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Friday, March 25, 2011

Review: Clarisonic Mia

So I was thinking, since posting the final installment of my (Clarisonic) Mia Chronicles - Week 4.

Apart from the Comments received on the post, I received numerous messages via various channels (YouTube, Twitter, email, FaceBook) about my BOTTOM LINE...

I have this sneaky suspicion that you guys skipped ALL my rambling and just zoomed to the Bottom Line ^_~ (naughty, naughty!)

"Some were DISAPPOINTED that I didn't fall to my knees, declaring it...
...my be-all end-all skincare tool...
...turned my skin perfect...
"Some (kind of) REJOICED because they were relieved that the Mia was not a guaranteed cure-all."

In fact, I think some may have misconstrued that I dislike my Mia =_=

And NOW, allow to explain why I THINK the Mia didn't blow me away,
because it MAY be miraculous for YOU!

By the way, in case you have not been following my Mia Chronicles, links below for recap:
- Intro: (Clarisonic) Mia Chronicles
- Week 1: (Clarisonic) Mia Chronicles
- Week 4: (Clarisonic) Mia Chronicles

The Effectiveness of the Mia Depends on your Current Skincare Routine
All of us (I assume) know that the Mia's patented Sonic technology excels at cleaning out and unclogging pores - EXFOLIATES!
Which is why the Mia was not "Oh-My-God" on my skin.
Because...my skin routine (which you would already know if you had *clears throat* clicked on the link I provided in Intro: (Clarisonic) Mia Chronicles)...for the past 6 years...includes Salicylic Acid cleansers and serums, morning and night, every single day.
And that my friends, (chemically)-exfoliates my skin, whilst the Mia is an additional MANUAL exfoliator.
IF you don't exfoliate your skin regularly, either chemically or manually with any other skincare tool, try the Mia.
It might just turn your life around *kaching!*
In my case, I experienced the most difference in Week 1: (Clarisonic) Mia Chronicles because Mia-ing got rid of what my Salicylic Acid COULD NOT ^_^
And my pores are progressively improving even as I speak...

The Effectiveness of the Mia Depends on your Skin's Condition Prior To Mia-ing
Apart from exfoliation, another of Mia's niche is in CLEANSING. Dirt, makeup, etc.
The very reason I purchased the Mia was because of my Hot Zones (see Intro: (Clarisonic) Mia Chronicles). I was desperate to get rid of the clogged pores there.
No fear! I declared the Mia a fail in removing them (Week 4: (Clarisonic) Mia Chronicles), and I still stand by what I said!
My breakouts and clogged pores were due to allergy (I remove my base makeup religiously), which is why the Mia couldn't remove them.
IF your skin is not perfect (clogged pores, breakouts, etc) due to improper makeup (especially base) removal,
OR your makeup removal process isn't cutting it
and you need additional ooommpphhh in that aspect, by all means, try the Mia.

Allow me to reiterate that I LOVE my Mia.

I would definitely repurchase a replacement brush head in May, I would repurchase the whole damn set should I ever lose it (heaven forbid!)
for though it failed in the Hot Zones, it DID improved my  skin at all levels on the rest of my face.

I really hope that this clears the air about my declaring the Mia a partial failure in Week 4: (Clarisonic) Mia Chronicles, and not put anybody off from trying it.

Thanks for reading! <3


  1. Sue, I find that your review is very informative (especially with the face diagram). In fact, I have put Clarisonic Mia on my list as my birthday gift^-^. I have combination/oily skin with visible pores. I hope that Clarisonic Mia will work wonders for me :D.

  2. Wonderful advice to those who might really benefit from the Mia!! I think you mentioned all the important points~ Definitely depends on that person's prior skin condition and routine. That is something I should've emphasized in my video, but alas, I can't remember everything! xD

  3. Great review! very informative! I have the regular clarasonic and looove it definitely has improved my skin. Might get the mia for travel plus it's soo cute!

  4. Hi! I've sended you an email about some things that you've got in your blogsale, but I'm afraid that it maybe ended up as spam or something, so well, just thought that I could tell you here that you've got mail ^^

  5. Oh! I wonder if it would help my acne at all. But i'm not too sure what my acne is down to, as my dermatologist just reassures me it's a disease that can't be helped. But, the mia looks so proimising... T_T not sure what to do

  6. I had one until my mom decided to take it....:( My skin misses it deeply. Great review btw!