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Saturday, August 20, 2011

Review: Jill Stuart Mix Blush Compact #15 Sweet Lock Limited Edition

"Limited Edition" - Jill Stuart ("JS") limited edition items are highly sought after.
Fortunately for me (and my wallet!),
I'm a fan of their Mix Compact Blushes only ^_^

JS Fall 2011 offers the Mix Blush Compact in #15 Sweet Lock
(also the oddest Mix Blush Compact name todate...Hmmm...

Anyway, THIS is one of the items, Limited Edition or not,
after clicking the irrevocable CheckOut button,
I knew I would either go "AWEsome" or "GRUEsome"
only when it arrives +_+
*so I twiddled my thumbs and waited*

Goes unsaid that JS LE items  has little extra details to draw you in...
Filigree detailing on the box...

Filigree detailing on the casing and brush...

I love JS Mix Blush Compacts' formulation;
(soft,  silky smooth, barely any shimmer if any,
gives the most natural glow I've seen in powder blushes
- it's almost difficult to believe it's "powder" blush).

Not too keen on the princess-y/girl-y packaging, to be honest,
so excuse me if I don't sound too enthusiastic about the exterior :P

When I received this little baby a few days back,
my heart literally dropped...
I was disappointed to say the least because compared to the others,
Sweet Lock looks so...

Could you spot the ugly step sister among the bunch? ^_~
(Note: The brushes are detachable.)

Top to Bottom, Left to Right:
- 04 Hot Cherry
- 07 Lovely Tulip
- 10 Sweet Biscuit
- 12 Candy Orange
- 13 Milky Strawberry
- 15 Sweet Lock

It took me several days to deflower it,
because I was torn between giving it a chance
(thereby messing up the white overspray and devaluing it $$$ :P),
or just jump right in!

Well, jump right in,
I did,
after much contemplation!

Shades Top to Bottom, Left to Right:

- satin light pink, leans a little mauve
- shimmery light pastel (popsicle?) orange
  (shimmer level similar to the light yellow in 07 Lovely Tulip,
  which also happens to be the most shimmery of my whole JS stash)
- shimmery light taupe
  (shimmer level similar to the light yellow in 07 Lovely Tulip,
  which also happens to be the most shimmery of my whole JS stash)
- satin cool pink

Swirled together, it gives off a (slightly) warm light pink due to the pastel orange.

However, I'm pretty sure I would get a lot more mileage
out of Shade 1 & Shade 4 because shimmer on my cheeks
is just asking for my pores to be scrutinized up close & personal! O_o

Awesome Swatches HERE!


The white overspray does it absolutely NO favours, in my opinion,
because it LIGHTENS the blush (which is ALREADY light as it...)
It was only when I dug deeper BENEATH the white overspray,
butchering it,
that I got the true colour pay-off ^_^

Thus, there's no after picture because my Sweet Lock looks rather...mangled now ~_~

Thank God for persistence, eh? ;)

At least I know I know it's not gonna sit in my stash gathering dust ;)

Thanks for reading! <3


  1. Omg it so gorgeous! I love the designs of JS blushes <33

  2. uh noo what did they do with the white spray :/ It's so ugly -____-
    you did good digging deeperin the blush.It may look butchered but atleast you'll use it more now.

    BTW where did you get your jillstuart? I have a few sites to buy them from but I dont know wich one is best


  3. WHOA..Jill Stuart has over the top packaging.very pretty and cute =)

  4. It's quite pretty alone, but when you compared it to the other ones it's gonna be overlooked!!!

    the overspray was definitely excess, looks kind of awkward...

  5. These blushes are so pretty and the colors are divine! Shame though for the price, I always have to look the other way, lmao. Nice review! The only thing I have with this particular blush is that it would be better off with those white stars - looks a bit cheap? Just having the JS logo is enough.

  6. Super awesome blog!



  7. hi from SINGAPORE!!!

    i was just looking around and stumbled upon your blog and i LOVE It babe... you youtube channel is cool and you are good!!!

    i adore your blog and your beauty products!!!

    Label me ADDICT ♥

  8. So pretty:) I am kicking myself now for not buying any JS cosmetics when I was in Hong Kong.

  9. Gah, I know it's too girly-girly but the packaging is just SO cute. No other word to descrobe it really ^_^;;; I love the mauvy pink shade - glad to hear that there is pay-off after the white over spray has been mangles. And don't worry about said mangling - cosmetics are to be used, life is too short to let them waste away on a shelf :)

  10. I love your collection! :) Pretty colors!