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Thursday, March 31, 2011

Review: Dueba Circle Lenses (Part 2) DM21 Brown, DM21 Violet, DM23 Brown

Note : If my eye makeup and undereye concealer seem neither here nor there, or I look cross-eyed, try inserting and removing 3 pairs of lenses between running to the loo for best lighting. Nuff said.

Please read THIS if you wear or intend to wear circle lenses for more than 3 hours, especially the part on LENS BASE CURVE and ASTIGMATISM.
...You're blessed with ONLY one pair of eyes...
...Treasure Your Vision...
FYI, I wear these thrice a week at most, and never more than 5 hours (if that) at one time.

I got these from Pinky Paradise and a short review of them is in my "Review: GEO Circle Lenses (Part 1)".

Check it out!

Naked Eyes
The below is a repeat from my "Review: GEO Circle Lenses (Part 1)", just in case you missed it :P
I don't want to sound conceited, but after trying out numerous pairs of circle lenses, I have come to realise that my irises are of decent-size :P Maybe a tiny bit above average. If they came out with 13.5 mm lenses, I'd jump for joy ^_^

ALL lenses chosen are 14 mm in diameter, and that's as far I can go without looking overly freaky. As it is, I don't think I have much "white area" to work with.

And why mostly brown lenses? Because I'm approaching my mid-30s, and I have nowhere to wear rainbow lenses. It's a no-brainer when it comes to colour selection, really...

If you feel uncomfortable with the lenses fresh from the sealed glass jars, try soaking them in your usual lens solution for several days - it helps (Scouts honour - GEO Honey Wing was awful when "fresh"). If you STILL feel discomfort, something's wrong, ok? Common sense, yo!

- "Natural"
is very VeRy VERY subjective - what I deem as natural might not be for others, and vice-versa. Also, it depends on the size of your eye/iris. Of course I had to find out the hard way...Sigh...

- "Comfort/Thickness":
I don't believe there's a thickness measurement, but I can definitely tell the difference when I clean, insert and wear them.

- "Halo Effect":
An effect produced by a pair of lenses with the extended colouring, but without the dark limbal ring. At the bottom [and often, sides] of the lens, a light coloured crescent is visible. This is caused by the lens' colour going beyond the iris, and over the white of the eye. Over such a light colour (white), the lens' colour looks super light compared to the rest of it, which is over your darker iris.
However, not everyone gets the halo effect, even from the same lens of the same size. If the lens' colour doesn't go too far from your iris' edge, then you won't have one, or not a very big effect. The smaller your eye is, compared to the lens size, the bigger the halo. (Extracted from here)

So, on with the Duebas! For GEOS, right here: "Review: GEO Circle Lenses (Part 1)"

By the way, in case you're wondering why I've only chosen 3 pairs as compared to the numerous GEOS.
it's because even though they rate a PERFECT 9.5 on the comfort level,
they aren't the most natural looking.

How sad T_T


Dueba DM21 Brown
This is my Go-To pair of lenses.
In fact, this would be the ONLY pair I'd repurchase after the rest (including my GEOS) expires.

Although it's not as natural as my favourite GEO Honey Wings "Review: GEO Circle Lenses", comfort-wise, THIS is DA bomb.

I can't wear the GEO Honey Wings for more than 3 hours without feeling the need to get them out,
but this (and all my Duebas, actually) actually feels like I have nothing on...my eyes...that is ^_~
EXCEPT for the fact that it doesn't look as natural as I'd like,
- the colour matches my irises VERY well:
  (the undertone is not too red, orange, yellow, etc)
- the design is acceptable to a conservative circle lens wearer (points to self :D) 
- the limbal ring is not TOO solid and doesn't make my irises un-naturally defined, so YAY! ^_^ 

Enlargement : 8/10 (14 mm)
Comfort/Thickness : 9.5/10
(SUPER DUPER COMFY - as thin as the GEO Nudys ("Review: GEO Circle Lenses") MINUS the alien-like-eye-colour, Shifting and Halo-Effect)
Shifting :
Halo Effect :

Dueba DM21 Violet
{{ EVERYTHING I mentioned above about the "Dueba DM21 Brown" applies }}

Let's talk COLOUR now - Violet!?!?

After the disastrous GEO Nudy in Pink, I swore never to buy another pair of non-brown lenses.
However, I did hear some "complaints" about the Violet being a little too subtle for their liking...
Which is a PRO for me ^_^

In real life, you have to get pretty up-close-and-personal to me to see the the actual Violet.
From afar,  the Violet is pretty subtle.

Thus, you'll be able to see something (pleasantly) unusual about my eye colour,
but NOT BAM-IN-YOUR-EYES Violet...
(Believe me, I've seen that...on a guy...no less...It wasn't a pretty sight =_=)

However, I would only wear this when I'm 100% sure there's NO flash photography involved because that's when this pair's colour potential is displayed to the fullest! ^_^

Likey Likey <3

Enlargement : 8/10 (14 mm)
Comfort/Thickness : 9.5/10
(SUPER DUPER COMFY - as thin as the GEO Nudys ("Review: GEO Circle Lenses") MINUS the alien-like-eye-colour, Shifting and Halo-Effect)
Shifting :
Halo Effect :

Dueba DM23 Brown
I DO NOT like this at all.
- TOO large! 
   (I can barely believe it's 14mm because it covers almost 3/4 of my eyeball! O_o)
- undertone a little too yellow
- I look like a reptile...
- the limbal ring is too solid in terms of colour and non-pixelated;
thus my irises look un-naturally defined and GINORMOUS.

Enlargement : 9.5/10 (14 mm)
Comfort/Thickness : 9.5/10
(SUPER DUPER COMFY - as thin as the GEO Nudys ("Review: GEO Circle Lenses") MINUS the alien-like-eye-colour, Shifting and Halo-Effect)
Shifting :
Halo Effect :

Thanks for reading! <3


  1. LOL @ "i look like a reptile" its big indeed! :D

    being a fan of color, i like the violet! really want to try wearing lenses but im too afraid to stick anything in my eye! xD

    thank u amiga, for the detailed review. now i know what to expect if ever i try lenses. xoxo :)

  2. lol i like the violet =]
    and flash photography is my favorite part of circle lenses !!!

    i kinda want to try the DM21 since you mentioned it's a repurchase...

  3. all these look really natural. i like the DM23!

  4. wow cool! i've never seen those before!

    love your blog! following you on youtube and blogspot now :)