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Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Skincare Layering Mistakes

Hi everyone,

Today I'd like to blog about
Skincare Layering... NO-NOs!

Well, 2 Major No-Nos, actually...
And both concern INGREDIENTS.

I know it's all the fad these days
to layer skincare products for "optimum" results.

One elixir boosting results of the next serum...
which in turn enhances results of the following concentrate...
optimizing what every product is capable of.

An elixir to enhance A...
a serum to prevent problem B...
a concentrate to address problem C.

All bases covered, man! ^_^
And voila! The "Perfect" skin regiment.

(google "Skincare Layering" and the list goes on and on like the Energizer rabbit :P)

I guess the all elusive "Perfect" skin regiment is achievable.

IF you do it RIGHT.
Do it WRONG, the worst enemy of your skin is YOU

MISTAKE #1 - Not TRULY Layering "Light to Heavy"

It's general knowledge that we need to layer products
from "Light to Heavy".

Unfortunately, we usually take it to mean only
the products' consistencies/textures.
(Light watery essences/serums to Heavier lotions/creams/balms).

However, we tend to forget one thing: INGREDIENTS.

Take into account that oil and water do not mix.
Source: www.utahpersonalinjurylawfirm.com

Layer a $ mid-range oil-based serum beneath
3 $$$ luxury-range water-based miracle elixirs,
you might as well flush those $$$ elixirs down the toilet,
for they will not be absorbed -_-

Note: FYI, I HAVE encountered oil-based products which feel incredibly light,
if you must know...

Bottom Line:
Layer water-based products under oil-based products

- This mistake is relatively easy to spot for it's immediate.
You could literally feel the layers sitting on the skin.

MISTAKE #2 - Overdoing it

"Oh, 10 products!?!? You're overdoing it, woman!"

Ahem - contrary to popular believe,
it is POSSIBLE to "overdo" layering with just 2-3 products =_=

Yet again, it's all in the...
INGREDIENTS! (Main Active Ingredient, to be exact)

Admit it, ladies...
We do so love slapping on anti-aging products to slow down the inevitable, no?
Even better, if the product claims to miraculously reverse the damage!
Wrinkles, begone!
Bring it on, retinoids ~_~

Slough off those disgusting flakies...
Accelerate skin cell turn over.
Man, lurve hydroxy acids O_o

Did you know that synthetic retinoids should NEVER be paired with
hydroxy acids (glycolic, lactic, and salicylic are the most common forms of these)?

An acid-based moisturizer in the morning and
an exfoliating cream at night.
You run the risk of inflaming your skin.

Source: www.CartoonStock.com

These . skin . lethal . combos . make . your . skin . more . vulnerable . to . UV . damage.

Bottom Line:
Do NOT use two anti-aging exfoliants in a row.
- Unfortunately, unlike Mistake #1, unless your skin is sensitive and turns a flaming red,
this mistake could go unspotted until long-term damage is done T_T


Less is More, just like cosmetics.

Listen to YOUR skin - not a magazine article's, a blogger's (ahem :P) or your BFF's.

Use only what you NEED, not "SHOULD" (as dictated by the 3 above mentioned parties ^_^)

Until the next post, <3!