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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Week 4: Clarisonic Mia Chronicles

So, 17 March 2011 marks Week 4 of my Clarisonic Mia ("Mia") journey.

Week 0 click HERE
Week 1 click HERE
** After 4 weeks of use, I've noticed that my skin can get a little dry on cooler days. When this happens, I apply an additional moisturiser on top of my current routine. (Yo Carol! - No additional oiliness :D)
** I could only come up with 2 possible reasons:
[1] the Mia's Sonic action is exfoliating VERY well; and/or
[2] the my topical acne cream is sinking in better, thus the dryness.
** The Mia’s brush-head (mine is the Sensitive head) doesn't seem as abrasive as how I described in Week 1 (click HERE). A little birdie (Hi Ruth!) told me that the brush head does break in after a while, and true enough, it did ^_^

Black Face Chart from http://www.maccosmetics.com/

Zone A – THE HOT ZONES, which got me to get the Mia in the first place
Lots of small headless bumps  (cause is explicitly detailed HERE!)
(Right Side)   NO photo today (explanation below in pink), because at the end of Week 3, there were still NO changes in the bumps.
Didn't shrink; Didn't erupt (I was actually hoping they would, just so I could medicate them!!!) Much to my disdain, they just . DIDN'T . budge!
As they say, desperate times call for desperate/drastic measures:
Well, to be more accurate, I extracted those bumps under very sanitary conditions in a very controlled environment and packed on my topical acne treatment. Flakies be damned!
And I must say, aside from the leftover scars (sighs T_T), the bumps are gone! ^_^ (for now...that is...)
Now, I'm hoping the Mia would erase these scars, pronto!
Note: This is the reason why I didn't post a photo, for it would pretty much freak you out with all the redness caused by my picking/extraction, and not a true reflection of the Mia's results.
(Left Side)     One of the 2 small cystic pimples from a Laura Mercier primer has healed (leaving a scar behind as always) and the other is...kinda...shriveling...slowly...
No new breakouts though, so that’s a plus ^_^ 

Zone B 
A scar on each temple from previous bouts of breakouts
Fading... :)

Zone C 
Lots (x1000) of blackheads [Think "unripe-beige-strawberry" nose *eewww*] 
I raved about this area in Week 1 because it showed the most OBVIOUS improvement.
However, the improvement seems to have reached its plateau. It is much better than the pre-Mia days, though.
My poor nose is not black-head-free as yet; the super deep-set obstinate spots are still hanging on for dear life.
Extremely persistent, they are =_=

Zone D
I had a zit here during Week 1, so I avoided Mia-ing the area.
However, since then, I've used it continuous.
Less whiteheads, so YAY!

Zone E 
Large pores 
Pores are definitely less obvious.
To be honest, if you're anything like me and keep scrutinising them day in, day out, you won't see much difference.
However, one fine day, it struck my fancy to use the Bobbi Brown Shimmer Brick in "Nectar" as blusher.
Now, even though Nectar is one of the more finely-milled BB bricks, it still emphasizes my pores like no other if I'm not careful, and this is THE...well...MY...acid test for pore-size.
I am glad to report that yes...the pores have indeed shrunken, but nowhere near invisible...YET ^_~

Zone F
Nothing much…yet…
I think I can see some frown lines between my brows, so *fingers crossed* they'll improve over time :D
Same goes for my laugh lines!

4 Weeks = 1 Month

I will say this.

The Mia-ing HAS helped quite a bit in terms of improving the OVERALL texture of my skin, and for that, I am ecstatic.

However, I still have a long (x100) way to go before my skin is completely clear and flawless, and only time will tell.

I guess the biggest disappointment is the month of Mia-ing FAILED to heal hot Zones A, because that's the WHOLE reason I purchased it in the first place.

This will be the FINAL installment of the  (Clarisonic) Mia Chronicles, UNLESS things take an MIRACULOUS turn for BETTER, or heaven forbid, a tragic U-Turn for WORSE!

Thanks for reading <3


  1. uh oh... i was actually thinking of getting the clarisonic mia around the end of the month to help minimize the appearance of my pores. i also have a lot of whiteheads on my chin, though that isn't a major problem to me. oh, and past acne scars on my cheeks. they weren't as obvious before, but now i see them almost everyday! they're so weird. on some days they show up, on others, only a few show up. and sometimes i don't even see them at all! i think it might be linked to how hydrated i am. when i drink lots of water, they seem to pretty much disappear. i should just drink more water. but i want them gone forever! *sigh*

    okay. end rant, lol. thank you for the in-depth review!

  2. oh shoot, sorry it was just a big waste of money babe! but i do hope it does something good for your skin in the long run, clean skin = good skin! hehe :)

  3. I use something very similar to the clarisonic - a youthful essence brush (it's really identical to the clarisonic though, just cheaper) and for me I've found that I can only use it every 7-10 days. I have oily, acne prone skin with slightly enlarged pores on my cheeks and I suppose it's sensitive too. And tbh I have no idea HOW peeps like fuz can use it everyday :(! Your natural skin turnover is every 10ish days so I use mine about every two weeks and that works best for me. Even then I usually get a bump or two but after 3-4 days my skin is really nice. Texture has improved a lot but same here, no shocking scar reductions.

  4. Thanks for the review :D, it is very informative by analysing into different zone! I'm tempting to get Mia Clarisonic that Fuz is raving but it is really out of my budget (cost about SGD 375 at Sephora) so I have to 'wait and see' on more reviews by bloggers. I'm looking for products that can reduce enlarged pores on my cheeks area and fine lines.. I'm not sure if Clarisonic would make the fine lines get worse 'cos it is sort of like 'massaging' and a bit of the 'pulling' on the face.. Hope you could report back if it is..Thanks Sue!

  5. Don't think Mia would help with lines at all! I'm glad it's helped at least some! I guess it makes sense that it didn't help "headless bumps" because its forte really is in cleaning OUT pores.

  6. it seems like a decent purchase, better texture that's good!!!
    i hope to see another post in this chronicle, of course for "miraculous effects" lol

  7. I love your reviews! They make me happy! I did a biore pore strip last night and while the blackheads came out nicely, my nose was super oily this morning, lending new meaning to the term "unclogged". *sighs* But, do you feel overall that the mia is helping your skin absorb products better? .. Also, if you (your contacts) have access to Skin Nature Facial Treatment 100% Collagen Extract, give that a try. It helped reduce the fine lines and impending crows feet around my eyes, so maybe it will help with expression lines too.