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Monday, September 5, 2011

Review: Suqqu Blend Color Eyeshadow 07 Komorebi (Fall 2011)

A Suqqu?
A Suqqu Blend Color Eyeshadow?
Why NOW?

In all honesty, I've been wanting to try a Suqqu Blend Color Eyeshadow for ages. AGES!

However, the only online shop (which I trust) which carries Suqqu products...

Well, let's just say, I'm not ready to pay THEIR prices
when I know perfectly well what the ACTUAL retail price is in Japan...

And when the retail price is ASTRONOMICAL as it is...O_o

Also, the Suqqu Blend Color Eyeshadows were not calling to me,
UNTIL I saw 07 Komorebi Fall 2011!
Yes, light lime-ish green eyeshadows do that to me ^_~

There I was, squirming away, lemming, stalking the online shop, sighing... *vicious cycle*

Lamenting away I know nobody in Japan to Custom Purchase ("CP") 07 Komorebi for me...

And then, et voile! Olivia introduced her friend to me:
Ritsue ( Contact: ritsue.kasai[@]gmail[.]com )
(Remove brackets)

Ritsue offered to CP 07 Komorebi [and for good measure, 03 Matsukasa as well ;)]
at a minimal service fee!

Just to clarify, I'm in NO WAY benefiting from mentioning Ritsue, wokay?
It's just an option IN CASE you need somebody in Japan to CP.
Well, apart from the fact that I paid less than purchasing from the above mentioned online shop HA! :D

And as they all say...The rest..is...History ^_^

How does 07 Komorebi fare? ^_^

Here goes nothin'!



Bear in mind that Suqqu eyeshadows are densely-packed.
Does take some getting used to, but in no way is the quality compromised.

It's just formulated...differently ^_^ In a GOOD way
If anything, the quad is easier to use! ~(^_^)~

Anyway, a picture says a thousand words.

Let the swatches speak for themselves ^_^

As for my opinion, yes, the Colour Pay-Off for every shade is pretty darn good.
Especially when you take into consideration this is a Japanese eyeshadow quad
and I'm no pale lily (NC25-NC30)!

In real life, the green leans more lime-y/chartreuse-y than the photo's light olive! Damn camera!

In real life, the green leans more lime-y/chartreuse-y than the photo's light olive! Damn camera!

My other "light greens"


Shimmer particles in Japanese palettes have ALWAYS been a problem for me.

Eventhough I adore the softer colours in Asian palettes,
their attempt to compensate the soft colours by packing in shimmer (bordering glitter!?!?) particles
makes some palettes not work-appropriate.
And don't even get me started on fall-out... (Hello, Jill Stuart eyeshadows!)

Left to Right, Top to Bottom:
Colour A:
The shimmer particles here are just a tad larger compared to Colour B.
Nevertheless, they're still very fine and not at all gritty.
Also, I do think it's nice to have a slightly different finish to Colour B
just to amp-up the colour-combo/looks options...
*ahem - considering the $$$ factor, no?*

Colour B:
I LOVE green eyeshadows.
I'm a green-eye fiend.
(Only on my eyes though - not apparel!)
Sadly, due to my work, neutral eyes are the way to go...
Compared to all the Japanese Green eyeshadows showcased above,
this has the most beautiful finish and compliments me the best.
Shimmer particles - SUPER sUpEr super fine.
Feels very smooth.
A pleasure to apply... <3 <3 <3
And yes, THIS green is why I chose Komorebi as my First Suqqu Palette! *Notice the Title Case! HA!*

Colour C:
Most matte eyeshadows have a sinister reputation of being
chalky, powdery and a bitch to blend.
NOT this beautiful rich expresso brown.
I think the best matte eyeshadows in my stash are from Stila (Chinois, Dune & Puppy)
and Colour C's texture is comparable to them, if not better ^_~
A soft, creamy, "almost-emolient", matte powder.

Colour D:
Texture similar to Colour C


Left to Right, Top to Bottom:
Colour A:
First of all, let me just say this light golden bronze does NOT turn orange on me,
primer or no primer.
I'm not sure why, but most Lunasol bronzes (light, medium, dark, etc) turns oompa-loompa on me T_T
(ala MAC WoodWinked)!
This, What I See Is What I Get:
A light golden bronze, leaning ever-so-slightly peach. Makes sense? :P
Like Colour B, the finely-milled shimmer imparts an iridescent sheen with slightly visible shimmer.

Colour B:
Due to the super-fine shimmer particles,
this gorgeous near-lime green exudes more of a SLIGHT irisdecent sheen,
rather than "oh-pretty-shimmery/metallic/frosty eyes" kind of effect.
I'm guessing I can sneak a little of this into work on casual days
without struggling too hard at toning it down ^_^

Colour C:
Many true matte shades can end up looking flat and dull
due to the formulation - powdery, chalky consistency.
Since the texture of Suqqu's mattes are somewhat more "emolient",
it gives off this...inexplicable subtle "glow".

Colour D:
Finish similar to Colour C.

As for the million dollar question:
"Are Suqqu Blend Colour Eyeshadows (specifically 07 Komorebi & 03 Matsukasa) worth their premium price tag?"

Honestly, if you have a sizeable eyeshadow stash, NO - especially not 03 Matsukasa.
~ None of these colours are unique to the point of being un-dupeable. No unusual duo-chromes and such.
~ As for the texture, I can safely say it now ranks Numero Uno among my Japanese palettes. But NOT by a HUGE margin like the price tag :/
~ And the awesome green is favourite green todate.
~ Can I live without the green and Komorebi?
Yes! And I'll still be perfectly happy with my current stash. Of course, now that I own it... ^_^

However, if you, like in my case, have waited for ages to try Suqqu palettes,
and a quad combining my favourite eye colours (the awesome green! the AWESOME green!)
which I find versatile enough for day & night is launched
(in this case repromoted) i.e. 07 Komorebi,

Note: For the record, I like 03 Matsukasa, but I do have to admit a hint of regret :/
However, if you want a review, just gimme a holler!

And that's my 2 cents worth ^_^

Thanks for reading! <3


  1. I've got EX-02, which looks very similar except that the dark shade is sparkly charcoal. I also have EX-06, 08, and 09, and I'm very fond of all of them!

  2. These shadows look so velvet-y and luxurious and lust-worthy, but I'm glad to hear they are not a 'MUST' have. Still, they seem to make great additions in one's make-up collection!

  3. The green looks so interesting! I would love to see a swatch of it on your skin. I tend to shy away from greens because some of them tend to make me look like I have a bruised eye. LOL. Personally, I'm a pink and purple type of girl so I'd be drawn to this quad just for Color A. ^_^

  4. the green looks great if only green suited my complexion, LOL. thanks for the heads up that they aren't must haves, i'm sticking to majolica majorca pallets hehehe

  5. The palette is beautiful, love all the colors especially the green =D So glad to know, I can live without this palette, haha. though your description of the texture is quite tempting =]