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Monday, December 27, 2010

Coffret D'or Eyes Appeal, Beauty Sharp Designer &
Esprique Precious Dual Gradation Eyes (Spring 2011)


As you can see from the title, this is only Part 1 of a massive collective haul spanning the 2-month period I've been MIA from Blogger & YouTube. My apologies, but the year end is my peak period in work...So yea...Work=$$$=Hauls

Monday, November 22, 2010

Review: GEO Circle Lenses (Part 1) Honey Wing, Fresh Brown, Nudy, BC-101

Note 1: If my eye makeup and undereye concealer seem neither here nor there, try inserting and removing 5 pairs of lenses between running to the loo for best lighting. Nuff said.

Note 2: If I seem cross-eyed, I probably am. Try inserting and removing 5 pairs of lenses for the SECOND time between running to the loo for best lighting AGAIN because the genius in me forgot to take photos with FLASH! Nuff Nuff said.

Please read THIS if you wear or intend to wear circle lenses for more than 3 hours, especially the part on LENS BASE CURVE and ASTIGMATISM.
...You're blessed with ONLY one pair of eyes...
...Treasure Your Vision...
FYI, I wear these thrice a week at most, and never more than 5 hours (if that) at one time.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

BlogSale Batch 3

And Blog Sale Batch 3 is up.

Click right HERE!

Thank you!

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Sephora F&F 2010 Haul & Short Reviews

Most of the time, if I were lemming for certain items available only in the States, I would purchase them via Ryan at http://www.sgdrugstore.com/. (e.g. you can see them in my other haul posts)

HOWEVER, the Sephora Friends &Family 2010 (well, actually, every Sephora F&F) is such a highly-anticipated event, with makeup junkies filling their virtual shopping carts days before the actual sale, my paranoid-self made me seek out my shopping angel in the States just so she could submit my orders (along with hers) the MOMENT the discount code became active ^_^ Let's just say some items go OOS real quick!

*hugs & kisses - you know who you are*

I received my package today YAY! And I'm glad to report that I'm immensely happy with most of the items ^_^

Monday, November 1, 2010

Fragrances I Love...At The Moment...

My body's chemistry is...weird...Especially when it comes to green/citrus/ozone scents (Get To Know Perfume Families here).

Most of these green/citrus/ozone fragrances turn me into a walking bottle of lime/lemon-scented dish-washing liquid T_T Oh, sure they smell awesome on strips of paper, but upon contact with my skin, I whip out my hand sanitiser within 30 minutes to scrub them off...Yup - Issey Miyake L'Eau D'Issey, Dolce & Gabbana Light Blue, Burberry Sport, etc. Blleerrghh...

Which is why, if you care to scrutinise the notes of my current favourite fragrances, when citrus notes are present, they will always be somehow combined with sweet, fruity and/or gourmand notes - to tone down the sharp citrus notes, so to speak.

So, look up reviews for these fragrances in MUA, the ratings might be pretty darn low...Oh well...Whatever works, works... ^_~

And whenever possible, I'll purchase 30 mls flacons. Kudos to those who could actually finish a flacon, not to mention 3-4!

Note: I didn't mention anything about sillage because I don't find that important. As long as it stays on ME, I'm happy. I'm not a snail that needs to leave a trail behind nor do I want to "mark" my territory ^_^

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Rock & Republic Contrived Pressed Blushes

Rock & Republic ("R&R") jeans? That's, oh-so-passe! Anybody worth her YouTube-Beauty-Guru-Stalking would know that R&R's Contrived Blushes are all the rage now...ESPECIALLY after being discounted 50% at HauteLook some time back and the R&R website (with $0.99 US shipping to boot) at the time of posting this review.

Moi, a poor Malaysian, a zillion miles away, as usual, got my grubby paws on these babies via Ryan (sgDrugstore)! My cosmetic mule has come through again for me ^_^ And he managed to grab them at 50% off *muahahaha*

Anyway, cosmetics from fashion houses *coughs Calvin Klein, Giorgio Armani, Dolce & Gabbana, Burberry, etc* always have me doubtful of their quality (and their premium prices). And a jeans, albeit premium jeans, brand? ~_~...However, jump (OK - more like a giant leap) on the bandwagon I did, ONLY because it was 50% off...Retail price, it's pricier than my high-ends...No thank you!


For my curious readers... ^_^

It's not THAT huge. Only the cardboard packaging is...Fear not... ;)
And it does NOT weight a tonne. MAC's Hello Kitty Couture Pressed Powder, although slightly smaller and slimmer, is actually heavier! Wanna knock someone out? Use the HK instead of the R&R ^_~

Friday, September 24, 2010

September Loot!

Oh yea, people! September is a good month indeed...Absolutely love {almost} everything I scored ^_^

September Loot

Top Row:
- NYX Eyeshadow Brush 1
- NYX Eyeshadow Brush 2
- NYX Professional Smokie Brush
- Essence Of Beauty Crease Brush Duo (DA BOMB! HG material for me, people!)
- Rock and Republic Pressed Powder (Suede) 
- Rock and Republic Pressed Blush (Foreplay) *evil cackle*
- Rock and Republic Pressed Blush (Lust)
- Rock and Republic Pressed Blush (Bedroom)
- Giorgio Armani Acqua di Gioia EDP (LOVE!)
- Canmake Melty Nude Lipsticks (MAC PeachStock: Eat your heart out! You've been dethroned :P)
   01 Baby Beige
   02 Creamy Nude
   03 Baby Pink
   04 Peach Beige
- Candy Doll Lip Concealer (Looks so icky; applies so pretty!)
- Esprique Precious Dress On Moist in BE311 (A repurchase coz I actually hit tube! :O Rekindled love)
- ELF Studio Eye Transformer
- ELF Studio Angled Foundation Brush (pooh!)

Bottom Row:
(Love my Burts Bees, but the minty scent gets on my nerves sometimes)
- Crazy Rumors Coffee Lover's Collection (Bold Collection)
- Crazy Rumors Coffee Lover's Collection (Sweet Collection)
- Crazy Rumors Tea Lover's Collection (Fruit Collection)

Reviews To Come!

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Acne-Prone: 4 Super/Weird Tips to Avoid Break-Outs

I'm sorry if I seem to be spamming your Blogger dashboard, but blogging enables me to share some things which I fail to do miserably in YouTube (i.e. tried recording, came out awkward, left out bits & pieces, exceeded time limit, etc).

So, if you've watched my Skincare Routine Video, you would know that I battle with adult-acne. Yup - approaching 35, which I bloody ironic since I escaped virtually unscathed during my teens!

Take note though, that what I'm about to write is based on my own googling and personal experience. It may or may NOT help you, but I sure hope it does ^_~

I attribute break-outs to 4 categories:
[1] Genetics / Hormonal
[2] Skin Care
[3] Cosmetics / Makeup
[4] Various External Factors (the main focus of this post)

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Cellnique (Skin Purifying DayTime Protection 20)
B'Liv (B'Liv Got Me Covered SPF 35)

July was a horrific month in terms of travel - travelling for work, that is. I rarely travel, much less for work, but duty calls...

Now, this may be shocking to my Malaysian readers, but I am one of the few who lives in a house WITHOUT a single unit of air-conditioning. Heat-wave, be damned, out comes an extra fan. Thus, 2 straight weeks of spending nights in air-conditioned hotel rooms pretty much wreaked havoc on my skin.

I broke out left, right and centre, literally. I wasn't sure if it was solely due to the almost-24 hour exposure to dry air-conditioned air, or my foundation of that time, NARS Sheer Glow. Either way, I needed help, and I needed it fast.

So, skin needs to breath and recover, but hell if I'm going to show up at work bare-faced. Much as I love my Nude Cosmetics BB Cream, it's not cut-out for my "work face". An online acquaintance who seems to be sensitive to every man-made substance on earth, told me about B'Liv's Got Me Covered ("BGMC"), and since her skin could tolerate it, my curiosity was peaked. Checked out the ingredients, seems OK, and it contains salicylic acid! YAY! BUT (there's always a "but" with me, eh :P), it only comes in ONE shade, and it got me thinking, "Eeewww, another ONE shade fits ALL thingee again" ~_~

Since I was at it and knowing that B'Liv is an offshoot of Cellnique, I went nosing around Cellnique's website, and voila! Cellnique has its own "version" Skin Purifying DayTime Protection 20 ("CSPDP")- a MORE potent version since it also contains benzoyl peroxide (the basis of my adult-acne skin care routine). Sadly, another ONE shade product :(

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Sigma Brushes: A Different Perspective

Allow me to begin this review by disclosing that these Sigma brushes, the Face & Eye Kit (USD54), were sent to me for review purposes *Hello FTC*. However, prior to this, I have purchased with my own money 4 other brushes from them since they first launched last year with a lot of fanfare. So, me jumping on the "Review for Free brushes"? Hell, no. In fact, of the 4 I purchased, I sold 2 in my Blog Sale, so I'm going to get down and dirty with this review...Like I always do :P

1) MAC Dupes?
Most YouTube Gurus and Beauty Bloggers have reviewed Sigma brushes by comparing them with their MAC "equivalents". Of the 7 brushes I'll be reviewing, 4 I own MAC versions of. And MAC dupes THEY ARE NOT. And anybody who says THEY ARE IDENTICAL TO MAC are either lying or somehow got different brushes than I did.

2) Consider The Price Point...
In the first place, USD54 for 6 full-sized brushes and a travel-size brush, shoud you EVEN be comparing them to MAC in the first place? Come on, be realistic. For that price, you're probably able to purchase 1 MAC face brush, or barely 2 MAC eye brushes? And now that they've revamped their naming convention, just detach them from MAC, ok?

3) So...All In All...
Be Fair to MAC; Be Fair to Sigma. You get what you pay for. For their prices, Sigma offers quality, solid, well-constructed brushes. They're not el-cheapo brushes which would break if you so much as sneeze at them! Just don't expect MAC per se.

Note: My Sigma brushes are engraved with "Made in PRC" at the handles' tips. MAC's full-sized brushes are hand-made and engraved with "Japan", whilst their special edition brushes are usually machine-made in PRC .

I will be reviewing 7 brushes from the Face & Eye Kit, retailing for USD54. It contains 6 full-sized brushes and a travel-size brush.

Large Powder - F30
Duo Fibre - F50
Buffer - F45
Eye Shading - E55
Pencil - E30
Tapered Blending - E40
Blending - E25

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Hoodie Dresses: My Current Obsession

Just a mini MINI haul from ASOS  (Item names below are Click-able!) ^_^

I HEART hoodies...
I LOVE hoodies...
I ADORE hoodies...
I LIVE in hoodies!

And what could be better than a hoodie!?!?


ASOS Hoodie Lounge Dress

Nike Cotton Half Zip Hoodie Dress

Woohoohoo! Who says you can't get the best of both worlds:

A Dress (albeit casual) & A Hoodie? HA!

The Nike is a little too warm for Malaysia (the lining within), but then, we females are known to suffer for fashion, no? ;) The black and purple combo is to DIE for!

Note: Photo quality has been deliberately set to low for obvious reasons :P

Monday, September 6, 2010

Overview: Fall 2010 Makeup / Cosmetics Collections

All images are CLICK-able!

Now, if this is not Cosmetic Porn, I don't know WHAT IS! ^_^

What are your lemmings?

Addiction Anna Sui

Saturday, August 28, 2010

For the Love of (Asian) False Eyelashes

As promised in the video below, here are the full-sized photos.

Clickety-click on them to enlarge ^_^

Top to Bottom: Natural, Volume, Dolly

Thursday, August 19, 2010

PicTut: Cute Cheeks with Jill Stuart Fall/Winter 2010

This is the 2nd of future Picture Tutorials which will be posted in my Blog.No worries! I WILL continue posting videos of Picture Tutorials in my YouTube Channel. The DIFFERENCES between those in YouTube and here are:

** the magazine scans here are TOTALLY UN-edited, raw. There's absolutely NO WAY you'll be able to see the whole page in Videos even if I render them in HD, whereas here, you can click to ENLARGE them full-size (not to mention copyright infringement issues in YouTube ~_~),

** picture tutorials which are VERY self-explanatory. Case in point, see tutorial below. The placement of colours are EXACTLY the same, except different palettes, mascaras & liners were used. Let's just say I don't want to insult YOUR intelligence and waste MY time when something is so self-explanatory? ^_^ When it comes to more detailed Picture Tutorials, I WILL still edit them for YouTube as per my usual practice! And last but not least,

** I'm not keen on posting cosmetic advertorials in YouTube. I'm not getting paid nor sponsored by them obviously, and I don't want to jump through hoops of the FTC disclaimer gray area. 'Nuff said. So, if you want to be UPDATED about the Picture Tutorials here, just CLICK the FOLLOW button ~_^ Simple, no?
On with the tutorial...

By the way, I have made a tutorial on Blush, so please refer to it on combining TWO blush colours! ^_^

This particular batch of magazine scans is an advertorial of Jill Stuart's Fall 2010 collection, focusing on its latest blush, the Blush Blossom.

The Blush Blossom is described as :
Like the gentle blossoming of a wreath of pink flowers.
Loose powder cheek color that brings both innocence and luster to your cheeks.
Apparently, it utilises crystal powder technology, so these new blushes have an air-like, soft texture.

It is currently available in 5 color combinations :
01 Romantic Sweet Pea

02 Sweet Mum

03 Lady Amaryllis

04 Seductive Rose

05 Poetic Daisy
– Limited Edition

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Review: LimeCrime "Cosmopop" Opaque Lipstick

LimeCrime, LimCrime, LimeCrime...What comes to mind when you run across this brand? Super pigmented lipsticks, with VERY bold colours. In all honesty, colours which I wouldn't even touch with a ten-foot pole. After all, I'm a nude lip fanatic (gotta admit that I'm trying to curb that obsession these days :( ), and their lipstick colours are just "so-not-me", especially after watching some reviews on YouTube which mostly feature pink/fuschia/purple shades like Great Pink Planet, AirBorne Unicorn, Centrifushia and Countessa Fluorescent.

However, curiosity got the better of me, and I went hunting for swatches. Lo and behold, I chanced upon Cosmopop which (on swatches from LimeCrime and Temptalia) reminds me of my HG peachy nude, MAC Peachstock. I'm always on the lookout for a dupe since it's been discontinued and unfortunately, Peachstock can get cakey on my lips - definitely a high-maintenance lippie.

So, before the review proper, let's look at the fun aspects of the lipstick which makes it oh-so-appealing to the young (and young at heart).

Any lover of MAC Heatherette's packaging will swoon over this. If anything, LimeCrime's tube is bordering on fushia as opposed to Heatherette's hot pink. Not to mention the silver unicorn and stars which makes it look carefree, New Age and "hippie"? I'm not in my 20s anymore, so the packaging is not too appealing to me, unfortunately. It's just not something I could whip out, without feeling slightly embarrassed, but that's just me being a prude... :P

PicTut: Cat-Eye / Feline Inspired Eyes with Fasio Fall/Winter 2010

This is the 1st of future Picture Tutorials which will be posted in my Blog.No worries! I WILL continue posting videos of Picture Tutorials in my YouTube Channel. The DIFFERENCES between those in YouTube and here are:

** the magazine scans here are TOTALLY UN-edited, raw. There's absolutely NO WAY you'll be able to see the whole page in Videos even if I render them in HD, whereas here, you can click to ENLARGE them full-size (not to mention copyright infringement issues in YouTube ~_~),

** picture tutorials which are VERY self-explanatory. Case in point, see tutorial below. The placement of colours are EXACTLY the same, except different palettes, mascaras & liners were used. Let's just say I don't want to insult YOUR intelligence and waste MY time when something is so self-explanatory? ^_^ When it comes to more detailed Picture Tutorials, I WILL still edit them for YouTube as per my usual practice! And last but not least,

** I'm not keen on posting cosmetic advertorials in YouTube. I'm notgetting paid nor sponsored by them obviously, and I don't want to jump through hoops of the FTC disclaimer gray area. 'Nuff said. So, if you want to be UPDATED about the Picture Tutorials here, just CLICK the FOLLOW button ~_^ Simple, no?
On with the tutorial...

This particular batch of magazine scans is an advertorial of Fasio's Fall 2010 collection.

The new products featured are:

[1] Mascara Liner
Basically, it's awaterproof mascara and eyeliner in one. The tip of the applicator has afine nylon brush for lining the outer corners of the eyes. The current colours available areblack, dark brown, dark purple and dark green. The mascara/liner isformulated with more wax than usual for better adherence to the skin(liner!) and volumising effect (lashes!).

[2] Chandelier Shine Eyes
These are eyeshadow quads available in 5 combinations: gold, brown, pink, purple and silver. Each quad contains a highlight colour formulated with large pearl particles for a shiny effect.

Mascara & Liner 2-in-1

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Most FAQ-ed: My Magazine Scans...

I filmed the video below and uploaded it on November 2009 explaining the source of my Picture Tutorials, how I go about editing them and how I store them thereafter. Therefore, there is FULL DISCLOSURE that these materials are NOT MINE, and I have NEVER claimed them as such.

Please watch the video below if you have not. Many thanks.

Recently, I have been getting more questions about the EXACT magazines I use and WHERE I download them from.

Monday, August 9, 2010

Updates: Hair + Laptop + Nude Cosmetics Video Reviews

So, after posting my YouTube video reviews on the Nude Cosmetics products, I received more Comments and Messages on my {{hair}} rather than the {{products}} themselves. Sighs...I do not know whether that is a good sign or not, so I will just take it as positive one :P

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Review: Nude Cosmetics

For my blog post on Introduction to Nude Cosmetics, please click HERE.

[1] Skin Radiance 3 In 1 Multi BB Cream
(Click to product in the Official website)

Click to Enlarge

I have written an in-depth First Impression on the BB Cream and an Introduction to the Nude Cosmetics brand as well. After using the product for more than week, I still stand by everything I wrote in the First Impression.

However, in the course of the extra week, I do have several additional observations to add.

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Overview: Lunasol Eyeshadow Palettes

After uploading the Lunasol video {below} on 9 December 2009, apart from review requests, one of the most FAQ-ed question during each Blog Sale is, "Why are you selling your XXX Lunasol palette?" Well, to cut through the chase, the simple answer is I do not like to keep something which I rarely use - either the colours do not compliment me as well as I thought they would and/or the texture does not agree with me. Thus, I get rid of stuff ASAP in my Blog Sales.

As at 29 July 2010, my Lunasol eyeshadow quads collection stands at this:

As at 29 July 2010 - Click to Enlarge

My Current Collection 29 July 2010:
{{ Top to Bottom, Left to Right: }}
04 Beige Aqua (Skin Modelling Eyes - Spring 2007)
04 Neutral (Lightning for Eyes - Fall 2005)
05 Orange Coral (Sheer Contrast Eyes Spring 2008)
04 Green Coral (Sheer Contrast Eyes Spring 2008)
02 AR Alexandrite (Geminate Eyes - Fall 2007)
02 Nature Green (Nature Colour Eyes - Spring 2010)
03 Nature Brown (Nature Colour Eyes - Spring 2010)
05 Nature Colourful (Nature Colour Eyes - Spring 2010)
EX02 Nature Summer Beige (Nature Colour Eyes - Summer 2010)

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

3,030 YouTube Subscribers Give-Away

Before you go further, allow me to clarify something. Am I doing this to gain Subscribers & Followers? Honestly, hell yeah!
However, I am also REALISTIC enough to know that the moment I announce the Winner, those who DID NOT WIN or do NOT like my Channel will UN-SUBSCRIBE. I know that, and I am prepared to LOSE subscribers, too.
My previous Give-Away was at 1,600 subscribers- eons ago, and the next would be eons away...
So, WHAT is your problem? I spend my hard-earned cash giving to my SUBSCRIBERS. At least I am not whoring my Channel by sending truckloads of free stuff to Super YouTube Gurus for publicity, okay?
And FYI, I purchased those items here & here on behalf of FuzKittie, and was later reimbursed.

Rant over ^_^

As promised, here is the 3,030 YouTube Subscribers Give-Away. I cannot find the right time to film a Video on it, and it is long overdue. Furthermore, I have so much to write, the text would not fit in the YouTube Information Box. Oh! Did I mention I am sick? ~_~


1) Must be a SUBSCRIBER to my YouTube Channel
2) Must be a FOLLOWER of THIS Blog

2) It would be nice if you FOLLOW me on Twitter @HelloSueLynn [optional]
2) ONE entry per subscriber
3) Open international
4) Parents' permission if you are under 16.
5) Winners will be chosen via Random.org (I will first narrow down the most creative & imaginative answers ^_^ first)

** PRIZES **

There will be ONE (1) winner to this HUGE stash of goodies.
The goodies are contributed by:

Yours Truly (Me, who else ^_^)
All products, except for MAC Mineralize Eyeshadow Trio, Lorac & Maybelline are my HG items. Just wanna share the love with you guys.

[1] Laura Mercier Mineral Powder SPF 15 in "Natural Beige"
[2] MAC Mineralize Eyeshadow Trio in "In The Groove"
[3] Maquillage Face Creator 3D in "44"
[4] Lorac TANtalizer Baked Bronzer (sample size)
[5] NARS Blush in Desire (used exactly ONCE) - click here for actual photo
[6] MAC Lipstick in Creme de Nude
[7] MAC Lipstick in Peachstock
[8] MAC lipstick in Equality (All Ages, All Races, All Sexes - Limited Edition)
[9] Maybelline HELLO KITTY Volum' Express Cat Eyes Mascara - Limited Edition ( I hear your cries! LOL )
HE is my cosmetics mule. What I cannot get in Malaysia (NARS, Urban Decay, etc), I purchase via this saintly GUY - yeap...GUY... ^_~
Click HERE for more information to his services!

He has kindly agreed to sponsor:
[1] Urban Decay Hall of Fame Set
[2] Sleek Original Palette
[3] BrushGuard Variety Pack
[4] Queen Helene Mint Julep Masque Edited: Removed because it is huge - shipping will kill me!
[5] Neutrogena Oil Free Eye Makeup Remover Edited: Removed because it is huge - shipping will kill me!
[6] NYX Jumbo Eye Pencil in Lemon
[7] NYX Round Lip Gloss in Natural
[8] NYX Round Lip Gloss in Cafe Latte
[9] NYX Round Lip Gloss in Apricot
EyeRockz specialise in all natural, handmade shimmer mineral eyeshadow WITHOUT the irritant ingredients such as BISMUTH OXYCHLORIDE, TALC, PARABENS, PETROLEUM/MINERAL OIL, etc.
Click HERE for more information on her products!

She has kindly agreed to sponsor:
Three (3) full size jars of loose pigments (colours of your choice)

Note: Since her products are PARABEN-FREE, after choosing the 3 colours of your choice, you would need to wait for 2 weeks for her to hand-make them. She does not keep ready-stock to preserve freshness.


Comment in the Give-Away Video (NOT HERE!) the following:

[1] Your FOLLOWER name to my Blog [2] What is the ONE Cosmetic or Skincare item which changed your life? Brand & Exact Product, please.

Be CREATIVE with your answer because it will INCREASE your chances of winning!
{{Although Winners will be chosen via Random.org, BEFORE that, I will first narrow down the most creative & imaginative answers ^_^}}


30 August 2010, 12.00 am Tuesday (MYT) (UTC/GMT + 8 hours)

Good Luck!

Monday, July 26, 2010

Hello Kitty Origami!

To the Hello Kitty fans who did not win the "Maybelline HELLO KITTY Volum' Express Cat Eyes Mascara (Limited Edition)"...

Why not make a Hello Kitty origami? ^_^ Really simple...I promise...

Sunday, July 25, 2010

1st Impression: Nude Cosmetics "Skin Radiance 3 In 1 Multi BB Cream"

I will be writing a First Impression on Nude Cosmetics' "Skin Radiance 3 In 1 Multi BB Cream" today.

For more information on the Nude Cosmetics, please click here.

I will honestly say this: I have NEVER been much of a BB Cream fan although I live in Asia, and it is all the rage here. Now the fever has engulfed the US, the UK, etc. Ironic, no? Not because I abhor the no-makeup look it purportedly offers, but mainly because their colour match {or rather, colour MISMATCH in my case} makes me look like a wannabe Geisha! ~_~ Not a good look...Also, I am usually put off by their thick, pasty texture - makes blending a chore...
So, WHY choose a BB Cream, of ALL the items offered by Nude Cosmetics, to try and review? Because, damn it, I want a BB Cream that works on ME! Also, I watched a a video in their channel where it was applied on a GUY who is not incredibly pale, so that gave me some hope ~_^ Desperate, yes I am!

Click to Enlarge

Nude Cosmetics - An Introduction

Click to Enlarge
"NUDE COSMETICS" - Never heard of them? Neither had I, until I was contacted by them about a week back to review their products.

Obviously, being the geek that I am, the first thing I did was to Google the brand, and nada-nothing. The search yielded an unrelated Western brand, along with some unmentionables :P. However, the person who contacted me, Jenny Tung, recently created a Facebook page and a YouTube channel which contains {at the moment of writing} just 3 rather dubious videos.

In all honesty, I was about to turn down Nude Cosmetics' review request UNTIL I {finally} found their Official Korean Website: http://www.nude-cosmetics.co.kr/ Yes, 99% of the website's content is in Korean - however, I was assured that the brand is an established one In Korea and not some fly-by-night company. Their minimal {English} presence in the Internet is probably something that will be rectified in the near future and expansion beyond their borders are in the plans.

*** Edited 1 August 2010: There is now an English Website.
*** Edited 4 August 2010: Added info about the Company
NUDE-COSMETICS was incorporated in September 2009. Domestic distribution channels to sell online in February 2010 and plans to online marketing. The company plans to export to Southeast Asian countries, and already in December 2009 was the first export to China, Myanmar, Thailand, Taiwan and other countries and exports are under consultation.
Our company's mission and brand meaning is as follows.

Expands the right to know of the consumers, produces and sells good quality cosmetics that contain nutritive elements at reasonable price.

Brand Meaning of NUDECOS
Combination words of -'NUDE(transparent)' + 'COS(cosmetics)', meaning 'honest cosmetics with confident quality so as to disclose date of manufacturing and development structure of subsidiary materials and all elements of contents' from concept of transparent cosmetics.
After some deliberation, I settled on 3 products:
[1] Skin Radiance 3 In 1 Multi BB Cream
[2] Skin Radiance Powder Pact
[3] Perfect Foaming Make-Up Cleansing Oil

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Yes, I Finally Succumbed...

If you are reading this post, you have most probably watched my YouTube video announcing the existence of this blog. Welcome!

Yes, I finally succumbed and jumped on the blogging bandwagon, more so out out of necessity than other factors.

In case you have not noticed, I have been somewhat lagging in uploading YouTube videos, "Picture Tutorials", "Quick Tips", "Hauls", "Fashion", regardless. Reason being, I work full-time, and work lately has been more taxing, traveling more than usual. Which means, the last thing I want to do during my downtime is to turn on the computer and "work" on a tutorial. Thus, this blog would be a, "buffer", if you will, between Videos.

Not to mention, I can also post SUPER EASY Picture Tutorials here without the hassle of Windows Movie Maker!!!

Another reason is I have been dying to review some products (some of which has been HIGHLY requested, I kid you not **clears throat** e.g. LUNASOL PALETTES, etc), which I cannot seem to compress into the 10 minute time limit due to my incessant babbling, not to mention decent pictures of the products and swatches.

I have recently received some products to review as well (YAY!), and I may do them here and/or YouTube.