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Monday, August 9, 2010

Updates: Hair + Laptop + Nude Cosmetics Video Reviews

So, after posting my YouTube video reviews on the Nude Cosmetics products, I received more Comments and Messages on my {{hair}} rather than the {{products}} themselves. Sighs...I do not know whether that is a good sign or not, so I will just take it as positive one :P

Both videos were filmed the same day, same time, merely split into 2 parts.

I guess it was rather difficult to see the texture/cut of my hair since it is UBER dark (not anymore, I coloured it yesterday). Fundamentally, the cut is similar to Agyness Deyn's. With her platinum blonde hair, the cut is much more apparent:

I guess the only difference was I swept my bangs to the side in Part 2 subconsciously; trendy as it may seem, eye-poking bangs are really uncomfortable. Oh! And I tucked the sides behind my ears because they were getting long and unruly. Not to mention, I did not have a ton of wax and pomade and what-have-you to make it as piecey/chunky as Agyness', but then, I do not have Agyness' stylist :P

I AM slowly coming to terms with my much-shorter hair now, and the current length and cut are pretty manageable. No more rants about my hair for now, though I still miss my longer locks badly T_T

Another update is, my beautiful laptop of 3 months has decided to spring this on me:

After a mere 3 months, the hard disk went "M.I.A." - undetectable, so it is currently in the HP infirmary for at least a week. Where am I blogging this? Somewhere where I should NOT be blogging ~_~ Or even touching YouTube for that matter...

However, I wanted to update you guys that I am still VERY much alive - unlike the damned laptop...Sighs...

Forthcoming Videos & Blog Posts include (in no particular order):
- Showcase of my Give-Away prizes (yes, some requested to see the prizes UP-FRONT ~_~),
- Updated Stash (safely recorded in the memory card; no editing tools),
- Reviews on some products I have been sent; and of course,
- my signature Picture Tutorials ^_^

Take care!

FTC Disclaimer: The Nude Cosmetics products were sent to me for review purposes on my Blog and my YouTube Channel. I was NOT paid to write this post, I am not affiliated in any way with the company, my opinions are my own and always honest.


  1. suelynn!!! i love your haircut! I have the same one - except mine is probably an inch or 2 longer. I love it b/c it's low maintenance. I want to grow out my hair - but it's so hard to be patient and wait for it to grow! LOL ^_^

    I totally love your videos - can't wait to see more! Hoping your laptop can be revived and be healthy again! ^_^

  2. So brave to go short!
    I'd love to get short hair like Ga-in from BEG but too chicken. The --cool- factor would wear out and it would take forever to grow back >.>""

  3. @Calia Thanks! I've finally come to terms with this UBER short hair LOL, at the moment anyway...Still miss it, especially NOW with my latest post where I embedded my long-ago-vid-with-long-locks intact HAHHAHAH Which reminds me, need to bug HP again!

    @Bunnie Hunnie...Initially when I lopped off my hair, I brought Son Ga-In's pic from BEG! I came out looking like her (my hair, I mean!!!) but I couldn't replicate it becoz my hair is very wavy. Very high-maintenance. I actually made 2 whole rant vids on my hair! Took them down now {{All this transpired b4 you sub-ed :P}}

  4. I feel just the same way about hair in the face/eyes! I can't ever live with hair in my face... It makes me self conscious about pimples! But your haircut is lovely and edgy! It looks great on you!

  5. 10 Kew 10 Kew! ^_^ Time heals...Same goes for something as superficial as hair, tho I STILL prefer goldilocks :P

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