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Friday, February 25, 2011

Week 1: Clarisonic Mia Chronicles

 Yup! I'm on the Clarisonic Mia bandwagon. To know why, click HERE (Week 0)!

Apologies if this is formatted like an article from a scientific journal.
I just think it’s easier to keep track of this weekly/bi-weekly progress series if I keep things consistent.

** I was quite surprised at how "abrasive" the Sensitive brush head is (which comes by default with the Mia). I've always assumed that with years of salicylic acid and benzoyl peroxide products, my skin is pretty much iron-clad. In fact, I was toying with the idea of getting the Normal brush head. Well, now that I've actually used the Sensitive brush head, I would definitely choose the Delicate brush head if I ever want to up the usage to twice a day.
** The whole “angels are dancing on my skin” feeling most people rave about after their first use, I did NOT experience on my face. Actually, I was rather underwhelmed LOL - I literally said "That's it?" :P
** However...my neck area..feels...divine…(probably had dry fish scales growing there? ^_^)
Poor neglected area…You’re saved now :p 

** Changed NOTHING; using the same products as before.
** The ONLY difference is I use the Clarisonic Mia (“Mia”) to cleanse my face AFTER removing my makeup, ONCE a day at night.
** And this is really NOT the time to be testing out new bases.
Using Make Up For Ever Face & Body, NARS Sheer Glow or B’Liv You Got Me Covered (I raved about it HERE! But it's a little too light at the moment T_T).
That’s it. 

** The Mia’s timing is rather “to-each-her-own”, so I don’t follow the 20-10-10-10-10-second thing strictly. Anyway, if you intend to do so, you'd need to bring a timer into the bathroom HAHAHA
I Mia (yes, I just turned “Mia” into a VERB ^_^) the areas which need it longer, and vice-versa.
** I prefer applying cleanser on my face first as opposed to squirting it directly onto the brush; less splatter as the Mia does its Sonic thing ;)
** Slightly more product is needed: 
     * Cleanser – just so the Mia doesn’t drag on the skin
(NOT that I apply pressure!)
     * Moisturizer – maybe product IS indeed absorbed better now? ^_^ -
** For sanitary purposes, after each use, I detach the brush from the handle and dry everything OUTSIDE the bathroom. Humidity breeds bacteria? 

Black Face Chart from http://www.maccosmetics.com/

Zone A – THE HOT ZONES, which got me to get the Mia in the first place
Lots of small headless bumps  (cause is explicitly detailed HERE!)
(Right Side)   As you can see from the photo below (or maybe not :P), the small bumps are still there, same size, no change.
However, I believe the 2 new breakouts in the area are due to the purging process, or at least I HOPE SO! 
I really don’t want the Mia to break me out even more OMGawwwddd
If it's any consolation, most reviewers in MakeupAlley go through a period of purging.
(Left Side)     Prior to Mia-ing, I had 2 small cystic pimples from a Laura Mercier primer (TQ LM! =_=). 
They’re still there, but at least they haven’t grown any larger so that’s a plus ^_^ 

Week 1: Right Jaw

Zone B 
A scar on each temple from previous bouts of breakouts
No visible difference yet, but my scars do take longer than most to fade. 

Zone C 
Lots (x1000) of blackheads [Think "unripe-beige-strawberry" nose *eewww*] 
Here is probably where I can see the BIGGEST improvement, relatively speaking.
Obviously, the blackheads have NOT miraculously disappeared into thin air, but the tiny ones are gone, the smaller ones on their way, and the larger ones not as obnoxiously obvious. 
Also, any HARD-CORE “unripe beige strawberry”-nose sufferer will know this:
When I touch my nose, I don’t feel tiny bumps; feels a LOT smoother! ^_^ 

Zone D
I had a zit here during Week 1, so I avoided Mia-ing the area.
Thus, the whiteheads are still thriving.
To be fair, I avoided the area, so the Mia didn't have the opportunity to work its magic :p

Zone E 
Large pores 
The pores have tightened quite a bit, but they're still nowhere as “invisible” as I want them to be :D
Only time will tell!

Zone F
Nothing much…yet…
I was focusing a lot more on the problem areas, so I don’t see much difference here.

It has only been a week, so I guess it's still too early to tell whether it'll clear up Zone A, the Hot Zone.
I'm really praying my little heart out that the 2 new breakouts there is a result of the purging process most people talk about, and not the Mia backfiring on me!
Now THAT would be a nightmare...

Next installment of the  (Clarisonic) Mia Chronicles in 2 weeks' time!

Thanks for reading <3


  1. I also have the "delicate" brush head and like it a lot. I am glad that I read so many reviews recommending it.

    It sounds that you are seeing some progress even if it is just a little bit and not as much as you expected. Stick with it! I hope to hear even more improvements next week.

    Dancing angels?? ummmmmmmm nope! I didn't get that feel either!

  2. haha *sobs* The strawberry reference is too funny and too familiar. I've been lemming for a MIA but feel really hesitant about shelling out so much $$ for it. But if it works on strawberry noses it's an investment worth making, right? I just bought Biore pore strips but don't feel confident about their ability to shrink my pores or exorcise blackheads. :-/

    A question: Does your skin produce more oil after using MIA?

  3. very detailed review of week 1
    i hope it works for you =D

  4. i hope that it works for you!!! hehe following ur mia post closely heehee might be attracted to buy too! ^^

  5. Fantastic review! I look forward to the next one :) Ugh, know about the strawberry nose syndrome all too well... I'm definitely going to have to try one.

  6. Hi Suelynn76! Love your pic tuts! Re: the acne, have you tried washing your face w/dandruff shampoo? Because sometimes acne can actually be folliculitis. I used Nizoral and it cleared up my "acne" in about a week. Anyway, try it if you haven't already. Good luck!