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Thursday, July 29, 2010

Overview: Lunasol Eyeshadow Palettes

After uploading the Lunasol video {below} on 9 December 2009, apart from review requests, one of the most FAQ-ed question during each Blog Sale is, "Why are you selling your XXX Lunasol palette?" Well, to cut through the chase, the simple answer is I do not like to keep something which I rarely use - either the colours do not compliment me as well as I thought they would and/or the texture does not agree with me. Thus, I get rid of stuff ASAP in my Blog Sales.

As at 29 July 2010, my Lunasol eyeshadow quads collection stands at this:

As at 29 July 2010 - Click to Enlarge

My Current Collection 29 July 2010:
{{ Top to Bottom, Left to Right: }}
04 Beige Aqua (Skin Modelling Eyes - Spring 2007)
04 Neutral (Lightning for Eyes - Fall 2005)
05 Orange Coral (Sheer Contrast Eyes Spring 2008)
04 Green Coral (Sheer Contrast Eyes Spring 2008)
02 AR Alexandrite (Geminate Eyes - Fall 2007)
02 Nature Green (Nature Colour Eyes - Spring 2010)
03 Nature Brown (Nature Colour Eyes - Spring 2010)
05 Nature Colourful (Nature Colour Eyes - Spring 2010)
EX02 Nature Summer Beige (Nature Colour Eyes - Summer 2010)

Collection as at 9 December 2010

{{ Top to Bottom, Left to Right: }}
** Gone - 01 Beige Beige (Skin Modelling Eyes - Spring 2007) 
** Gone - 02 Beige Orange (Skin Modelling Eyes - Spring 2007)
04 Beige Aqua (Skin Modelling Eyes - Spring 2007) 
** Gone - 02 Lavender Coral (Sheer Contrast Eyes Spring 2008)
04 Green Coral (Sheer Contrast Eyes Spring 2008)
05 Orange Coral (Sheer Contrast Eyes Spring 2008)
04 Neutral (Lightning for Eyes - Fall 2005)
** Gone - 05 Khaki (Lightning for Eyes - Fall 2005)
02 AR Alexandrite (Geminate Eyes - Fall 2007) 
** Gone - 03 Black Tea (Scent Form Eyes - Fall 2006)
** Gone - 05 Close of Night (Star Shower Eyes - Fall 2009)
** Gone - 01 Light Variation (Noble Shade Eyes - Fall 2008)


** Gone 04 Yellow Variation (Noble Shade Eyes - Fall 2008) - passed on to FuzKittie and her YouTube tutorial using it 
** Gone 02 White Gradation (Blooming Eyes - Spring 2009) - passed on to FuzKittie 
** Gone 01 Nature Blue (Nature Colour Eyes - Spring 2010) - Sold - Blues are always a mistake for me. Suckered by the beautiful design. 'Nuff said.I have tried numerous times to review them in YouTube, believe me. However, I faced problems with getting clear swatches into the video, or I would ramble on too long. After all, my Lunasol stash consists of collections ranging from 2008 to 2010, and comparing EACH COLLECTION, not to mention EACH PALETTE from EACH COLLECTION, would result in a series of sub-standard reviews, which I would rather not do in the first place.

However, with a blog at my disposal now with no 10-minute limit, I guess the task of reviewing them would be much easier.

Could you spot the main difference between my current collection and the same as at 9 December 2009? Yes, most of my neutral palettes are gone. I have learnt through trial and error about certain traits of Lunasol eyeshadow quads which may be of help to you if you intend to purchase them.

Brief Overview of Lunasol (Individual Collection Overviews to come later)
[1] I consider Lunasol eyeshadow palettes more as trios rather than quads (except for Geminate Eyes - I consider that a quad instead of a quint :P). Every.Single.Collection's palettes would contain a glitter bomb with barely any colour payoff. Which is why even my favourite Lunasol palettes have one barely-touched colour.

- Case in point: ALL PALETTES!

[2] Most of their "neutral" palettes (i.e. browns) has a red/orange cast. My skin's natural yellow undertone emphasizes this red/orange cast, and all I can say is, after application, my eyelids look like I had spent the night bawling my head off.

- Case in point: FuzKittie's skintone is less yellow than mine; thus 04 Yellow Variation (Noble Shade Eyes - Fall 2008) looks way better on her. Same goes for the other neutrals. Which is a shame since I use neutral colours 95% of the time.

[3] Colour-payoff of each SHADOW in a PALETTE differs; colour pay-off of each PALETTE in a COLLECTION may ALSO differ.
- Case in point: Sheer Contrast Eyes Spring 2008 has the best colour pay-off todate. However, IMO, WITHIN the Sheer Contrast Eyes Spring 2008 collection itself, Green Coral seems to the most pigmented (it could be due to my skintone, though). Just like NARS Sheer Glow/Matte foundations, the word Sheer here does not mean diaphanous at all!

[4] There is no such thing as a shimmer-less palette; only the amount of shimmer differs.

- Case in point: Noble Shade has the least shimmer; Nature Colour the most (although I did hear that the Prismatical Eyes are the worst)

[5] Due to [4], sponge tip applicators are your best friend. (As for the glitter bomb, dab it on with a finger)

- Case in point: Well, I am a big advocate of sponge tip applicators anyway, so I would use them regardless.

[6] Each Collection's concept, colour-payoff and texture is different. If you like a certain Collection's offering, grab as many as you can because unlike M.A.C., there are usually no re-promotes", except during the holiday Collections.

- Case In point: A Lightning For Eyes palette was repromoted last year, but it was a different colour combination altogether.

[7] Summer Collections are usually the Spring Collections rehashed with more shimmer and an added-EX-prefix to the palette's name/code.

- Case in point: My one & only Summer collection palette - EX02 Nature Beige Summer 2010

I guess I will start a series on Lunasol palettes...


  1. this was really informative about the lunasol palettes. thanks for putting all of this together for your followers. ^_^

  2. Good to know b/c I want to snag one of them from you. :-P Will PM you when I get closer to 100...

  3. wheee..... i'm still very, very keen for scent form - chocolate cosmo :)

  4. Such a Lovely collection of Lunasol eyeshadow pallettes.

  5. just curious, which pallette is the best one for you? as I have yellow undertone as well.

  6. I have to disagree with you on this point: Sheer Contrast Eyes Spring 2008 has the best colour pay-off todate.

    I find that Scent Form Eyes (I only own one quad from this collection which is 04a Marigold) is way more pigmented than 03 Blue Coral plus it has a nicer texture.

  7. @calia No problem. Gosh! Blogging's way easier than reviewing them in YT :P

    @kusanagi No prob - I've reserved all your items ;)

    @nlng Hhhmm I didn't get CCosmos - looks rather similar to Neutral, no?

  8. @BeautyBasic Thanks! It took me some time to find my favs LOL Actually I like ALL that I own now ;) Got rid of the "unloved" ones

    Well, as I said, "Colour-payoff of each SHADOW in a PALETTE differs; colour pay-off of each PALETTE in a COLLECTION may ALSO differ."
    ^_^ My Scent Form in 03 Black Tea is hard & gritty, and I could barely get any product on the sponge tips. My Green Coral and Orange Coral are lovely tho :D
    Aahh...Hits n misses...

  9. hihi I am 008bluesky in youtube, thanks for the review! yes please do a lunasol series lol~~~~
    thanks in advance~~~~~~~~

  10. Beige aqua looks really fresh, and I like the looks of green coral!

  11. hi suelynn! i enjoyed reading this post because i also love Lunasol palettes, i agree completely with your thoughts especially considering quads as trios and quints as quads LOL XD