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Sunday, July 25, 2010

1st Impression: Nude Cosmetics "Skin Radiance 3 In 1 Multi BB Cream"

I will be writing a First Impression on Nude Cosmetics' "Skin Radiance 3 In 1 Multi BB Cream" today.

For more information on the Nude Cosmetics, please click here.

I will honestly say this: I have NEVER been much of a BB Cream fan although I live in Asia, and it is all the rage here. Now the fever has engulfed the US, the UK, etc. Ironic, no? Not because I abhor the no-makeup look it purportedly offers, but mainly because their colour match {or rather, colour MISMATCH in my case} makes me look like a wannabe Geisha! ~_~ Not a good look...Also, I am usually put off by their thick, pasty texture - makes blending a chore...
So, WHY choose a BB Cream, of ALL the items offered by Nude Cosmetics, to try and review? Because, damn it, I want a BB Cream that works on ME! Also, I watched a a video in their channel where it was applied on a GUY who is not incredibly pale, so that gave me some hope ~_^ Desperate, yes I am!

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All ingredients are in Korean, so I did not bother taking a picture of the list. The picture above pretty much shows the only English on the packaging. {Click on pic to enlarge}


With strong UV protection effect, this blemish balm also offers skin whitening and anti-wrinkle functions. Moisturizing and creating natural-looking skin, this triple-functional product of soft texture helps you enjoy the comfort of makeup application. This product can be used in place of makeup base and foundation. Enjoy natural-looking skin with this economic and convenient B.B. cream that covers up blemishes on your skin.

Following the basic skincare routine, apply evenly to face.

A 40g tube retails for 14,000 Korean Won in its Official Website.

{Note: A list of other colour references here}
In M.A.C. lingo, I am between NC25-NC30 {my neck is closer to NC30, my face NC25, so I would say NC30 since I match my bases to my neck}

Most BB creams are either way too light, way too pink, or both. Really, people can rave aaaaalllllllllll they want about how uber natural BB Creams look, but trust me, they only look natural IF they match your skintone. As for their "miraculous chameleon-like-one-shade-fits-all" colour-adjusting property, well, let's just say it does NOT work on me. ONE shade can only "adjust" so much, ok?!?!? In fact, using BB Creams makes me feel like I am the most tanned Oriental Asian O_o

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Left to Right:
[1] Nude Cosmetics Skin Radiance 3 In 1 Multi BB Cream SPF 25 PA++
[2] Missha Perfect Cover BB Cream SPF 42 PA+++ (Shade #23)
[3] L'egere Multi White BB Blemish Balm Cream
[4] SkinFood Peach Sake Pore BB Cream SPF 20 PA+
[5] Missha BB Cream Watery SPF 27 PA++
[6] L'egere Water Drop Shiny Pearl BB Blemish Balm Cream
[7] Lioele Water Drop BB Aqua Makeup SPF 27 PA++

At first glance, I am sure you guys will say: "Aahh, it's a no brainer - the darker shades would suit Sue Lynn's NC30 skin" - WRONG!!! BB Cream swatches are VERY misleading IMHO since the application and the blending processes would affect the final outcome i.e. shade.
The only ones which suit my skintone are [2] and [4], but I hate everything else about them - [4]SkinFood is too thick for my taste. BTW, I CANNOT understand all the raves about the [2]Missha Perfect Cover BB Cream, and the fact that mineral oil is listed as the 6th ingredient certainly does not help.
[3] and [6] look dark but THEY actually LIGHTEN as I blend! That's L'egere for you...Sighs...
And the LIGHTEST of the lot? [1]Nude Cosmetics Skin Radiance 3 In 1 Multi BB Cream? It actually DARKENS to my skintone as I blend! Hallelujah! I am STILL in shock since it swatches so LIGHT, but really, it matches my skintone the best among the rest I own. Finally.

As for its undertone, it does not seem to have one - neither pink nor yellow; a neutral base. I would prefer it to have a some yellow, but oh well...Nothing is perfect! No oxidation problems without a primer, which is a plus since I rarely use them anyway except on special occasions.
It is too early to tell if I break out from it since I have only used it full day, twice. *eyes, fingers & toes crossed*

 The texture, although not as liquid-y as I would like, is similar to Missha Perfect Cover BUT a little thinner/watery. Thus, it blends much easier than all SkinFood BB Creams (Peach, Aloe, Gingko, Mushroom, Cactus) and L'egere Multi White. If it was as watery as Lioele Water Drop, I would love it even more. Yet again, no product is perfect... :(
Coverage-wise, light to light-medium, max. A light layer all over would give me a luminous and more even-toned face, but it does not completely cover the redness around my nose and lower lip areas. I would need to layer more over those areas. The same goes for darker scars. As for fresh breakouts {I happen to have a ginormous cystic zit on my left temple}, concealer is definite must. I suppose I could apply another layer all over to build up more coverage, but that would compromise the colour match. All in all, like most BB Creams, reserved for good skin days.
The scent is very light and pleasant, unlike the Missha Perfect Cover which reeks of old-school sunscreen. If you can bear Missha Perfect Cover's "fragrance" {I hesitate to say "stink"}, this should not pose a problem for your nose :P
Oil control is not spectacular - I need to blot after 2-3 hours running about outside. In air-conditioning, after 5-6 hours, which is not too bad considering I am primer-less and powder-less. Anyway, I am suspicious of anything which controls oil TOO well since the oil has to go SOME WHERE!?!?! *pore-clogging ingredients alert!*Finally, the finish.

Likes: Sets to a non-tacky finish in about 5-10 mins, so powder is optional. HUGE plus for me since I despise setting anything with powder.

Dislikes: Has a satin-matte finish, and not as glow-y as I prefer, but after 30 minutes of "mingling with my skin's oils", it does look more luminous.

1st Impression Verdict: 4 out of 5 stars I will make a YouTube video reviewing ALL 3 products later after at least a week or 2 of use to update you guys if it causes any untoward skin reaction on me.
Signing off for now!

FTC Disclaimer: This Nude Cosmetics product was sent to me for review purposes on my Blog and my YouTube Channel. I was NOT paid to write this post, I am not affiliated in any way with the company, my opinions are my own and always honest.


  1. Thanks for the thorough review! :) I discovered BB creams not too long ago and I find that they give really good coverage and is pretty moisturizing. I have the Lioele one (in the pink pump) and that one is pretty thick. I'll make sure to do more info on yours :D I have a L'egere one as well! It is dark and blends light as well :p

    I hope to read more reviews from you! :D

  2. I am having trouble adding you as a friend. Google has an error msg :( I'll try again later. What part of Asia are you from?

  3. OMG - totally love your review on the product!! I haven't tried that BB creams yet. definitely looking forward to your reviews b/c they are very thorough!

  4. @Rainy Days and Lattes
    Thanks! Ah yes...BB Creams are such a pain - they either work or not. No 2 ways about it :( Oh! I'm from Malaysia...What about you? ^_^

    @nudecosmetic Thanks! I'm only being honest :)

    @Calia Hi hun!!!! Thanks! YOu know me, I can ramble on, and with a blog, I don't have the 10 minute limit LMAO

  5. I think the For Beloved One bb cream is not bad. It's very sheer though and looks barely there; my skin but better kind of thing. It has some oil control and leaves skin feeling nice. It's around NC25 and NC30. Though if you were to wear Dior Shade 02 it might be around that too but slightly darker and less orange (nude range).

    In reference I hate the L'egere white multi bb cream, breaks out like crazy and so thick.