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Wednesday, August 18, 2010

PicTut: Cat-Eye / Feline Inspired Eyes with Fasio Fall/Winter 2010

This is the 1st of future Picture Tutorials which will be posted in my Blog.No worries! I WILL continue posting videos of Picture Tutorials in my YouTube Channel. The DIFFERENCES between those in YouTube and here are:

** the magazine scans here are TOTALLY UN-edited, raw. There's absolutely NO WAY you'll be able to see the whole page in Videos even if I render them in HD, whereas here, you can click to ENLARGE them full-size (not to mention copyright infringement issues in YouTube ~_~),

** picture tutorials which are VERY self-explanatory. Case in point, see tutorial below. The placement of colours are EXACTLY the same, except different palettes, mascaras & liners were used. Let's just say I don't want to insult YOUR intelligence and waste MY time when something is so self-explanatory? ^_^ When it comes to more detailed Picture Tutorials, I WILL still edit them for YouTube as per my usual practice! And last but not least,

** I'm not keen on posting cosmetic advertorials in YouTube. I'm notgetting paid nor sponsored by them obviously, and I don't want to jump through hoops of the FTC disclaimer gray area. 'Nuff said. So, if you want to be UPDATED about the Picture Tutorials here, just CLICK the FOLLOW button ~_^ Simple, no?
On with the tutorial...

This particular batch of magazine scans is an advertorial of Fasio's Fall 2010 collection.

The new products featured are:

[1] Mascara Liner
Basically, it's awaterproof mascara and eyeliner in one. The tip of the applicator has afine nylon brush for lining the outer corners of the eyes. The current colours available areblack, dark brown, dark purple and dark green. The mascara/liner isformulated with more wax than usual for better adherence to the skin(liner!) and volumising effect (lashes!).

[2] Chandelier Shine Eyes
These are eyeshadow quads available in 5 combinations: gold, brown, pink, purple and silver. Each quad contains a highlight colour formulated with large pearl particles for a shiny effect.

Mascara & Liner 2-in-1

(Sexy Cat):Brown eyeshadow quad, Dark Green mascara/liner

Left (Sweet Cat): Pink eyeshadow quad, DarkPurple mascara/liner                               Right (Gorgeous Cat): Gold eyeshadow quad, Dark Brown mascara/liner

Left (Cool Cat): Silver eyeshadow quad, Blackmascara/liner                         Right(Mysterious Cat): Purple eyeshadow quad, Black mascara/liner
That's it for today...I think...Will try to do a Jill Stuart blush tut ~_^


  1. a mascara && liner... 2 - in 1...
    who would of though??

  2. meowww~ lol

    wow mascara+liner? interesting. i'm eyeing on the dark green one...

  3. @Steph
    LOL - trust the Japanese to come up with the most innovative things, INCLUDING cosmetics ;)

    @Ee Von
    Looks super convenient, no? If I were a liner/mascara freak, I'd definitely try them out! I wonder if they're waterproof tho...Hhhmm...