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Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Review: Esprique Blend Dimensional Eyes (Deep), Esprique Blend Dimensional Eyes (Shiny), Coffret D'or 3D Glossy Eyes, Esprique Melt Fix Cheek

Just a "MINI" COLLECTIVE haul..."MINI", well, compared to previous collective hauls... O_o
Since I've been focussing A LOT more on bases lately...

ALSO, I'm saving up for 3 RATHER pricey ($$$ *kaching*) eyeshadow palettes...

Care to make a guess as to what they are? ^_~

ESPRIQUE Blend Dimensional Eyes (DEEP) B-4
from Fall 2011
(Note the difference in the quad's Layout and Sponge Tip applicators compared to Summer 2011's palettes)
Spectacular swatches available HERE!

ESPRIQUE Blend Dimensional Eyes (SHINY) A-1
from Summer 2011

Spectacular swatches available HERE!

Express Review:
Esprique's eyeshadow palettes have always been the best in terms of Texture and Colour Pay-Off
compared to Coffret D'or and Lunasol.
Well, in my opinion, at least :/
And these prove to be no different.

However, there IS a slight difference in terms of Texture
when you compare these with palettes from Spring 2011 (Dual Gradation Eyes - review HERE).

Spring 2011 & Summer 2011 palettes seem to be softer, silkier and the shimmer particles finer,
whilst Fall 2011's shimmer is slightly coarser.
Nevertheless, the difference is rather very minimal...
In fact, I think the difference might only be noticeable
if you compare both of them side-by-side
with a very critical eye ^_^

Sadly, the colour combo's aren't exactly tempting :/

COFFRET D'OR 3D Glossy Eye
from Late Summer/ Early Fall 2011

02 Feminine Brown
Spectacular swatches available HERE!

01 Nudy Brown

Spectacular swatches available HERE!

04 Pink Violet
Spectacular swatches available HERE!

05 Aqua Blue
Spectacular swatches available HERE!
Awww...One Big Happy Family <3

Express Review:
OMG - This is such a huge improvement over Spring 2011's Eyes Appeal (review HERE).

Colour Pay-Off is great (*ahem* for a Coffret D'or palette).
Shimmer level is kept to a minimum...Barely any fallout which is always a problem when it comes to Coffret D'ors.

I ADORE this - more so than Spring 2010's Jewelcious Eyes
which WAS (HA!) my favourite Coffret D'or palettes todate O_O
I'm sooooooooo gonna get more of these <3 <3 <3
Or maybe not... *need to save $$$ for "those" palettes ;)*
Edited 24 August 2011: Yeshhhh, I got 3 more :P

ESPRIQUE Melty Fix Cheek BE300
from Summer 2011 

Express Review:
I'm meh on this...

Creamier than Nars Multiples;
More opaque than Nars Multiple Tints;

Nice, but not exactly a must-have...

And...a random purchase... ^_~

Long Story or a Lame Excuse, you be the judge:
So I was (s)trolling (along) the Dior counter...
As a Dior-phile, you know...
It's kind of a pilgrimage :P

Disappointed at the Summer 2011 "Electric Tropics Collection"...
Hey! I'm all for neutrals, but Rosy Nude and Rosy Tan didn't call to me... T_T

I was even MORE appalled at Fall 2011 "Blue Tie Collection" *eewww*
*Light Gray*...*Dark Gray*..NO grays work on me, so Booooo!

Swatching randomly, asking if some older palettes which I like are in stock...

And THEN, I caught sight of the beautiful...

Dior 5-Color Iridescent Eyeshadow in Pink May (909)
which I missed out on during the Spring Look 2008 "Flower Blossom Collection"

The lower right purple is to die for! Paired with the upper left peachy gold, O-Em-Gee ^_^

Express Review:
Dior's Iridescent Quints have NEVER failed me todate... *swoons*

Thanks for reading <3


  1. I like Japanese eye shadows, but I prefer European ones because they have more colour payoff! The Japanese ones are sheer and shimmery, but I want more oomph from my shadows!

  2. Great comparison!! Can't wait to read about the upcoming palettes that you are going to get! Lunasol Fall 2011? ;)

  3. I actually got 3 of the Coffret D'or glossy eyes and Esprique shadow in B1. It's on their way coming... I sacrifice a cheaper price for longer processing, but it's ok!

  4. oh btw, I think I am going to haul that "kaching" eyeshadow limited edition for fall and their blushers. My CP "kaching" eyeshadow came in the mail today!

  5. the first Esprique palette is so pretty =]

    hehe definitely justified Dior purchase, it's meant to be... you missed out and managed to find it again... rare =D

  6. I'm kinda meh on the Esprique palettes but HULLO Dior quint!!!

  7. OMG the Dior palette is pretty! i can totally imagine blending the colors u like! O.O

  8. Strangely, I like the Coffret D'or palette the most! Haha. I was most intrigued by them when I saw swatches, but sadly they pulled out of Singapore :S Adambeauty to the rescue!

  9. Beautiful! Especially love your Dior find! Ahh I'm lusting for some Esprique, especially since I haven't tried anything from them before, hehe. Great post!

  10. hi where did you purchase the esprique e/s online?