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Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Surgery: Paging for Pepper Uppers!

Hi everyone,

I'm sorry it's been close to 2 months since my last Blog Post
announcing my pseudo-comeback...

And now, popping up with yet another Whine-y Non-Beauty-Related Post...

If you can’t stand whining, fair warning.
The little “X” button is right up there.

In a little less than 2 weeks,

I’ll be undergoing surgery  -->

Source: Medical Staffing Networks

and thereafter, be out of commission for approximately a month -->

Source: toonclips.com

My previous surgery was around 2000/2001.
Very minor...
Short recovery time...
Incision site did not hamper my mobility.

This time round,
the incision is at a very different site...
mobility will be somewhat compromised...
ALSO, post-surgery bleeding…
‘Nuff said T_T

Don’t   .   Get   .   Me   .   Wrong
I know for a fact thousands... millions... undergo surgery
under MUCH much MuCh worse circumstances than mine.

Thus, let me get this clear:
I’m   .   NOT   .   Fishing   .   for   Sympathy .

However, I do feel disheartened that
this has to crop up when my M.I.A. Update issues
are yet to be resolved   =_=
So, Yay for me.... Pfffttttttt.....

I would really appreciate it

if you, Dear Readers,

take the time to leave a Pepper-Upper

a Prayer...

or if you prefer, an Inspirational Quote from someone

in the Comment section below.

They would mean A LOT to me

‘til the next post,
* blows kiss * ^_^


  1. It doesn't look like you had a good experience. =\ But I am glad your better now and welcome back to the blogosphere! =D

  2. I know its really scary and stressful counting down to surgery, but try to relax - meaning, do something you really love and just kind of be at peace, in a zen mode. I hope that might help? And think of all the things you want to do after the surgery, that usually helps :) get well soon girl! x

  3. If knowing that someone cares helps the healing process... then you should be feeling better already :)

  4. Awwww...don't worry about it much! Best wishes from all your readers here! =)
    ♥ xoxo ♥

  5. Dear Sue Lynn,

    Please don't feel like you have to explain about fishing for sympathy, it's your own blog you can write whatever you wish and besides, undergoing any kind of surgery is a scary experience so you can feel however you want to feel without apologizing for it. I wish you luck and I hope from the bottom of my heart that everything will turn out all right! Here are some inspirational words:

    "Be strong and courageous. Do not be frightened, and do not be dismayed, for the Lord your God is always with you."

    Much love,

    Suki <3

  6. I hope everything goes well I will pray for you and remember GOD is there with you

  7. Best wishes for a speedy recovery, Sue Lynn.

  8. You have my prayers and thoughts with you. I hope the only eventful news of your recovery is how fast you get well!! Be fearless, my dear!

    Much love and hugs and well wishes.

    "You are always in God's hands."

  9. take care! i hope you'll be well very soon!

  10. nice idea.. thanks for sharing.

  11. I undergo a tumour surgery too last year, and now I'm having major problem with my health(mennorhagia and endometryosis) I'll pray for you and for myself, let's go through this together ^^

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