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Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Haul: More Coffret D'or 3D Glossy Eyes!

Ohhhh...Is it any wonder that after declaring my LOVE <3
for the Coffret D'or 3D Glossy Eyes in 02 Feminie Brown in a previous review,
I . Just . Had . To...
get more?

And yes - I got 3 more!!! ^_^

Full Review is HERE, which includes 02 Feminine Brown :)

Awww...One Big Happy Family <3

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Review: Jill Stuart Mix Blush Compact #15 Sweet Lock Limited Edition

"Limited Edition" - Jill Stuart ("JS") limited edition items are highly sought after.
Fortunately for me (and my wallet!),
I'm a fan of their Mix Compact Blushes only ^_^

JS Fall 2011 offers the Mix Blush Compact in #15 Sweet Lock
(also the oddest Mix Blush Compact name todate...Hmmm...

Anyway, THIS is one of the items, Limited Edition or not,
after clicking the irrevocable CheckOut button,
I knew I would either go "AWEsome" or "GRUEsome"
only when it arrives +_+
*so I twiddled my thumbs and waited*

Goes unsaid that JS LE items  has little extra details to draw you in...
Filigree detailing on the box...

Filigree detailing on the casing and brush...

I love JS Mix Blush Compacts' formulation;
(soft,  silky smooth, barely any shimmer if any,
gives the most natural glow I've seen in powder blushes
- it's almost difficult to believe it's "powder" blush).

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Review: Esprique Blend Dimensional Eyes (Deep), Esprique Blend Dimensional Eyes (Shiny), Coffret D'or 3D Glossy Eyes, Esprique Melt Fix Cheek

Just a "MINI" COLLECTIVE haul..."MINI", well, compared to previous collective hauls... O_o
Since I've been focussing A LOT more on bases lately...

ALSO, I'm saving up for 3 RATHER pricey ($$$ *kaching*) eyeshadow palettes...

Care to make a guess as to what they are? ^_~

Sunday, August 7, 2011

The Perils of Social Media

Hi everyone,

This is a quickie blogpost I threw together
because after reading the article Paris tweeted (below),
and it struck home, BIG TIME O_o

I've always been teased as being too archaic and paranoid about
how LITTLE I choose to disclose about my private life online.

This may not go down well with some of my social media connections,
but I literally cringe at certain TMI statuses/tweets/etc.

I kid you not when I say thanks to an obsessive FourSquare-r,
I know where he banks
where he breakfasts every morning
where  he refuels his car every week...

I kid you not when I say I would never hire a certain person because she
GRAPHICALLY bitches about her work in Twitter
bashes her co-workers abilities (or lack of thereof)
shops while on medical leave...

I kid you not when I say I'm able to track a couple's fight
which began in the A.M.
and subsequently ended by the P.M.
via no less than 25 FaceBook status changes, each!

ALSO, I kid you not when I say I DON'T even need to stalk them
to know this much about their lifes!

EVERYTHING was deduced via their social media presence.

Freaky, right? +_+