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Sunday, July 25, 2010

Nude Cosmetics - An Introduction

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"NUDE COSMETICS" - Never heard of them? Neither had I, until I was contacted by them about a week back to review their products.

Obviously, being the geek that I am, the first thing I did was to Google the brand, and nada-nothing. The search yielded an unrelated Western brand, along with some unmentionables :P. However, the person who contacted me, Jenny Tung, recently created a Facebook page and a YouTube channel which contains {at the moment of writing} just 3 rather dubious videos.

In all honesty, I was about to turn down Nude Cosmetics' review request UNTIL I {finally} found their Official Korean Website: http://www.nude-cosmetics.co.kr/ Yes, 99% of the website's content is in Korean - however, I was assured that the brand is an established one In Korea and not some fly-by-night company. Their minimal {English} presence in the Internet is probably something that will be rectified in the near future and expansion beyond their borders are in the plans.

*** Edited 1 August 2010: There is now an English Website.
*** Edited 4 August 2010: Added info about the Company
NUDE-COSMETICS was incorporated in September 2009. Domestic distribution channels to sell online in February 2010 and plans to online marketing. The company plans to export to Southeast Asian countries, and already in December 2009 was the first export to China, Myanmar, Thailand, Taiwan and other countries and exports are under consultation.
Our company's mission and brand meaning is as follows.

Expands the right to know of the consumers, produces and sells good quality cosmetics that contain nutritive elements at reasonable price.

Brand Meaning of NUDECOS
Combination words of -'NUDE(transparent)' + 'COS(cosmetics)', meaning 'honest cosmetics with confident quality so as to disclose date of manufacturing and development structure of subsidiary materials and all elements of contents' from concept of transparent cosmetics.
After some deliberation, I settled on 3 products:
[1] Skin Radiance 3 In 1 Multi BB Cream
[2] Skin Radiance Powder Pact
[3] Perfect Foaming Make-Up Cleansing Oil

Skincare is a rather touchy subject for me, and I am still on the same regimen in the video I uploaded some time back. Click HERE if you are interested.

I will review these items in a video later after using them for at least a week or 2, but the Initial Impressions and swatches will be in this blog.

Until then, ciao!

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