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Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Surgery Over! I'm Doing Well. TQ for your Kind Wishes ^_^


  1. I am so glad that the surgery went well & you are doing great,May God always bless you with happiness & health & you have speedy recovery from the surgery. Thanks for showing trust & letting me know about your surgery details, my prayesr are with u <3

    1. Thanks, Sataa <3

      I really gotta keep you in the loop
      coz you are such a dear ^_^
      Always supportive of my Youtube and blog endeavors,
      and now this!


    2. Well I am a huge fan of your Youtube videos and blog :) you are the one who introduced me to BB creams and japanese and korean brands I am so happy you are getting better it's good to see you back in the blogging world I hope your life will be back to normal just like before soon .It's really sweet and nice of you to take time and reply to everyone <3

  2. I don't know what else to say but thank goodness you came through it. This will definitely help someone aka me who's been totally oblivious to regular checks or even pap smear :/ Thank you for putting your trust in me, I understand how personal this matter is for you. Last but not least, take good care! Looking forward to your next beauty post once you're feeling a million times better! xoxo

    1. Oh yeah! LOL
      When I woke up,
      I was like, "Phew! I'm not at the Pearly Gates and St Peter's nowhere in sight HA!"

      I trust very few people these days,
      especially after the you-know-who incident.

      But the girls you see here are my <3!
      Hope this helps someone out there :)

      Embarrassment issue on checkups will be addressed in a separate Comment below.

  3. Good to hear that you're on the mend now!
    I also have the same problems and surgery has been recommended if we want to have kids but I'm absolutely terrified of surgery -_______-
    In Canada they're now using lasers for this kind of surgery so I guess at least there'll be less bleeding and a smaller wound? I was told they'll have to make more than one incision though because the fibroids that they can see are all over the place.
    Thanks for writing about this!

    1. Thank you!
      Definitely on the mend,
      slowly but surely ^_^

      For me, I only started considering kids last year
      when I turned 35 - that dreaded childbearing number, you know?

      However, removal of a cyst >5 cms
      is imperative in case of rupture,
      so the kids issue didn't have anything to do with the surgery.
      In fact, without the cyst, those fibroids
      would merely be under observation to this day!

      As for your "more than one incision",
      I'm guessing your doc has "Laparoscopic or robotic myomectomy" in mind.
      (slender instruments inserted through small incisions in your abdomen to remove the fibroids from your uterus.)

      I actually asked the doc if she could do this for me
      considering those incisions are TINY compared to my relatively larger one.
      (she has to stick her fingers/hand in, after all...blergh)

      Recovery time is also much shorter!

      Sadly - a big fat "NO".
      Apparently, it depends on the lumps and bumps locations,
      and mine just didn't "qualify... :/

  4. Thank God that they were benign and there were no additional complications! Surgeries no matter what the issue are an ordeal, especially with general anaesthesia. And I agree, women should get checked often (I should do it too, but I dread going to the gynaicologist - I have to overcome my embarassment I suppose!) But most of all, thank you for sharing your experience with us. I'm glad you are back with us and I sincerely hope you'll find a suitable med combination for condition 1. Lots of hugs, Suki <3

    1. Thank you so much for your concern, Suki.
      I can always count on your support!
      *bear hug frm a bean pole* LOL

      Gosh, you have no idea how much
      your replies and Tweets mean to me.
      I only wish I'm on Twitter more
      just so I can bump into you ^_^

      Most choose to just stay silent
      coz they feel awkward in a situation
      such as this >.<

      And yes, I really thank God
      everything went pretty darn well!

      Embarrassment issue addressed in a separate comment below ^_^

    2. You're most welcome my dear, I'm just glad you're okay!

      I just read the 'embarassment issue' comment and I agree; finding a good doctor you can trust is key. And it's so true that they must have seen it all, so we shouldn't get so overly embarassed and anxious. They're probably bored during routine examinations instead of going oooh and aaah like most women imagine :D

      And yes, if you have the time please make your way to the twitter-verse so we can bump into each other more often :):):)

      *huge bear hug*

      -Suki <3

  5. Replies
    1. Thank you so much, dear.

      You may think a line or 2 means nothing ^_^
      Well, it means the world to me <3

  6. Thank you for sharing. I know you spent some time thinking about this personal matter, so I just wanted to thank you for the courage to share the moments with us.

    I'm so glad that everything was benign and it wasn't even worse *knock on wood*. I'm doubly glad and grateful that you are healing quickly and without further incidents.

    You will bounce back and bounce back much stronger than before. I hope you continue to recover smoothly. Best wishes and prayers to you, Sue Lynn! :-)

    1. Hi Carol

      First of all,
      I. Am. So. Sorry.

      I've only been catching up on a blog or 2 lately,
      and I just noticed how you informed your readers
      about my Pepper-Upper post.
      And now, updating them of my progress T_T

      ** tears up **

      You must think I'm such an ungrateful schmuck,
      not thanking you or even acknowledging them T_T

      Again, thank you, dear.

      Gosh, how time flies... ^_^
      I can still remember you're one of my first subbies!
      And now you're making your way in YT and blogging :D

      BTW, before I forget, I caught sight of the Hot Pink Skin 79 BB Cream?
      Be careful when you use it, ok?
      In my review, I stated it contains a comedogenic ingredient
      quite high up in the ingredients list.

  7. thank you for sharing this with us.
    i'm glad you're on the way to recovery, slowly but surely you'd be in tip top shape, and soon.
    true, regular check up is the key.
    at least you're there. there are very few doctors i would trust here in Manila.

    1. You're welcome, Marge.
      It's my pleasure.
      I really wish it would be of some help to someone out there! :)

      Hmmm...Wow, is Trust an issue with doctors in Manila?
      Do you mean to say their ethics is questionable? O_o
      That is kinda worrisome :(

      Over here, there are some doctors
      who are more reputable/famous then others,
      but I usually ask my friends for recommendations.

      And if I feel comfortable with him/her,
      pleasant bedside manner, I'm good,
      regardless if he/she's a "celebrity" doctor or not.

      I hope you find The One soon :/
      Especially at our age, right?

    2. i'm quite lucky that my obgyn is my cousin.
      i hate to admit it but a great deal of my people are constrained by financial difficulties (and the country as a whole) that generally our patients do not come first, but a far second.
      i came from a medical back ground, graduated from a reputable state run medical school and i've also seen how the private sector run their 'business' thus i can somehow say that due to financial constraints there are more than several occasions that the benefit of the patients do not come first but what the patient, the doctor, the hospital can afford to give as per patient care.
      we do not have a decent health care program.
      some doctors, do not go out of their way to assist the patients and are merely confined what the financial status of the patients.
      i'm fairly confident in my obgyn since she's my cousin. but the rest of the lot of them i do not really care for. i can safely say this because i've already seen how most of these doctors 'work'. kinda why i didn't pursue any kind of medical career.
      i'm glad you're on the mend.
      kudos to you! hope to see more tweets and posts from you soon!

  8. Whoops! Forgot the Epilogue
    Post-surgery, I've been prescribed 6 months of
    Gonadotropin-Releasing Hormone Analogue (GnRH-A) Therapy,
    which basically, in my case,
    is an attempt to prevent (internal) scarring that might occur after surgery.

    The bad news is the way it works:
    "decreases the production of the hormone estrogen to the levels that women have after menopause."

    Which means my testosterone level is higher now...
    thus I'm breaking out like no other! T_T

    Considering my current skin routine is ALREADY VERY
    much geared toward addressing my adult acne... T_T
    GnRH-A Therapy's acne is beyond my control!!!

    I'm really gonna bitch about it in the upcoming appointment >.<

    1. hey Sue my mom had some problems during menopause so her testosterone level went high too she had this break out problem too but don't worry it gets better after 4-6 months, your skin will get better soon just be a little patient :) and this is what I used to say to my mom " Beautiful people are always beautiful even if they have a few bumps here and there on their skin" and it's true so cheer up <3

  9. Embarrassment Issue

    First of all,
    allow me to say that you guys are NOT alone.

    I have an acquaintance who shall remain anonymous.
    Married with 3 kids via natural child birth.
    And NEVER had a pap smear, TODATE.

    Not being judgmental,
    but that really threw me off,
    you know?

    #1 Embarrassment
    LOL Maybe I'm totally shameless ^_^
    but I've never had an issue with embarrassment.
    Probably because I tagged along with my mom
    since childhood during HER appointments?
    (She actually insisted that I follow her into the examination room!)

    Also, pap smears and scans are so routine for them.
    There's really nothing they haven't seen :P
    I actually think they secretly harbour hopes of seeing something SUPER unusual ^_^
    A BeDazzled "area"? ^_~

    #2 Getting the Right Doctor
    helps a great deal.
    Some say male gynecologists are more sympathetic.
    I can't vouch for that coz my current is a woman,
    and she's just as nice as the previous 2 men.

    PATIENCE is key for me.
    If a doc shows the slightest inkling of impatience
    and just wants to stick the speculum in ASAP,
    I say Sayonara.

    Don't hesitate to voice out if it hurts a lot!
    It should NOT hurt that much!

    It can get uncomfortable or hurt a little,
    but sometimes, not at all.

  10. OMG!! I can't believe you had to go through all that... :( I'm so relieved and glad that everything went well. I knew from our previous emails that you were dealing with some medical issues but I never thought it was this serious. I wish I was more there for you like you were for me. I was all caught up in my life and forgot to make sure my true friend is doing ok. Let me know if you ever wanted to talk. you know I'm just an email (or gchat if you have it) away. :) Feel better!

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