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Thursday, February 10, 2011

Review: Natio Clay & Plant Face Mask Purifier

Edited 9 February 2011 :
Sorry for the lack of photos. My camera's memory card died on me =_=


Skincare is ONE (beauty-related) issue which I'm extremely bull-headed about because I struggle with adult-acne.
And if you want to hear all the gory details plus my skincare routine, simply click HERE.

No - the routine does NOT keep my skin flawless. HOWEVER, it does keep my acne (relatively) in check.
Thus, this routine HAS.NOT.BUDGED. for 6-7 years. Nada. Zilch.
It's the same today as it was 6-7 years back. (Has anyone keeled over yet? ^_~)

Well, except for...
...a brief one-month fling with Cellnique (the regime as a whole failed, but I do like several products)...
...an occasional mask for pampering...
...a heavier moisturiser as and when needed...
...and a recent investment in the Clarisonic MIA...
(If you've been following my Tweets, you'll know why T_T)

So, I'm quite a fan of the highly-raved (and rightly-so too) Queen Helene Mint Julep Masque ("QH-Clay"). It's the one clay mask which I use regularly to de-gunk and de-slick my skin.
And like all skincare items I like, I rarely stray from it.

That is, until Sasa brought in the Natio range, and the Clay & Plant Face Mask Purifier ("Natio-Clay") is one of their stellar products.
Natio was created out of an Australian beauty manufacturing outfit that has seen four generations of success in its field for over 75 years.

The founders conceived Natio in 1993, seeing the need for an accessible and natural Australian beauty brand.

They have enjoyed the rewarding experience of self-discovery through Yoga and Meditation and wished to share their experience through the brand personality, products and philosophy.
"We are not selling miracles, just realistic beauty solutions that work."
(I rather like the tagline - no frills, no miraculous claims...^_~)

Admittedly, it was more out of curiosity than dissatisfaction over QH-Clay for me to give this product a test-run.

This is where Natio-Clay differs from QH-Clay.
QH-Clay is pretty much devoid of oils.
Natio-Clay, on the other hand, apart from pure Australian clay, is rich in minerals, with plant extracts:
~~ Sesame to nourish and restore lustre;
~~ Lemon to cleanse and purify; and
~~ Palma Rosa to soften and nourish.
(Sesamum Indicum (Sesame) Seed Oil, Jasminum Officinale (Jasmine) Oil, Citrus Medica Limonum (Lemon) Peel Oil and Cymbopogon Martini (Palmarosa) Oil).

Which is WHY, I believe, the texture and the results I got from both products are significantly different.

In all honesty, in this aspect, Natio-Clay triumps over QH-Clay.
It does not feel at all like a typical clay mask (thick, probably a little gritty), gliding on as I smooth it over my face.
If anything, it reminds me of a lightweight lotion.
And it dries pretty smooth without much...errrmmm...crumbling and cracking. No picking up green crumbs off the floor like QH-Clay :P

Both Natio-Clay and QH-Clay has a herbally scent, which is very soothing.
Give me soothing-herbals over sickening-sweets any day.

As An Over-All Face Mask
Natio-Clay claims that it:
"...rejuvenates tired skin as well as improves the skin texture. Helps unclog and tighten pores. Does wonders for tired skin, improving firmness and texture..."
Immediately upon washing off, my skin LOOKS more radiant and feels firmer...for several hours. Thus, the rejuvenating and firmness claims are legit, but only for several hours ^_^

However, the texture and the pore-tightening claims...I don't see...T_T
My blackheads and whiteheads count decreased somewhat, but not like after using QH-Clay.
It doesn't seem to de-gunk as well as QH-Clay, but bear in mind that QH-Clay is virtually pure clay so the "suction power" should be far superior. Natio-Clay is more moisturising and gentle; thus it may take more uses to achieve similar results as QH-Clay.

As A Spot Treatment Over Acne
I use the QH-Clay to help dry up acne/pimples.
However, due to Natio-Clay's oil content, I daren't attempt this in fear of further aggravating the acne.

(There will be 2 Ratings because I think this might work differently on different skintypes)

Although Natio-Clay is apparently "suitable for all skin types", I believe this product is an excellent alternative for those with dry or dry-combination skin who can't tolerate the harshness of QH-Clay and other clay masks.

As for me, who's blessed/cursed with oily skin, I need to use Natio-Clay more often than QH-Clay to achieve similar results.
The plant extracts/oils is probably counter-productive to the clay's effectiveness for my oily skin. 

Purchase Information
Retailing now at SaSa Malaysia: RM 37 for a 100g tube

FTC Disclaimer: This product was sent to me for review purposes on my Blog and/or my YouTube Channel. I was NOT paid to write this post, I am not affiliated in any way with the company, my opinions are my own and always honest. 


  1. i'm liking the slogan too =D lol
    but i would probably have to pass on this product, it'll dry the crap out of my skin =p
    wonderful review nonetheless

  2. i think queen helene mask is by far the best deep cleansing mask out there in the market - best price for the amount we get. sadly only can get it online :(

    "No picking up green crumbs off the floor like QH-Clay :P " hahahaha! actually i like the fact that it hardens. feels good to know it's sucking out all the crap in my face!

  3. @Steph Hhhmmm...Actually, for a clay mask, it's rather hydrating, so if you have dry skin, it might just work ;)

    @Ee Von True true...For my oily skin, QH is def better...This ODES harden, but it doesn't crumble and fall off my face as much HAHHAHAH

  4. The slogan is so realistic and to the point I actually want to try it ^^ Unfortunately, I'm more oily than anything so I prolly will pass :(