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Thursday, February 17, 2011

Intro: Clarisonic Mia Chronicles

Oh yes...
I hopped on the Clarisonic Mia Sonic Cleansing System ("Mia") bandwagon...
But prior to that...
I had to eat my words, eat humble pie...BIG TIME...

For I was one of those who scoffed at the whole Clarisonic hype,
especially before the Mia came out and the Original System costs a (nuclear) bomb!

Oh bollocks! It's just "a giant tooth brush - Pffftttt!"
Oy! To my defence, Clarisonic uses the same Sonic technology as their toothbrushes ~_~
I distinctly recall saying that to a fellow blogger (I sure hope she doesn't remember :P).

Million Dollar Question: "Why the Mia NOW?"

Because my skin...is at its WORST...in...4 Years? 5 Years?
And I ain't being a drama mama...My confidence level is actually compromised...
** My Significant Other had this brrriillliianntt brainwave in November 2010
to dry the laundry out in open air in the porch (+) try out a new detergent.
Sure thing! Although in 27 of my 35 years existence on Planet Earth, my laundry has always been dried in a room right beside an open window.
** A week down the road after this new laundry routine (NOTHING ELSE CHANGED - Skincare nor Bases), I started noticing small headless bumps appearing on my jaw, especially the right, on which I usually sleep.
And they multiplied...day..by day...by day...like rabbits...
Before I knew it, I had bumps all over my jaw line and lower cheeks...
** Alarm bells went off because my breakouts are very bi-polar. Yea, even my acne has "issues" ^_~
They're either full-blown nodular/pustular/cystic ones visible a mile away,
or blackheads/whiteheads.
Also, I could usually pinpoint EXACTLY what causes them because I try ONE new product at a time.
And these annoying nodules, I AM sure, were due to EITHER the new laundry detergent AND/OR the allergens hovering in the air, mingling with my (supposedly "cleaner") laundry! In this case, my pillow case & the hand-towels over them.
The last time these small headless bumps hounded me was when I was still struggling with adult-acne, before settling on my current skincare routine (for details, simply click HERE).
** Knowing my skin, these would not stay small and headless for long.
Oh nooo...They're ticking time-bombs...
They'd erupt sooner or later into full-blown zits...
In fact, quite a few HAVE already erupted...
Thus, there's plenty of scarring in the photo as well T_T
And I will NOT wait for a full-blown catastrophe...If I could help it...
** Up until end of January 2011, I tried every possible remedy I could think of,
and NOTHING worked T_T
They're still here, as you can see from the gory photo below...Nice, eh?

Bottom Line:
Instead of plonking down cash on Dior and Lunasol's Spring 2011 Collections,
(Thank God for little favours that I wasn't really keen on them in the first place anyway),
I decided to invest in the Mia instead.

After all, 'tis the year of Skincare & Bases for me.

The following installments of these Chronicles would be brief:
- consisting of short Progress Reports and
- gory Photos
(which speak a thousand words, no?)
And if you find these photos icky, bear in mind that it took me quite a bit of guts to showcase them in the first place =_=

They may be weekly or bi-weekly.
We'll see...

So, tag along my "Mia Journey"
....I pray that I will be healed...
...I pray that the purging process would not be too traumatic...
...On second thought, I pray that I won't have to go through the purging process at all....

Week 0: Right Jaw


  1. you bought it!??? wahh i shall look forward to your progress!! smooth skin woots!!!

  2. I shall be keeping tabs with your adventure! I have been umming and ahhhhing about this device for ages but haven't taken the leap YET!!

  3. i'll start my MIA MIA early March..... shall see how it works on us <3

  4. i've been hearing soo many great things about the clarisonic. my bestfriend and i recently ordered one and can't wait to get it! looking forward to the progress :D i hope these will work as great as others have said ^__^

  5. We look forward to hearing more about the Clarisonic cleansing adventure. Follow us on Twitter @Clarisonic or facebook.com/Clarisonic. Be sure to share the links with us too. We'd love to hear it! Happy Cleansing!

  6. I hope the Clarisonic MIA helps to improve your skin condition, SueLynn! I've been using my Clarisonic MIA every other night for about 3 weeks now, and I really cant do w/o now!

    I should eventually do a real in-depth review on my experience...

    Hope it works for you, SueLynn!

  7. All the best of luck with the Mia!!! <3

  8. good luck with the mia, i hope it solves all your problems~

    not sure why... but i really enjoyed the 2 tone coloring as to WHY you're trying it now =D

  9. I hope the Mia works out for you! I've used my Clarisonic for about 3 years now, and I can't live without it.

  10. oh man...i will be looking forward to your posts. I've resisted caving into the whole MIA thing so far but I really wouldn't mind getting it if it works :D

  11. where u get the Mia? i want to have one too..Anyway, Hope it work on u^^ looking forward your upcoming review^^

  12. i would love to hear about ur experience :) i personally want the original clarisonic for not my face but my body. i have keratosis pilaris and i feel that an exfoliator (if that is what the clarisonic will do) could help smoothe my skin down.

  13. Ohh, I look forward to seeing your progress!

  14. Thank you for being brave enough to post about your progress. I also had been leery of getting the system due to the cost and uncertainty of efficacy, but your experience might just push me over the edge. I had already decided to step up the skincare this year, and I think I'll just start saving right now. :) Good luck and I really look forward to your good news.