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Wednesday, July 28, 2010

3,030 YouTube Subscribers Give-Away

Before you go further, allow me to clarify something. Am I doing this to gain Subscribers & Followers? Honestly, hell yeah!
However, I am also REALISTIC enough to know that the moment I announce the Winner, those who DID NOT WIN or do NOT like my Channel will UN-SUBSCRIBE. I know that, and I am prepared to LOSE subscribers, too.
My previous Give-Away was at 1,600 subscribers- eons ago, and the next would be eons away...
So, WHAT is your problem? I spend my hard-earned cash giving to my SUBSCRIBERS. At least I am not whoring my Channel by sending truckloads of free stuff to Super YouTube Gurus for publicity, okay?
And FYI, I purchased those items here & here on behalf of FuzKittie, and was later reimbursed.

Rant over ^_^

As promised, here is the 3,030 YouTube Subscribers Give-Away. I cannot find the right time to film a Video on it, and it is long overdue. Furthermore, I have so much to write, the text would not fit in the YouTube Information Box. Oh! Did I mention I am sick? ~_~


1) Must be a SUBSCRIBER to my YouTube Channel
2) Must be a FOLLOWER of THIS Blog

2) It would be nice if you FOLLOW me on Twitter @HelloSueLynn [optional]
2) ONE entry per subscriber
3) Open international
4) Parents' permission if you are under 16.
5) Winners will be chosen via Random.org (I will first narrow down the most creative & imaginative answers ^_^ first)

** PRIZES **

There will be ONE (1) winner to this HUGE stash of goodies.
The goodies are contributed by:

Yours Truly (Me, who else ^_^)
All products, except for MAC Mineralize Eyeshadow Trio, Lorac & Maybelline are my HG items. Just wanna share the love with you guys.

[1] Laura Mercier Mineral Powder SPF 15 in "Natural Beige"
[2] MAC Mineralize Eyeshadow Trio in "In The Groove"
[3] Maquillage Face Creator 3D in "44"
[4] Lorac TANtalizer Baked Bronzer (sample size)
[5] NARS Blush in Desire (used exactly ONCE) - click here for actual photo
[6] MAC Lipstick in Creme de Nude
[7] MAC Lipstick in Peachstock
[8] MAC lipstick in Equality (All Ages, All Races, All Sexes - Limited Edition)
[9] Maybelline HELLO KITTY Volum' Express Cat Eyes Mascara - Limited Edition ( I hear your cries! LOL )
HE is my cosmetics mule. What I cannot get in Malaysia (NARS, Urban Decay, etc), I purchase via this saintly GUY - yeap...GUY... ^_~
Click HERE for more information to his services!

He has kindly agreed to sponsor:
[1] Urban Decay Hall of Fame Set
[2] Sleek Original Palette
[3] BrushGuard Variety Pack
[4] Queen Helene Mint Julep Masque Edited: Removed because it is huge - shipping will kill me!
[5] Neutrogena Oil Free Eye Makeup Remover Edited: Removed because it is huge - shipping will kill me!
[6] NYX Jumbo Eye Pencil in Lemon
[7] NYX Round Lip Gloss in Natural
[8] NYX Round Lip Gloss in Cafe Latte
[9] NYX Round Lip Gloss in Apricot
EyeRockz specialise in all natural, handmade shimmer mineral eyeshadow WITHOUT the irritant ingredients such as BISMUTH OXYCHLORIDE, TALC, PARABENS, PETROLEUM/MINERAL OIL, etc.
Click HERE for more information on her products!

She has kindly agreed to sponsor:
Three (3) full size jars of loose pigments (colours of your choice)

Note: Since her products are PARABEN-FREE, after choosing the 3 colours of your choice, you would need to wait for 2 weeks for her to hand-make them. She does not keep ready-stock to preserve freshness.


Comment in the Give-Away Video (NOT HERE!) the following:

[1] Your FOLLOWER name to my Blog [2] What is the ONE Cosmetic or Skincare item which changed your life? Brand & Exact Product, please.

Be CREATIVE with your answer because it will INCREASE your chances of winning!
{{Although Winners will be chosen via Random.org, BEFORE that, I will first narrow down the most creative & imaginative answers ^_^}}


30 August 2010, 12.00 am Tuesday (MYT) (UTC/GMT + 8 hours)

Good Luck!


  1. awesome giveaway as always! ALSO you go for telling people how it is and to shove it up their tooshies! WOOT WOOT! Go SueLynn!

  2. I hope I win.. Fabulous prizes.. Just enter the contest.. Thanks SueLynn....

  3. Thnx for the awesome giveaway, i will enter right now..*

  4. i love your giveaway - it's so much better than just 'enter me'. fair and square! wow the prizes are so amazingly attractive! let me go crack my brain for a creative answer now...

  5. Whoo! I love how your contests let you get to know your subbies better as well! Yes, it's not as simple as "enter me". ^_^

  6. This is super sweet of you =D
    Thanks for doing this giveaway!!

  7. Thanks so much for doing this! It's so generous of you. I'll be keeping my fingers crossed. heehee :9

  8. WHOA!!! you are so generous!! I've never had seen a give away like yours on youtube. Btw, I have been a follower on youtube! and i love LOVE your tips on make-up.
    I could not find the perfect foundation for myself for years. I have terrible breakouts after using all the products i have tried. For years, i have been throwing money out the door and not getting the perfect foundation with great coverage. Then, I heard about Mary Kay foundation which is pretty popular among the older crowd(im only 25 :]). I used it, and i was like WOW, no breakouts and great coverage!!!! Perfect for my skin type!!! Anyways, that's my story. Hopefully i didn't take up your whole page to write this...lol Thank you for doing this awesome give away. Please continuing giving make-up tips on youtube. I found that very useful! :)

  9. @Jenny Hiya, You've gotta post your entry in the Contest Video's comments ^_^ I rarely do Give-Aways, but when I do, the prizes are worth entering for. My last Give-Away was at 1,600 subs ~_^

  10. thanks so much for this giveaway suelynn. i love you~! hehe.

  11. Thanks a lot for the giveaway ^_^

  12. Thanks for the giveaway...appreciate your sincerity ^_^

  13. thank you lots for this <3
    just entered.

  14. :) awesome giveaway! youll make someone very happy :D keep up the vids on youtube!! love your make up tips!!
    i entered :D <3

    youtube username: chrystiena
    twitter: cicio_0

  15. this is cool :) very awesome giveaway! Thank you!
    I've entered :D it's a pity the youtube commenting only allows 500 characters.

  16. Thanks for the giveaway suelynn, it is really nice of you^0^!

  17. This comment has been removed by the author.

  18. Thank you, Suelynn so much for such a awesome giveaway=D I really appreciate for all you are doing. I just entered.
    My Youtube: 0xNeeNax0
    Sorry I don't have a twitter.

  19. hi i can see your hardwork in your beauty adventure and deeply appreciate it. this is my second comment ever in my life for a beauty blogger and first youtube comment instead of a silent reader. haha!!

    i will always follow your blog no matter what!

  20. Thank you for the opportunity.

    I will enter the contest. My youtube account is ccac.PT

    Product that changed my life: Neostrata Oily Skin Solution! In my teens, I had really bad acne ( I think I never saw any girl with more pimples than me, honestly) and I tried all sort of things. This product was the only one that worked for me. All the other products seemed to produce some results in the first weeks but then they will end up breaking me out even more. It takes time to see some results but it works. In the beginning of the treatment, I also took antibiotics and the birth control pill (under the supervision of a dermatologist) in conjuction with this.