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Monday, September 12, 2011

Review: Lunasol Three Dimensional Eyes Fall 2011 (01 Neutral Beige & 02 Soft Beige)

If you are a long time follower of my Blog (well, a little more than a year)
and my YouTube channel,
you might have noticed a Lunasol "drought"...~_^

Nope! I've NOT been holding out on you!

The fact of the matter is,
since Star Shower Eyes Fall 2009,
I pretty much stopped Lunasol-hauling.
*hums (...I've Lost That -Lunasol- Lovin' Feeling...*)

(...final haulage being Nature Color Eyes Spring & Summer 2010...)
(...Oh! And the solitary Ocean Scene Summer 2011 in EX-01 Shelly Ocean...)

I still like Lunasol's offerings in terms of Colour-Combinations,
with the EXCEPTION of Ocean Scene Spring 2011:
~ seriously, must there be a BLUE in EVERY . SINGLE . PALETTE ?!?!

Texture-wise, in MY opinion anyway,
with each subsequent collection since Star Shower Eyes Fall 2009,
...shimmer particles grew larger...and lArGeR...and LARGER...
...resulting in increasingly gritty gRiTty GRITTY eyeshadows...

Thus, it's no surprise I boycotted...erm...I mean forwent :P
3 whole collections, which is incredibly out of my character ^_~
~ Star Shower Eyes Fall 2009
~ Aurorized Eyes Fall 2010
~ Ocean Scene Eyes Spring 2011

HOWEVER, Three-Dimensional Eyes Fall 2011 
TOTALLY rekindled my LOVE for Lunasol! ~(^_^)~

Three-Dimensional Eyes (01 Neutral Beige)

Three-Dimensional Eyes (02 Soft Beige)

Express Review:
If you've never purchased a Lunasol palette,
I HIGHLY recommend this Collection to begin with,
either in 01 Neutral Beige or 02 Soft Beige...

Allow me to break down the reasons for you
without having to describe each shade in the palettes...

I hope the photos and swatches are better this time round? :) 

Image from: http://www.lunasol-net.com

Admittedly, Three Dimensional Eyes is not of such calibre it'd blow your socks off.
However, IF you want to get a feel of MOST, if not ALL, powder eyeshadow finishes/textures
Lunasol has come out with todate, this is IT.
There is a total of 5 distinct finishes:
~ A-a, D-a    (...the Omni-Present Lunasol shimmer/glitter bomb to...)
~ A-b, D-b
~ B
~ C
~ A-c, D-c   (...the most alluring pearlescent glowy sheen...)
However, if you REALLY wanna get anal, I can actually see slight differences between
~ A-b and D-b
~ A-c and D-c,
so would that make...*gasps
~ A-a
~ D-a
~ A-b
~ D-b
~ B
~ C
~ A-c
~ D-c 
8 finishes!?!? HA!

OMG! Colours A-b, A-c, D-b and D-c are almost devoid of shimmer,
and if any, super-finely-milled shimmer!
^_^ Oh joy! ^_^
It's been centuries :P since Lunasol came out with non-shimmery colours!!!
^_^ Oh happy happy joy joy! ^_^
And no - they're not chalky mattes. Pearlescent sheen, anyone? <3 Major love!

The colour-combos are neutral, versatile, highly usable and full-proof (well, 01 & 02, at least).
Also, with one palette, you could easily produce Day or Night looks,
and transitioning between the two is pretty darn easy.

For obvious reasons, with all the possible combinations/permutations from 8 colours,
very economically viable, no?

Thanks for reading! <3

P.S. I think I went a little font-colour-crazy today :P


  1. I don't know about you, but I have one Lunasol eye palette (Skin Modelling Eyes in 01 Beige Beige) and I find them all a bit same-y. Maybe it's just me! Just asked Hubs to get me an Addiction blush and two Addiction lippies, though...

  2. The 'Soft Beige' colours are right up my alley, but I can't justify getting an eyeshadow palette (even though it would work out pretty economical as you say, with so many combinations) because I have many that I haven't even used yet. Or can I...? *whistles*

  3. i have been trying to stop myself from getting anything from lunasol as it might start an addiction but these palettes just look gorgeous and i might actually take the plunge for either of these soon! :)

  4. I'm so eyeing on these palettes... and the brushes! Haven't tried Lunasol before, but these palettes have been making me go goo goo ga ga!

  5. is this a permanent shade from all the lunasol e/s palettes?

  6. how much is a palette going for in malaysia?