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Friday, February 25, 2011

Week 1: Clarisonic Mia Chronicles

 Yup! I'm on the Clarisonic Mia bandwagon. To know why, click HERE (Week 0)!

Apologies if this is formatted like an article from a scientific journal.
I just think it’s easier to keep track of this weekly/bi-weekly progress series if I keep things consistent.

** I was quite surprised at how "abrasive" the Sensitive brush head is (which comes by default with the Mia). I've always assumed that with years of salicylic acid and benzoyl peroxide products, my skin is pretty much iron-clad. In fact, I was toying with the idea of getting the Normal brush head. Well, now that I've actually used the Sensitive brush head, I would definitely choose the Delicate brush head if I ever want to up the usage to twice a day.
** The whole “angels are dancing on my skin” feeling most people rave about after their first use, I did NOT experience on my face. Actually, I was rather underwhelmed LOL - I literally said "That's it?" :P
** However...my neck area..feels...divine…(probably had dry fish scales growing there? ^_^)
Poor neglected area…You’re saved now :p 

** Changed NOTHING; using the same products as before.
** The ONLY difference is I use the Clarisonic Mia (“Mia”) to cleanse my face AFTER removing my makeup, ONCE a day at night.
** And this is really NOT the time to be testing out new bases.
Using Make Up For Ever Face & Body, NARS Sheer Glow or B’Liv You Got Me Covered (I raved about it HERE! But it's a little too light at the moment T_T).
That’s it. 

** The Mia’s timing is rather “to-each-her-own”, so I don’t follow the 20-10-10-10-10-second thing strictly. Anyway, if you intend to do so, you'd need to bring a timer into the bathroom HAHAHA
I Mia (yes, I just turned “Mia” into a VERB ^_^) the areas which need it longer, and vice-versa.
** I prefer applying cleanser on my face first as opposed to squirting it directly onto the brush; less splatter as the Mia does its Sonic thing ;)
** Slightly more product is needed: 
     * Cleanser – just so the Mia doesn’t drag on the skin
(NOT that I apply pressure!)
     * Moisturizer – maybe product IS indeed absorbed better now? ^_^ -
** For sanitary purposes, after each use, I detach the brush from the handle and dry everything OUTSIDE the bathroom. Humidity breeds bacteria? 

Black Face Chart from http://www.maccosmetics.com/

Zone A – THE HOT ZONES, which got me to get the Mia in the first place
Lots of small headless bumps  (cause is explicitly detailed HERE!)
(Right Side)   As you can see from the photo below (or maybe not :P), the small bumps are still there, same size, no change.
However, I believe the 2 new breakouts in the area are due to the purging process, or at least I HOPE SO! 
I really don’t want the Mia to break me out even more OMGawwwddd
If it's any consolation, most reviewers in MakeupAlley go through a period of purging.
(Left Side)     Prior to Mia-ing, I had 2 small cystic pimples from a Laura Mercier primer (TQ LM! =_=). 
They’re still there, but at least they haven’t grown any larger so that’s a plus ^_^ 

Week 1: Right Jaw

Zone B 
A scar on each temple from previous bouts of breakouts
No visible difference yet, but my scars do take longer than most to fade. 

Zone C 
Lots (x1000) of blackheads [Think "unripe-beige-strawberry" nose *eewww*] 
Here is probably where I can see the BIGGEST improvement, relatively speaking.
Obviously, the blackheads have NOT miraculously disappeared into thin air, but the tiny ones are gone, the smaller ones on their way, and the larger ones not as obnoxiously obvious. 
Also, any HARD-CORE “unripe beige strawberry”-nose sufferer will know this:
When I touch my nose, I don’t feel tiny bumps; feels a LOT smoother! ^_^ 

Zone D
I had a zit here during Week 1, so I avoided Mia-ing the area.
Thus, the whiteheads are still thriving.
To be fair, I avoided the area, so the Mia didn't have the opportunity to work its magic :p

Zone E 
Large pores 
The pores have tightened quite a bit, but they're still nowhere as “invisible” as I want them to be :D
Only time will tell!

Zone F
Nothing much…yet…
I was focusing a lot more on the problem areas, so I don’t see much difference here.

It has only been a week, so I guess it's still too early to tell whether it'll clear up Zone A, the Hot Zone.
I'm really praying my little heart out that the 2 new breakouts there is a result of the purging process most people talk about, and not the Mia backfiring on me!
Now THAT would be a nightmare...

Next installment of the  (Clarisonic) Mia Chronicles in 2 weeks' time!

Thanks for reading <3

Thursday, February 24, 2011

GiveAway: Majolica Majorca Puff de Cheek PK303 (Strawberry Macaron)

Image from: http://ladolcetina.blogspot.com


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4) ONE entry per subscriber
5) Open international
6) Parents' permission if you are under 16.
7) Winners will be chosen via Random.org (I will first narrow down the most creative & imaginative answers ^_^ first)

** PRIZE **

There will be ONE (1) winner.



Comment in the Give-Away Video (NOT HERE!) the following:

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Be CREATIVE with your answer because it will INCREASE your chances of winning!
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28 March 2011, 12.00 am Tuesday (MYT) (UTC/GMT + 8 hours)

Good Luck! <3

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Intro: Clarisonic Mia Chronicles

Oh yes...
I hopped on the Clarisonic Mia Sonic Cleansing System ("Mia") bandwagon...
But prior to that...
I had to eat my words, eat humble pie...BIG TIME...

For I was one of those who scoffed at the whole Clarisonic hype,
especially before the Mia came out and the Original System costs a (nuclear) bomb!

Oh bollocks! It's just "a giant tooth brush - Pffftttt!"
Oy! To my defence, Clarisonic uses the same Sonic technology as their toothbrushes ~_~
I distinctly recall saying that to a fellow blogger (I sure hope she doesn't remember :P).

Million Dollar Question: "Why the Mia NOW?"

Because my skin...is at its WORST...in...4 Years? 5 Years?
And I ain't being a drama mama...My confidence level is actually compromised...
** My Significant Other had this brrriillliianntt brainwave in November 2010
to dry the laundry out in open air in the porch (+) try out a new detergent.
Sure thing! Although in 27 of my 35 years existence on Planet Earth, my laundry has always been dried in a room right beside an open window.
** A week down the road after this new laundry routine (NOTHING ELSE CHANGED - Skincare nor Bases), I started noticing small headless bumps appearing on my jaw, especially the right, on which I usually sleep.
And they multiplied...day..by day...by day...like rabbits...
Before I knew it, I had bumps all over my jaw line and lower cheeks...
** Alarm bells went off because my breakouts are very bi-polar. Yea, even my acne has "issues" ^_~
They're either full-blown nodular/pustular/cystic ones visible a mile away,
or blackheads/whiteheads.
Also, I could usually pinpoint EXACTLY what causes them because I try ONE new product at a time.
And these annoying nodules, I AM sure, were due to EITHER the new laundry detergent AND/OR the allergens hovering in the air, mingling with my (supposedly "cleaner") laundry! In this case, my pillow case & the hand-towels over them.
The last time these small headless bumps hounded me was when I was still struggling with adult-acne, before settling on my current skincare routine (for details, simply click HERE).
** Knowing my skin, these would not stay small and headless for long.
Oh nooo...They're ticking time-bombs...
They'd erupt sooner or later into full-blown zits...
In fact, quite a few HAVE already erupted...
Thus, there's plenty of scarring in the photo as well T_T
And I will NOT wait for a full-blown catastrophe...If I could help it...
** Up until end of January 2011, I tried every possible remedy I could think of,
and NOTHING worked T_T
They're still here, as you can see from the gory photo below...Nice, eh?

Bottom Line:
Instead of plonking down cash on Dior and Lunasol's Spring 2011 Collections,
(Thank God for little favours that I wasn't really keen on them in the first place anyway),
I decided to invest in the Mia instead.

After all, 'tis the year of Skincare & Bases for me.

The following installments of these Chronicles would be brief:
- consisting of short Progress Reports and
- gory Photos
(which speak a thousand words, no?)
And if you find these photos icky, bear in mind that it took me quite a bit of guts to showcase them in the first place =_=

They may be weekly or bi-weekly.
We'll see...

So, tag along my "Mia Journey"
....I pray that I will be healed...
...I pray that the purging process would not be too traumatic...
...On second thought, I pray that I won't have to go through the purging process at all....

Week 0: Right Jaw

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Review: Natio Clay & Plant Face Mask Purifier

Edited 9 February 2011 :
Sorry for the lack of photos. My camera's memory card died on me =_=


Skincare is ONE (beauty-related) issue which I'm extremely bull-headed about because I struggle with adult-acne.
And if you want to hear all the gory details plus my skincare routine, simply click HERE.

No - the routine does NOT keep my skin flawless. HOWEVER, it does keep my acne (relatively) in check.
Thus, this routine HAS.NOT.BUDGED. for 6-7 years. Nada. Zilch.
It's the same today as it was 6-7 years back. (Has anyone keeled over yet? ^_~)

Well, except for...
...a brief one-month fling with Cellnique (the regime as a whole failed, but I do like several products)...
...an occasional mask for pampering...
...a heavier moisturiser as and when needed...
...and a recent investment in the Clarisonic MIA...
(If you've been following my Tweets, you'll know why T_T)

So, I'm quite a fan of the highly-raved (and rightly-so too) Queen Helene Mint Julep Masque ("QH-Clay"). It's the one clay mask which I use regularly to de-gunk and de-slick my skin.
And like all skincare items I like, I rarely stray from it.

That is, until Sasa brought in the Natio range, and the Clay & Plant Face Mask Purifier ("Natio-Clay") is one of their stellar products.
Natio was created out of an Australian beauty manufacturing outfit that has seen four generations of success in its field for over 75 years.

The founders conceived Natio in 1993, seeing the need for an accessible and natural Australian beauty brand.

They have enjoyed the rewarding experience of self-discovery through Yoga and Meditation and wished to share their experience through the brand personality, products and philosophy.
"We are not selling miracles, just realistic beauty solutions that work."
(I rather like the tagline - no frills, no miraculous claims...^_~)

Admittedly, it was more out of curiosity than dissatisfaction over QH-Clay for me to give this product a test-run.

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Overview: Spring 2011 Makeup / Cosmetics Collections...

All images are CLICK-able!

Now, if this is not Cosmetic Porn, I don't know WHAT IS!

^_^ What are your lemmings?

Friday, February 4, 2011

Review: MakeUp Show Brushes

Edited 5 Feb 2011 : Price, Purchase & Shipping Information added! All prices are quoted in Singapore Dollars.
(Apparently quite a few of you out there are keen on these ^_^)

I'm not going to lie. This is a long overdue review, as in 2-months long overdue *droops head* because I received these brushes just when my work was gearing up into overdrive, and knowing how looong and rambly my reviews could get, it seemed a gargantuan task at that point of time. *My sincere apologies, Chloe*

And by the way, if these brushes, especially the brown walnut-handled ones, seem familiar to you, it's because Jenn (frmheadtotoe) used them in several YouTube tutorials, the latest being in her Tron Legacy Gem Sirens tutorial :)

To cut through the chase,
MakeUpShow ("MUS") is a leading cosmetic brushes brand in China.It carries a wide variety of makeup brushes and accessories, all with supreme quality, aesthetic design, and versatile functionality; but with competitive prices.
MakeUpShow is a professional cosmetic brush manufacturer; they are also the original manufacturer for some of the world-leading brush brands.
They use carefully-selected raw materials to produce their first-class cosmetic brushes; they also have decades of brush making experience with advanced techniques from Japan and Korea.
The brushes are divided into several ranges.
The short, chic, black-walnut-handled brushes are from the High Series.
The longer black-handled brushes are from the Black Series.

And these are the brushes sent to me for review purposes. Note that I do cross-review them with my Sigma Brush Review from time to time.

FACE BRUSHES (top to bottom)
H01 Powder Brush
H02 Blush Brush
22B 01 Large Contour Brush
Face Brushes
General Overview
One thing which makes MUS face brushes different from the other brushes I own or have seen in the market is their size (or rather, lack of thereof). They're SMALLER than most face brushes.
Thus, if you have a small face like me and find "standard-sized brushes" infuriating, these are worth looking into. I mean, look at the 22B 01 - that's their LARGE Contour Brush. I could just imagine how perfect the 18B01 Angled Blush Brush would be for me if I'm in the market for one! :D

My favourite brushes of the lot is the H01 Powder Brush and H02 Blush Brush. Been reaching for them nearly every day since I got them!
And the rest, though I don't reach for them as often, seem tailor-made for my (small face)-size ^_^ <3

EYE BRUSHES (top to bottom)
H13 Blending Brush
H08 Concealer Brush
8E 05 Medium Shader Brush
8E 07 Medium Shader Brush
5E 05 Pencil Brush
Eye Brushes
General Overview
I'm a sponge tip applicator fiend, undoubtedly. I own many Asian eyeshadow palettes and their formulation just works better with sponge tips.
However, I do use brushes when the occasion calls for it (which is why I own an arsenal of eye brushes as well :p).
The MUS eye brushes are Hits or Misses, IMO. You either love them, or hate them.
Personally, I found 2 of them Hits, and the rest, sadly, Misses.