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Thursday, August 19, 2010

PicTut: Cute Cheeks with Jill Stuart Fall/Winter 2010

This is the 2nd of future Picture Tutorials which will be posted in my Blog.No worries! I WILL continue posting videos of Picture Tutorials in my YouTube Channel. The DIFFERENCES between those in YouTube and here are:

** the magazine scans here are TOTALLY UN-edited, raw. There's absolutely NO WAY you'll be able to see the whole page in Videos even if I render them in HD, whereas here, you can click to ENLARGE them full-size (not to mention copyright infringement issues in YouTube ~_~),

** picture tutorials which are VERY self-explanatory. Case in point, see tutorial below. The placement of colours are EXACTLY the same, except different palettes, mascaras & liners were used. Let's just say I don't want to insult YOUR intelligence and waste MY time when something is so self-explanatory? ^_^ When it comes to more detailed Picture Tutorials, I WILL still edit them for YouTube as per my usual practice! And last but not least,

** I'm not keen on posting cosmetic advertorials in YouTube. I'm not getting paid nor sponsored by them obviously, and I don't want to jump through hoops of the FTC disclaimer gray area. 'Nuff said. So, if you want to be UPDATED about the Picture Tutorials here, just CLICK the FOLLOW button ~_^ Simple, no?
On with the tutorial...

By the way, I have made a tutorial on Blush, so please refer to it on combining TWO blush colours! ^_^

This particular batch of magazine scans is an advertorial of Jill Stuart's Fall 2010 collection, focusing on its latest blush, the Blush Blossom.

The Blush Blossom is described as :
Like the gentle blossoming of a wreath of pink flowers.
Loose powder cheek color that brings both innocence and luster to your cheeks.
Apparently, it utilises crystal powder technology, so these new blushes have an air-like, soft texture.

It is currently available in 5 color combinations :
01 Romantic Sweet Pea

02 Sweet Mum

03 Lady Amaryllis

04 Seductive Rose

05 Poetic Daisy
– Limited Edition

"Girly" Cheeks - Romantic Sweet Pea
"Cute" Cheeks - Poetic Daisy (LE)

"Feminine" Cheeks - Lady Amaryllis


  1. itching to get some of them!!! packaging looks so princessy

  2. so cute! i am not very good with blush. LOL

  3. jill stuart blushes are always so pretty and princess-ish!!❤
    but the way Japanese apply their pink blush is so heavy when you look at them outside of magazines :\ looks awkward if you are in anywhere besides tokyo

  4. I loove the kawaii effect!!! Are you getting any of them?

  5. Those blushes sure do look nice! I have never tired any. I'm April a new follower. Have a wonderful day! :)

  6. I wanted to get the new JS Blusher..But many comments said it's quite messy bcoz of the loose powder fallout. So I'll stick with the normal JS blusher. :)

  7. @Ee Von
    Is princessy your style?!?!? LOL Apart from Laneige, I don't think you own much Asian cosmetics, do you? ^_~ I think you lean towards edgy more *it's a compliment*

    Oh me too! I usually underdo blush. When I reach work, I'll be like, "Too pale, yet again - touch-up"...Sighs...Blush and brown eyeliner are the only non-lip items in my makeup bag actually...

  8. @R
    I agree. But I think due to their cooler climate, maybe the "just-came-in-from-the-cold" flush works for them? Anyway, this is a blush advertorial. In my YT tutorials, it's rarely that heavy :)

    Hi April! Gosh! I'm star-struck that you follow my blog! You're so sweet in YT :D

    @blair & @slowbrogal
    I don't like loose blushes. I'd rather get more of the Mix Compacts HAHHAAHAH