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Thursday, January 27, 2011

Gifts & Ginormous Collective Haul

Hollaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa...*echoing away*
Anybody still reading my blog posts?!?!

So I've been MIA for the past 3-4 months. However, I have a very valid reason: "WORK".

The line of work I'm in goes into a MASSIVE overdrive annually during the final quarter (October-ish -> January-ish), not to mention ad-hoc projects from time to time :(

And after a whole day of slaving away...erm...I mean...working...at the office, the last thing I need is to crank up the home lappie to edit YouTube videos and Blog.

My apologies, but really, WORK = $$$ = HAULS...So, unless I win the lottery... ^_^

Some Gifts & A Ginormous Collective Haul Ahead...
- Because When I'm Under Pressure, I Shop, A Lot!
- So Be Warned, Judgmental Peeps!

- Just bear in mind that the whole shebang (and some minor items which I can't seem to recall :P) spans over a 3-4 month period...
- This is a TONNE of stuff; thus I'll be doing my usual "Reviews"/"Short Reviews" in BATCHES, ok? :)
- Stay TUNED!

Anyway, I have a strong feeling that I won't be hauling all THAT much this year ^_~ because 2011's focus will be on....
..."Skincare"...- Hey! I'm 35! I need to amp it up yo!

X'Mas & Birthday Gifts from FuzKittie:

Yes, I turned 35 the week before last...
Damn! I can't even "lie" and say I'm in my early 30s now because I'm officially over that threshhold!
However, much comfort came in the form of a Gift package from the Fooz with some items I've been lemming for ages... ^_^
- Estee Lauder Pure Color Five Color EyeShadow Palette in "Extravagant Gold" <3 (Holiday 2010)
(This is what I'd hoped Guerlain Rue de Francs Bourgeois to be, but sadly, its texture leaves a lot to be desired :(  Even the super-luxe packaging was no consolation)
- Bare Escentuals Prime Time Foundation Primer
- Bare Escentuals High Shine Eye Colour in "Golden Khaki"
- Kiehl's Midnight Recovery Concentrate (deluxe sample)
- Make Up For Ever HD Foundation in #120
- Kameria Water Drop BB Cream
- Kiehls eye cream sample sachets

And she even filmed a video for me *touched*...TWICE...because she forgot to press the Record button the first time round :P

And then, there's (you're still my ONE & ONLY LOVE, Hubs! <3) my (shopping) man Ryan with his awesome Purchasing Service came through for me when NARS, Urban Decay & Tarte held their "F&F" sales, whilst Sephora followed up with their "20% Sale On Sale"...erm...sale ~_^


- Bronzer in "Irresistiblement"
- Blush in "Douceur"
- Multiple Tint in "Cadaques" (supposedly Limited Edition!?! - liar liar pants on fire)
- Multiple Tint in "Turks & Caicos" (supposedly Limited Edition!?! - liar liar pants on fire)


- Eye Shadow in "Half Baked"
- Eye Shadow in "X"
- Eye Shadow in "Acid Rain"
- Lipstick in "BuzzKill" 
- Lipstick in "Naked"  


- Annual BOGO pack of a Base Coat + Top Coat 
- OPI Nail Polish in "Not Like The Movies" (Kate Perry Collection - Black Shatter was OOS twice T_T)
- OPI Nail Polish in "Show It & Glow It!" (OPI Burlesque Collection)
- OPI Nail Polish in "Glow Up Already! "(OPI Burlesque Collection)
- OPI Nail Polish in "Bring On the Bling! "(OPI Burlesque Collection)
- Color Club Nail Polish in "Worth The Risque"
- Color Club Nail Polish in "Revvvolution"


- Josie Maran Beauty In A Box: Orglamic Revolution
- Make Up For Ever Rock For Ever Aqua Eyes
Random Self-Purchases

- Laura Mercier Shimmer Bloc in "Mosaic"
- MAC Blush in "Highland Honey" (Tartan Tale Collection)
- MAC Eyeshadow Palette in "Reelers & Rockers" (Tartan Tale Collection)
- Benefit SugarBomb
- TheBalm Batter Up Creaseless Cream Shadow in "Triple Play Mae"
- TheBalm Batter Up Creaseless Cream Shadow in "Base Hit Kit"

- Dior eyeshadow quint in "Five Golds" (Holiday 2010)
- Dior eyeshadow quint in "Endless Shine" (Holiday 2010)
- Dior Serum de Rouge in ""

- Becca Luminous Skin Color in "Camel"
- MAC Mineralise Foundation SPF 15 in "NC25"
- Dior DiorSkin Nude Natural Glow Crème-Gel Makeup SPF 20 in "#20"
- Laura Mercier Tinted Moisturiser Travel Set
  (Full-size & travel-size Tinted Moisturiser SPF 20 in "Nude", travel -size Foundation Primer )
- Laura Mercier Tinted Moisturiser SPF 15 - Oil-Free in "Nude"
- Laura Mercier Tinted Moisturiser SPF 20 - Illuminating in "Bare Radiance"

- Tarte ReCreate™ Silicone-free Primer with Wrinkle Rewind™ Technology (via Ryan)
- Tarte Clean Slate Face Primer (via Ryan)
- Laura Mercier Foundation Primer
- Laura Mercier Foundation Primer - Oil Free

- PearlGlide Liner in "Lord It Up" (Tartan Tale Collection)
- Chromographic Pencil  in "NC15/NW15"(Cham-Pale Collection)
- Eye Kohl in "I Get No Kick " (Cham-Pale Collection)
- Feline Kohl Power (Cham-Pale Collection)
- Rose Ole Special Reserve Highlighting Powder (Cham-Pale Collection)
- Paint Pot in "Chilled On Ice" (Cham-Pale Collection)
- Paint Pot in "Vintage Selection" (Cham-Pale Collection) 
- Paint Pot in "Dangerous Cuvee" (Cham-Pale Collection) 

And that's all. I have a strong feeling that I won't be hauling all THAT much this year ^_~ because the focus of this year will be on....
..."Skincare"...- Hey! I'm 35! I need to amp it up yo!

But with ALL the stuff above, I have PLENTY of stuff to review, so stick around!

Thanks for dropping by!


  1. i like how in some of the pics u arrange the items in a symmetrical way, very cute! :D

    wow wow wow, thats A LOT of stuff! especially interested in your thoughts on the LM primers and MUFE HD foundie! that travel set, is it available here??

  2. Woo hoo! <3 Lots of goodies! Don't worry I'm always around even when you're super busy with work! :] Hey I don't see the EP palette here!

  3. holy cow! that's enough make up to play with for at least a few months? hahah

  4. yay!!! lots of wonderful stuff! belated happy birthday! ^o^

  5. Waahh... so many awesome goodies to celebrate your birthday! That's worth it, no? Hehe... :p

    Awesome awesome random self purchases, SueLynn! ;)
    Hope you enjoy your Dior Five Golds and Endless Shine as much as I do!

  6. beautiful haul =D
    && happy belated bday ~~~~

    awwww say thirties minus the early still vague
    but it doesn't matter either way because asian women tend to look younger =D

  7. @EeVon What can I say? If I can't make my pics pretty with pearls and such, the least I could do is to make them organised? ;) That's so lame LOL

    I got the LM set in November I believe...The Bangsar Village LM counter...I believe they're not available anymore :(

    Will get back to ou on the primers & MUFE HD! :D

  8. @LadyDeath777 Thank you! Mini-milestone! YAY! :)

    @fuzkittie Those palettes got the honour of being the lone December post ^_^

    @amynaree Oh yeshhh...I won't be hauling point makeup for a long while...*but watch me break my word :P*

  9. @sugar sugar LOL Lotsa stuffies to play with! And thank you for your birthday wish :)

    @jess Oh yes! Thanks to Fuzzie! :D
    I love the Diors, but they're actually shimmery *gasps* The Estee Lauder is more of a sheen which I kinda prefer ;) Oh! I really like SugarBomb!!!

  10. @Steph Thank YOU, Steph, for your birthday wish! And yes, I have enough stuff to tide me over for months... :) I guess if I have to say ONE good thinng abt having oily skin...It'll be developing crows feet a lil later ;)

    @Connie Indeed it is! Hope you like the Mineralised!

  11. ahhh *screams of jealousy* amazing haul!!! I wore the OPI bring on the bling for NYE and it was amazing! :)))

    hope you had the happiest birthday! UM... def don't look a day over 30. or 25. you look so beautiful and young!


  12. happy belated birthday!!!!!yes so true! but this haul also can last you for the year! haha

  13. Hey Suelynn, what do you think of Jill Stuart eyeshadow quads? I have never tried it and thinking to buy it but since it's pretty pricey I want to know if it worth the $$. How is the pigmentation and shimmery texture all those things you think? Thank you!

  14. @Jessica Awww...You just made my day...Age is just a number, rite? And If I stay as bubbly as you are, mayhap I'll be able to delay the aging process! LOL Thanks so much for dropping by!
    GOsh! You have so many blogs...Methings I'll add the Review one to the blogroll? Or would you prefer another? :)

    @Evie LOL yeaaahhh I know...In fact I haven't bought anything none-base related for weeks :P And thanks you for your birthday wish *hugs*

    @Anon Well, my shimmer tolerance is rather low, so JS quads are just too OTT for me. Coz I usually use eyemakeup only for work, so JS quads are not exactly worth the $$$ for ME. Love their Mix Compact blushes tho <3

  15. These are amazing hauls ^_^! And I would've never guess you're over 30 omg I thought you were 26-27 or something ^^ And Happy (very very late) birthday! I heard the OPI Burlesque collection is really pretty so I hope you like them!