so the 2 piece bit... do they overlap or if one's face is too big, there'd be a gap?