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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Review: LUVIEW Crystal Mineral Pact

The LUVIEW Story...
I've been exposed to numerous Korean brands unheard of
prior to being sponsored by Korea Cosmetics...
...Nude Cosmetics ... EverMiracle ... and many more to come...

Today, after reviewing the Crystal Cover BB Cream, another LUVIEW product...


- Skin Type: 
   ~ Normal
- Formula: 
   ~ Pressed powder
- Coverage: 
   ~ 4 out of 5 (According to LUVIEW's ratings)
- Functions:
   ~ UV Protection

   ~ Mineral-Enriched
- Product Description:
Inspired by crystal minerals, It keeps skin flawless and radiant hour after hour    ~ Jewelry formula
      Jewelry formula measurably reduce redness and keeps skin radiant
   ~ Ultra-fine satin powder glides on silky smooth, stays on comfortably, without feeling dry
   ~ Optimizes skin's varying tones to create a more even appearance.
      Buildable coverage lasts for hours, yet feels like nothing at all. Controls shine. In a ready-to-go, ready-
      to-perfect compact.
- Usage:
   ~ Take appropriate volume on the puff to apply it tenderly with light "pounding" (LUVIEW's word - not
      mine :p)

This is a VERY difficult product to review. Not because I cannot form an opinion on it,
but because, cliched as it may sound, one man's meat is another man's poison.

How much you love this HIGHLY DEPENDS on how you want your face to look after base application.
I, for one, love a glowy, natural finish to my skin.
I am extremely turned-off by super-matte finishes.
I mean, let's face it - no normal person's skin is COMPLETELY matte,
and in Malaysia's climate, IMPOSSIBLE, not to mention freaky-looking.

Thanks, Lina! <3

Thanks, Lina! <3

Thanks, Lina! <3

The design concept is tres chic... ^_^
None of the cutesy, princessy frills ala Baviphat and Etude house...
nor the zen-like minimalist lines of Innisfree and Laneige.

What we have here is an elegant, metallic compact embossed with the brand and product name.
That's IT...
An article women in their 30s and beyond would't feel embarassed to whip out for touch-ups.

Best of all, for sanitary purposes, there is a clear plastic separator to protect the powder from your icky sponge. How cool is that?:D

I was sent the darker of 2 shades available: #2 Natural Beige.
Alas, it's still too light for me :/ *story of my life*

The consolation is, it's still usable with a VERY light hand
...as a SETTING powder because of its *gasp* yellow-undertoned! YAY! ^_^
...as a POWDER foundation, NAY! T_T

The texture feels rather powdery. I know, I know, it IS a powder foundation after all.
What I mean to say is, as a powder foundation,
it reminds me of the Laneige Sliding Pact EX
{which I'm none too fond of and it is more of a pressed setting powder},
except that this feels a tad creamier.

Due to its Texture and Finish, the coverage is better than pressed setting powders.
However, the more coverage you want to achieve,
the more matte and powdery you would end up.

I would say medium coverage at most.

If you have great skin,

concealer is all you need with a light layer of this to set,
even out your skintone and control the oilies.

Matte, COMPLETELY, UTTERLY matte. 'Nuff said.
I would love it {especially with its kick-ass packaging}
if it has some kind of luminosity/glowy/shimmer quality to it. Sigh. :(
Giant powder brush, MAC 187, nothing could redeem its matteness.


Thanks for reading <3

FTC Disclaimer: The LUVIEW Crystal Mineral Pact was sent to me for review purposes on my Blog and/or my YouTube Channel. I was NOT paid to write this post, I am not affiliated in any way with the company, my opinions are my own and always honest. 


  1. aaah nice review Sue ^^ I agree, the casing is a real kick-ass! hehe...

  2. Wow, this sounds amazing. But the model in the photo looks ultra white while the rest of her skin is normal. Yikes!

  3. awwww too bad, being completely matte makes ones face too made up so it doesn't look natural =(
    nice packaging though

  4. Im now starting to love luview products. I just hope i could review their products. btw, im a newbie blogger :) Your suggestions will really really help me. check out my blog: